Home Makeup Tutorials ASMR – MAKE-UP ARTIST does my MAKE-UP! (Makeup tutorial)

ASMR – MAKE-UP ARTIST does my MAKE-UP! (Makeup tutorial)

ASMR – MAKE-UP ARTIST does my MAKE-UP! (Makeup tutorial)

Hi! Thank you for watching my new video. My name is Nanou Philips and I’m Nanou’s granny. And today the both of us will make an ASMR-video for you guys. And in this video my granny will do my make-up because that is also your profession.

Yes, that actually is my profession. So let’s get started! First I’ll take a look… Some impurities, but we’ll maneuver those away. You haven’t got any products on your skin now, have you? No? Okay. On the skin under the eyes I’ll apply an eye balm.

A strange feeling with those gloves, I suppose? Your lips are a bit dry, so I’ll put on some lip balm. So they will be soft for when we put on the lipstick later on. Now I am going to apply primer to the eyelids.

So the eyeshadow sticks nicely on the eyelid. I’ll use a soft brush for that. Very little, very gently. Spread nicely on the moving eyelid. I do the eyes first. When I use dark eye-shadow there are soms small particles that fall down, so I can remove those easily.

That’s not so easy when there already is a foundation or concealer. You’re young, so I’ll apply a very light foundation. I’ll take a little bit separately in a little cup. I’ll check first if it’s the right color.

I said I was going to do your eyes first! Now I’ll add shadow on the arcade with a neutral color. Look right in front of you. Then a lighter color from the inner corner to the outside. Let’s blend those together now.

Look at me for a moment. Let’s make it a bit darker. Now blend again. I’ll use some black eyeshadow now. To accentuate the corner. I’ll go up a bit. Is that a bit like eyeliner? Yes but only the corners.

And I’ll also blend it a bit. To make it softer. I want to do a very soft makeup. So you can’t see very well that you have makeup on you. But make your eyes come out beautiful. You’re still young, so you don’t need heavy makeup.

Young girls and old ladies don’t need heavy makeup. Close them again. I’ll do the lower eyelashes with gold. It’s more of a bronze actually. That goes well with your green eyes. It gives a sparkling glance.

Look up. I’ll blend that too. That looks good. Now I’ll apply the mascara. I use a disposable brush. I see that. We have to take that into account for the moment. Look down. Nicely roll the brush around them.

As close as possible to the edge. You’re okay? It’s not always easy, is it? I spilled a bit. I did the upper eyelashes with black and later on I’ll do the lower eyelashes with brown. To make sure it’s not too hard.

I’ll check the eyebrows quick… They are nicely shaped. I had them done the other day. I can see that. But not more then this. It’s good like this. We have little spots here, from the eyeshadow. First I’ll clean that up.

I take the moisturizing cream again for that. I’ll use a bit eye-balm. You’re okay? So, that’s clean. What are we going to do next? Let me see… One more thing, on the inside… highlighting… Always from the middle to the sides.

I’ll have to take some more, I think. The bottle is almost empty. Those small hairs… They want to join… A bit of the neck too. The earlobes too, but now you have earrings in. So I can’t do that now.

Now the concealer. I took too much. That’s okay. I still see some black spots over here from the eye-shadow. It’s a very light concealer, the substance is not too thick. That’s also not necessary. It will be highlighted by the light.

And you won’t see the dark circles anymore. Here we go. I’ll take the foundation brush now and blend it. I will need that one later on. Let’s see if need to make some retouches. There’s a little naughty one over here.

Who came out just before the video. We also have some over here. Let’s check them of. And then we’ll blend them. You can also cover them with a thick layer of foundation. But that’s not so beautiful for a young person.

I’ll do some retouches over here too. Very gently. There are some little pimples here. I’ll put some foundation on there. Do like this… Now I’ll blend the gold a bit. I’ll apply the powder now. On the T-zone.

On the forehead. Do not smear. Dab it nicely. Very gently. You’re still awake? It feels good! I’ll take soms natural powder. Now I’ll apply the brown mascara. For the lower eye-lashes. Black would be to hard, so I’ll take brown.

I’ll make sure there’s no mascara coming on your make-up my holding a tissue underneath. I hold it under the eye-lashed. There’s a bit too much… I’ll remove some. It’s not beautiful when it’s to much.

I’m taking some of. That’s more natural. I’ll take 2 colors. Two shades of brown. And now I blend with the brush I used for the foundation. Downwards. Now I’ll apply some blush. Give me a smile. On the cheek.

And again with the foundation-brush. Blend Upwards With the shades of brown. So it blends beautifully. Now highlighting. With a slightly shiny highlight. I use a small brush for that. I’ll draw them a bit.

I use powder for that, I think with a pencil is too hard. I went a bit to far here. That’s better. A litte retouche. I’ll remove the lip balm now. You’re okay? I’ll only use some gloss. You like the color? I use a disposable brush.

A big smile. And I dab it to make it look natural. Maybe it’s a bit too much. Pretty! You like it? Yes! I really like the eyes! Really cool! It’s very cool, thank you so much! I enjoyed it! So, thank you “Mamie” for doing this! I enjoyed it! Yes, me too! So thank you, and thank you for watching this video! Give it a blue thumb up if you liked it, but don’t if you didn’t like it.

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