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ASL Holiday Makeup Tutorial (ASL & ENGLISH)

ASL Holiday Makeup Tutorial (ASL & ENGLISH)

hello and welcome to Hands Up Beauty  I’m Debbie! It’s nice to meet you all!   If this is your first time here on my channel you  might be wondering who I am and what it is I do.   I make videos explaining three things makeup,  skincare, and beauty- if those are things that   you like or are interested in please keep watching  and possibly consider subscribing in the future!   The holidays are quickly approaching.

  Wow! I felt like November just started,   but it’s already December! Wow! Time really  goes by quickly! December means holiday parties!   This year your holidays might be looking  a little different than the past,   you might be having virtual  parties with family, friends,   and loved ones.

today’s look will  be a holiday-inspired makeup look   and it will be more advanced meaning I’m not going  to over-explain the steps of how to create this   look mostly I will be showing you how to do each  part with the camera position close to my face so   that you can see better and understand what to  do so that later you can have a visualization   and be able to create the look yourself so if  you would like to create this look keep watching the E.

L.F. primer is white so when I apply  it to my eyelids it will help the colors   really stand out and show well on my skin I’m  going to go in twice for each eye going along the   brow bone and then on the lid and then repeating  those steps along the second eye watch and see can you see the difference between  my two eyes? this eye is incredibly   bright! Now that I have my primer on both  eyes it’s time to start the fun part-applying   the colors! today I’m going to be using  an eyeshadow palette from Violet Voss I’ll be starting with a berry color do you see part of the color transferred below  my eye? this is why you always start with your   eyes first so if you have any mistakes you  can fix them so that they don’t end up showing the darkest shade is finished  now on to the sparkly shades I’m going to be using the same brush  so I’m going to do a quick color change I’m still using the same brush I’m going along my brow bone and back and  forth in circular motions in order to blend   out the colors and create a seamless look so  keep going and blend away until it’s seamless with your fingers gently blend along the brow bone now that our eye color is complete we need  to clean up any excess using micellar water   and a q-tip I want you to notice this line right here that  I created by cleaning up it’s important when   you clean up that you follow your natural face  shape my eyes slightly go up here so I’m going   to follow that natural curvature up my face  follow your natural face shape as you clean up now we’ll be doing black eyeliner this Hank and Henry eyeliner has been my go-to  for the past year or so and I just love it because   the pen itself has such a fine pointed tip  and it allows me to be able to create a very   careful precise line along with my eye it’s  perfect for my face shape I’ll show you it’s important to notice that when I’m drawing  on my eyeliner I’m doing so with fine strokes   like you would use a pen you may have noticed that as I draw my eyeliner  I anchor my hand on my face and the reason I do   this is if my hands are shaky it will mess  up my eyeliner so in order to create a solid   foundation and support I place my hand here  and then draw my liner to create a smooth line  now we are going to draw our wing my secret for  drawing my winged eyeliner is that I always hold   my breath right before I begin drawing so that  I can be as careful as possible not to move   and I also lightly touch the pen across my skin  and drag it up quickly as possible watch and see after looking at my eyeshadow  and eyeliner in the mirror   I’ve decided that I want to clean up just  a little bit more right along this side as always we’re going to pause on our eyeshadow  and work on our skin and our foundation I just recently discovered this product it’s  a dupe for a popular product from Milk Makeup it’s a dupe for their cult-favorite  primer their Hydra-Grip Primer   and that primer is pretty expensive it costs  $35 for a bottle compared to the E.

L.F. Jellypop   comes in at $10 a bottle so it’s significantly  cheaper and both products are about the same so   just throwing it out there it’s a pretty good  dupe if you’re looking to get that product I’ll be using this product to conceal  any dark circles underneath my eyes now I’ll be using my ring finger to  lightly press the product underneath my eye and I’ll be using this beauty puff one pump will be used to cover both of my cheeks   and another pump will be used  to cover the rest of my face now that my foundation is complete  I’ll be moving on to my concealer make sure when you’re applying  your concealer to put a small dot   underneath each eye and then using a wet beauty  sponge gently press and blend the product out now that the dark circles underneath  my eyes have been concealed   I will be concealing any imperfections on my  skin using concealer again from Juvia’s Place my eye concealer shade is 24 my skin concealer  shade is 22.

22 is close to my natural skin   tone while 24 is slightly lighter so that it  creates a brightening effect along my under eye apply a thin amount the next step is powder now that my skin tone is even   with no redness showing through or any  imperfections showing I can move on to my blush when using blush I have to warn you that you  need to start very slow when applying the product   and work your way up apply a little bit and  if it isn’t enough apply some more check in   the mirror again to see if it’s enough  and if it isn’t again apply some more   if you go directly in with a heavy hand  applying your blush you will create a mess you’ll notice that I applied blush  along the sides of my cheeks here   and over here while making sure not to apply  any product right along the center here and here   now it’s time to go back to my eyes and  apply some eyeshadow along my lower lashes apply this color from the  corner to the center of the eye when applying your product  here you will be connecting   the eyeshadow along the upper and lower lash line apply this shade along the inner corner  of the eye to the center of the eye now the eyeshadow is complete next  we will be doing our highlighter apply highlighter along  your cheekbone on both sides apply highlighter down the bridge of your nose,  the tip of your nose, and along your cupid’s bow I’ll also be applying highlighter  in the corners of my eyes we’re getting close to being done the  next thing we have to do is our brows I’m drawing my brows by creating small even  strokes rather than one long sweeping motion next is our false lashes we’re  going to curl our eyelashes by   pressing and holding our eyelash  curler for five seconds along each eye count one two three four five  release on to the next eye count one two three four five release I will first be measuring and trimming  my fake eyelashes I’ll place the eyelash   along with my eye and adjust it back  and forth to find the proper placement   and then get an approximation and remove  it from my eye and trim it down to size if you see the small section of lashes on  the end that’s the part I’ll be removing   and when I place the lashes on my eye they fit  better now next I will be applying the glue I’ll   take the false lash and put it along my tool  and then apply glue to the band and wait about   30 seconds for the glue to become tacky once  the glue is tacky then I will seat the lashes   along my lash line and press them into the right  place with my fingers and the tool my secret is to   look down into a mirror as I apply the lashes  so that I’m able to get them seated properly now that glue has been applied I’ll wait  about 30 seconds for it to become tacky right now you can see the white glue  but as it dries it will become clear if you will be applying another coat of  mascara you have to make sure that when   you are ready to take off your makeup at  the end of the day that you double cleanse   so first you’ll be cleansing with an  oil and then you will be cleansing with   your face soap this is done  so that the natural lashes   and the false lashes separate properly so that you  don’t cause any damage to your natural eyelashes I’ll be applying setting spray to make sure  that my makeup lasts throughout the day on to the last step our lips!  I’ll be starting with my lip   liner make sure that you pay attention  to where I begin and end my lip liner notice that I stopped my lip liner right here you can see where I started and stopped my liner  right along here and here as well as here and here and that’s it yay! this is the  perfect red cranberry holiday look now you’re ready for any zoom calls with family,  friends, or loved ones this holiday season! if you liked watching my video  please click the like button!   if you would like to see more makeup tutorials  by me please consider subscribing! if there’s   any part of this makeup routine that you  struggled with and you would like me to   explain more in detail about how to do so please  let me know by leaving a comment down below   as always thank you so much for watching!  I hope that you have a happy holiday! and as always stay beautiful love you guys mwah!


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