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Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

hi everyone today I’m going to do one of the most requested looks on my website and that is Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s really excited about this because it is one of my favorite films and everybody loves Audrey and because it was made in 1961 it’s slightly different if you look at the makeup in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from a lot of her films in the 50s so if you think of funny face and Roman Holiday and Sabrina which were all made between 1953 and 57 and that’s when she had the huge really really dark eyebrows because it was very typical of the time to have a very done brow so the 50s version of Audrey Hepburn is definitely the one with the very dark eyebrows very very super drawn on eyebrows and the one where she normally had bright lips so red lips bright pink much stronger lips by 1961 when this film came out when Breakfast at Tiffany’s came out it’s a much much softer brow she was going for there was still really thick but they’re nowhere near as drawn on and much softer and less black so I’ve started by using perfection Lumiere I’ve used it in number 20 beige I’ve also used some concealer under my eyes I used a looming over and I’ve used some Laura Mercier secret camouflage just to make sure that all the little blemishes and things are all airbrushed out so on to what probably the most important element of The Breakfast at Tiffany’s makeup and that’s the eyes so on to the eyeliner and I’ve mapped out roughly the sort of line I want which is a good base for the eyelashes already on this eye I suggest keeping it obviously thin in the inner corner and then keeping it sort of the same width I guess the same thickness all the way across before the flick so start by really making sure you’ve got it into the roots of the lashes so just keep building up and keep checking the other eye because you can see if you look straight ahead in a mirror you can see where it’s meant to start to get thicker and especially doing the outer corner if you look straight ahead really focus on the other eye keep looking back and then you can do a little mapping out of roughly where you want your flick to be next onto the eyelashes I’m going to use these kiss wands kiss USA I just found them in Boots I love the shape of these they’re number zero seven because I think they’re quite sort of feathery and the lashes in breakfast Tiffany’s a very very feathery and sort of pretty before I put my lashes on I’m going to curl my lashes give them a really good curl we’ll have to love these lashes the perfect shape for um Breakfast at Tiffany’s really really feathery and nice and feathery and bushy at the outer corner but also they’re giving a really round eye they’re not too sort of katish they’re more kittenish I say which is perfect I don’t have any dark blue at the moment so I don’t have to wait for a moment for this white glue to become clear if you are struggling with lash application then I have done two really in-depth videos on how to apply individuals and full strips so have a look at those you might find them useful so that’s the lashes on I’m not going to put any mascara through them because I want them to remain nice and feathery and soft so we’re starting to see our nice open kitni eye appearing now for the rest of the eye makeup Wally West Moore who was the makeup artist on Breakfast at Tiffany’s made some really wonderful and subtle changes throughout the film to the makeup and I think he did such a good job for the day seeing Joe’s had brown liner on so again it was very very soft and pretty and then for the evening seniors in the parties it’d just be a bit more depth a little bit more black liner often a little longer eyelash and whereas during the day scenes there was no eye shadow on at all for the evening scenes I noticed that there was sort of a lovely hazy soft kind of grey just on her lid because Audrey naturally had very deep beautiful socket so she didn’t need probably why I didn’t need to emphasise that anymore and I think he just kept it so fresh and so sort of clean and wide eyed look the other thing that was really interesting was that I noticed that George Peppard who played Fred often had this sort of blue eyeliner on on his waterline obviously to make his eyes look a lot bluer but I notice also that Audrey had it on in a couple of the scenes just a little bit along the lower waterline she didn’t have white it wasn’t a sort of 50s white liner but it did look very clean so I’m going to use I presume what they used was a sort of flesh toned pencil and I’m going to use that just to keep that lovely wide open look and this is such a great makeup for anyone with smaller eyes because it’s all about opening next I’m going to do a little bit of subtle shading I’m going to mix together gray and brown because most of the shadow in the film is a sort of grayish brown color now if you’ve got small eyes you might like to do this little trick which is to take most of the color off and then put a little soft haze of this greyish Brown but set it slightly away from the lashes so you’re kind of putting in a fake kind of big eye in a way I noticed in a couple of the scenes Audrey’s got this right along and then she’s also got it up sort of mirroring the little kitten eye so it’s kind of going along and then it’s