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ASL Easy Makeup Tutorial (ASL & ENGLISH)

ASL Easy Makeup Tutorial (ASL & ENGLISH)

Hello welcome to Hands up beauty I’m Debbie it’s nice to meet you all if this  is your first time to my channel   you might be curious what it is I do I  make videos explaining skincare, makeup,   and all things beauty if that’s something that  you like keep watching and consider subscribing today’s look is going to be about  making quick and simple makeup looks   maybe you’ve already watched my previous  tutorial with a full glam look and that was   not quick at all but today’s look is very  easy and takes about 10 minutes to do   every morning when I get up I’m often pressed for  time I can’t do a full makeup look sometimes you   have to hurry and get out the door and  on those days I do this look something   quick and easy short and sweet so if you’re  curious to see how I do this keep watching always make sure before you  begin your makeup that your hands   are cleaned well to prevent the  spread of germs and bacteria first, we’re going to do our eyes  we’re going to use eyeshadow primer   by MAC my go-to product MAC Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre starting with our eyeshadow primer  it’s important to always remember   that we want to create a very  thin layer along our eyes   in order to make sure our makeup lasts throughout  the day I apply the paint pot by dipping my   finger in twice once along the brow bone and  once along the lid maintaining a thin layer now that our eyeshadow primer  is complete we can move on to   our shadow color our eyeshadow look today will  be very simple utilizing four things our fingers   specifically our ring finger  a makeup brush like this one our eyeshadow color that’s close to our  skin tone and fourth a gold cream eyeshadow each time before you apply your eyeshadow pigment  make sure you tap any excess color off your brush   if not when you go to apply it you’ll create a  blotchy mess and ruin your eyeshadow look I’ve   dusted the excess color off my brush and now  I’m going to apply it underneath my brow bone   by making quick swiping motions watch and see I’m quickly applying eyeshadow color along  my brow bone and I’m going to go in again are you able to see the color difference  between my two eyes? it’s hard to tell right   now but later it’ll help us out I’ve applied  my color on this eye moving on to the next eye now for the fun part, we get to use our fingers  are you ready? go in with your ring finger like so you’ll see how I’m applying the eyeshadow by   lightly touching my eyelid  and pressing the color on I finished applying my eyeshadow color to my  lid now I’m checking to see that my eyes match   and that I’m satisfied with the color I’ll be  pausing on my eyes for now and since my eyes   are finished I’ll be moving on to my skin if  I’m really hard-pressed for time I will use my   secret weapon Dr.

Jart Cicapar Color-Correcting  Treatment it’s magic because it does two things   at the same time it provides SPF sunblock for my  skin and it color corrects any imperfections at   the same time it’s really such a great product  and if I’m hard-pressed for time it’s my go-to   watch and see using your ring finger  again apply the product to your skin are you ready to see the magic? I’m not rubbing this product in  I’m gently pressing it into my skin can you see the color difference in my skin?  now that I’ve finished color correcting   I’m going to conceal any blemishes on my skin the  first area I’m going to conceal is my under eyes   and I will be using a concealer from Juvia’s Place Juvia’s Place is such a great brand  because their color range is extensive   it doesn’t matter if you have light skin or dark  skin their shade range really isn’t limiting   it really is impressive if in the past you’ve  struggled to find your shade in concealer or   foundation I suggest checking out Juvia’s  Place to see if they have a color for you I’ll be applying a small amount  of product along each eye a thin amount of product  along each eye is all you need   my beauty blender is already damp and I’ll  be blending my under eye out with this now that my eyes look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed   I will be concealing any imperfections on  my skin using a concealer from Juvia’s Place  the shade for my under eyes and my skin  are different colors my eyes were shade 24   and my skin is shade 22, 22 is close to my  skin tone and for your eyes, you want a shade   that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone  to brighten that area and make you look awake remove any excess color so that  you’re able to apply a thin layer use a beauty puff to blend out your concealer when applying makeup to your skin never rub it  across your face always blot it in and continue   pressing until the color is completely blended out  next I’ll be using a cream blush by Milk Makeup I got this product from Sephora for my birthday!  I didn’t have to purchase anything it was given   to me for free if you haven’t signed up for  Sephora’s birthday program it’s free during your   birth month you go into the store and they will  give you a free sample of makeup it’s pretty cool   anyway I will be using a cream  blush and swiping it along my cheeks now using your fingers blend it out okay I finished pressing my blush into  my cheeks and next I’ll be starting   with highlighter you may have noticed that  most of the products I’ve been using today   are cream-based because it’s easy and quick  to apply with your fingers you don’t need any   brushes or any kind of special tools you have  everything you need right here with your hands   today I’ll be using a  highlighter from The Creme Shop I can’t stress enough that if you’ll be  using cream-based products to never apply   them by swiping across your cheeks you have  to press the product gently into your face   until it’s blended if you decide to swipe it  across your face you will see streaks and lines   the next step is to apply our powder  I will be using a compact from A’Peui the powder looks like it’s white but really it’s  colorless and the brush I will be using is this when applying powder you want to brush that  medium firmness not too rigid not too flexible next, we will be using our gold eyeshadow  to complete our eyes using our finger   dip in and go underneath the lash line starting about three or four years ago I noticed   fine lines appearing right along my eyes and I  panicked! I kept thinking to myself I’m still   young! I wouldn’t want any of these to  show so I found this technique by placing   eyeshadow underneath your eyes it tricks your  eyes and you’re unable to see the fine lines now I’ll be using a simple and  easy product from Brow Food did you see the fibers? fiber eyebrow products are so cool if you struggle   with thin eyebrows perhaps give  fiber eyebrow products a try next, we will be applying setting  spray to make our makeup stay put the kind of setting spray I’m using today  is special because it creates a fine mist my setting spray is complete  next I will be doing my eyelashes you’re going to press and hold the eyelash  curler for five seconds and then release   and move on to the next eye and press  and hold for five seconds I’ll show you count one two three four five  release and then move to the next eye   press one two three four five release  I’ll be using mascara today from Tarte   Cosmetics the name of the mascara  is called Lights, Camera, Lashes I finished applying my first  coat of mascara to both my eyes   now I’m going to apply a second coat if  you’re really short on time one coat is enough lastly, we will be doing our lips using lip stain and that’s it short and sweet yay! thank you so  much for watching! if you have ideas for next time   or you’re curious to see how I do different  makeup techniques leave a comment down below   if you’re struggling with your  skincare or makeup please let me know! and as always stay beautiful love you guys bye!


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