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Asian girl tries KENDALL JENNER Fox Eyes Model Makeup Tutorial- Tik Tok / XiaoHongShu by MAMMON玛門

Asian girl tries KENDALL JENNER Fox Eyes Model Makeup Tutorial- Tik Tok / XiaoHongShu by MAMMON玛門

Hi eveyone I am Mammon! Today~~ Oh I feel so shy to say it Today, I’ll be recreating my favourite model, Kendall Jenner’s Fox Eye Look!! It’s my first time recreating celebrities makeup looks I am a typical yellow skin girl I have really oily and sensitive skin Look at my forehead I got eczema recently, they are not acnes y’all When it’s summer, it became so warm and humid and I would sweat and my skin will be greasy And I just woke up and my skin is already oily my skin will usually get oily after 1 to 2 hours of applying make up Let me get a blotting paper Wow I get shocked at myself though I don’t usually use blotting paper Scary huh?! Besides, what I really need in foundation is it can stay for long hours and breathable I have few blemishes here I had bad acne on neck previously, and also my face Don’t talk about it anymore! It’s just too sad to think about it The difference between Korean and Western makeup is Western make up prefers matte finish I mean they still put on highlighters but what I mostly see on their pictures is they generally have matte finish It looks more clean in overall.

I’ll be using Loreal Infallible All Day Matte Foundation. I have 4 shades here, let me swatch it on my hand Let me try shade 101 This is the lightest code If you’re fair skin girl, you can have this Second is 101.

5 code This is darker than the one before More suitable for the natural-beige skin tone Next is 102 code This is the tone suitable for yellow skin girls Lastly is the 103 shade. I’ll be using this today The closest shade to my skin tone is 103 and 101.

5 Let us check on the coverage Seems like they are still not being fully concealed But i think it will conceal majority of the blemishes on our face We can see this is the fairest then this one This one is medium tone and this is the one closest to my skin tone It fits my tone perfectly Girls who have medium skin tone can just use this shade here If you have darker skin tone then you can choose shade 103 like me.

Please swatch on your hand before buying found because it will oxidize after some time so it’s more advisable to buy a lighter tone shade. or choose the one that perfectly suits your skin tone Don’t white wash yourself okay, it’s okay to be lighter than your own skin tone but don’t over do it.

If you accidentally bought a lighter shade you can buy a darker shade to mix them up and correct it to shade closest to you skin tone. Let me show you guys how I apply this Look at these blemishes Acne scars, dark areas, eyebag I am gonna blend it out using beauty blender This shade really suits my own skin tone and it is not like one of the high end foundation that dries up my skin like crazy Gosh! Wow it covers up all my blemishes I do not have to set my face This is one layer, look at that Half of my face Its a matte finish Its not tacky Look at the blotting paper, no oil at all and here look! okay i’ll do the other half of my face Alright the base is done The coverage is really good! I am gonna tell you guys a little tip here If you feel like your make up is cakey Use a clean beauty blender and spray some setting spray on it Gently press it on areas that easily becomes cakey This can help to remove the excess product on it The finish is a matte look I don’t feel any grease on my face I think everyone prefers clean and matte look when it’s summer time and i think this foundation is really good for those who have really oily skin Alright time to get into the look Kendall Jenner, it’s really hard to recreate her look! Lets look at her I love her hairline! First use eye brow pencil to draw my hair line I feel like this step really help us to look like her though! Haha! I am embarrassing myself! I am going to wear brown colour contact Okay now brows! Her brows are really close to her eyes It feels like her brows are almost touching her eyes I think her brows starts here Her blush and contour are all going upwards like this Her face is really sharp Don’t forget your chin area Highlight this part here My face is dented here so I need to highlight this part here What is this?! Eye make up~~ Take a warm shade to blend it out I don’t think you need to much techniques for this look Her fox eyes Continue to take a darker shade and put in your under eyes Draw a line like this Eyeliner like this Okay I am going to put my double eyelid stickers I think this looks quite natural If we don’t smile, we will look more like her So no smiling Last part~~ Lips! No smiling guys I tried my best people I tried to put more effort in the steps


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