finishing about you know a few millimeters away from that so you could even do that if you wanted and by doing that just setting it back from the lashline it just means that when you put your my scar on the bottoms you have a nice framing for them which is setting away from the eye so you’re getting those really big open Audrey s guys so again mixing gray and brown matte shadows not too Brown II because as there wasn’t a brownie vibe in the makeup at all now Audrey had it just on a little bit for the night scenes just a bit of gray shading just on the lid if you’re not as fortunate as Audrey to have such an amazing soccer line you can cheat an Audrey s gone by just dusting in but again keep it really really subtle just to give a little bit of shape it’s a sort of mimic the shape of her eyes but keep it very natural-looking the other really clever thing that Wally Westmore did he made the lady it’s supposed to be older the sort of older lover of George Peppard much more 50s looking so he kept her makeup very very 50s with the more Coralie red lips and the brows whereas Audrey looked very sort of modern in a way you know because she had a little bit of a 60s vibe going on even though it’s very subtle because it’s only 61 but you’ve really got the impression that she was the young happening one and the other lady was a sort of stuck in the 50s and just little things like that I thought the makeup was done so well but again so subtly and really made the film for me but I guess that’s because I’m obsessed with makeup and so on to browse and obviously Audrey’s super famous for her brows but this was a real step away from the 1950s Audrey Hepburn that we’d all got used to the really dark kind of really thick very very drawn on brow very very enhanced brow and suddenly there she was in 1961 with a much lighter brow still thick because they were naturally thick but so much lighter in color and a lot less penciling so it felt very very modern for her I’m going to start by really thickening them up here at the top to turn them into Audrey’s shape so I’m going to draw a line I can just brush mine down a bit for this really from about here there’s so much thicker I mean she really is a poster girl for brows and anyone who’s over plucked their eyebrows recently might want to have a quick look at breakfast at tiffany’s and be inspired to grow them back it’s just really thickening them up especially in this first sort of portion were very very thick and straight but in Breakfast at Tiffany’s they were quite broken up so it wasn’t a solid line like it had been in funny face and her other roman holiday’ in her other film so just really brush them through and break break up that line now for the cheeks Audrey had a really fresh pink flush really beautifully done so I’m going to use China pink blusher by boot 17 and you can if you want do a little bit of contouring if you’ve got a round face and you really want to Audrey had obviously beautiful cheekbones but just make sure it doesn’t look like bronzer because there was no bronzer and no sort of brown enos on the skin at all it was very very fresh skin so any bronzer will just make it look really cheap and nasty so I’m going to use the color was really high on the cheekbone and it was quite a big area really fresh it was all sort of up here on top of the blush artist he’s a little bit of stardust powder by Laura Mercier to give a touch of luminosity I don’t want too much shimmer but this all sort of hopefully emulate that incredible Hollywood lighting that she had the lip color used throughout the film was the most incredible pinky peach color really fresh and to get a really good look at that color there’s a scene right at the end when she’s in the taxi and there’s a letter of bad news and she says something along the lines of a girl couldn’t look at that until she’s put a lipstick on and then she gets her lipstick out and you see this beautiful beautiful color before I do that I’m just going to line the lips because she had a little bit of enhancement a little bit of lining underneath just to make them a little bit fuller on the top lip she actually had less than she used to in the 50s and the 50s she really had the sort of fullness here here as was the look in the 50s there’s huge inflated lips so they start by using just a touch of pencil all over I’m going to cheat the bottom and then really rub that into there’s no harsh lines and then on the top it’s a little bit of enhancement but not too much for the lip color I haven’t actually got that exact color to hand so I’m having to mix together two shades and mixing together Belle de Jour which is a perfect sort of 60s peach that’s by Laura Mercier and a little bit of revlon matte and this one is in move it over so it adds a little bit of pink that’s roughly the same color and the color is actually seared on my brain and I can’t find it here today right this minute but that’s close enough I guess um so stay away from the gloss and the bronzer and just keep it very pinky and fresh now I think I need some more jewelry because I can’t be Holly Golightly without some earrings so I think I need a necklace as well this has been so much fun I’ve really really enjoyed doing this makeup on myself never done it before and that is it that’s my Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired look I hope you like it you


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