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Arkham City Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

Arkham City Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

hello everybody it’s time for Harley Quinn and we need to cut our hair to do that the things we do for you then a sip of Pepsi Max Ellie’s favorite drink no we’re not sponsored anyway get the hair in order like that looking good now let’s get that black and red color on there regular hairspray with color of course comes out with water and make sure you don’t use conventional spray paint in your hair because then you’re in trouble or at least you’ll have colored hair for quite a while yay let’s do the red and black dance um okay all right so I shadow time so basically I can shut up here because you see what she’s doing this is not rocket science however we have a little party trick for the eyelids so to get that real deep black we actually use an eyeliner on the eyelid prior to the eyeshadow now we got that solid black color and to smooth things out we use regular black eyeshadow and a lighter brown color to feather things out and in a while we’re gonna clean up the mess underneath the eyes and this shout goes to Victoria raven FX go check your cool stuff out and make sure to tell her we said hi all right let’s pail this girl down using a white grease paste color along the areas we pretty much want highlights on and then go for a more skintone version of that color and cover the rest of the face and looking out the window here in Malibu things are starting to look white as well seems the snow has begun to come down fix up the edges there like that and then go over the whole thing with a brush smooth things out even more and next up we need to make the eyebrows pop so we use a thin little brush like that and we use that same pale color along the edge of the brow defining it underneath as well as above and while we’re at it we fix up the brows as well some transparent powder on this and little bit of shape last time some scare on your own lashes then throw on a pair of falsies like that and give them a round of mascara as well clean up your mouth if you have any excess color on them and then start painting the lips and when you’re done with the lips you’re pretty much done with your makeup of course you can go bananas on this and by the way we bought the Harlequin costume online you can pretty much find it anywhere let’s dirty her up yeah taking that black crease color and smudge it out all over the skin beginning to look real good now we need a collar there and watch as she sticks the needle in her hand now BAM oh and the swedish lesson comes here as Ellie thinks they missed one finger in the glove oh you missed and look at you such a beautiful Harlequin if you want more comic book inspired characters check these out see you in a few days and then we might have something star wars ii for you love you Oh


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