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Aurora Makeup Tutorial | Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose

Aurora Makeup Tutorial  | Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose

Once upon a time there was a princess who was cursed into a deep sleep She slept and slept Until one day the perfect shade of lipstick arrived With a color so fair, it put even the most beautiful rose in the kingdom to shame It brought so much life to her complexion that it woke her from her enchanted sleep *Music: Tchaikowski Sleeping Beauty Waltz* Oh, hello! *laughs* Today, I’ll show you how to do this Princess Aurora inspired makeup And I’m really excited to say that this video is sponsored by Deck of Scarlet And for those who don’t know them they are makeup subscription company and they send you a gorgeous full face makeup palette every two months And – it’s cruelty and paraben free Why, thank you! So not tested on owls Every palette is created in collab with a top youtuber.

I’m basing this look on the number-8 palette they created the Kim Thai and it has the perfect name fit for a princess tutorial dream The way that the subscription works is that it’s $29.95 every other month and as you can see you get a lot for your money and the quality is so good.

I’m really impressed! It’s highly pigmented, easy to blend. I can’t fault it! And the good thing is that you can pick any palette to start with, you can skip palettes you don’t want But it’s actually a really fun way to get out of rut, have new colors to play with and just get creative So let’s get started I had never noticed before but Aurora’s eyes are actually purple, so I’m wearing ‘new adult violet lenses’ by pinkyparadise Optionally, you can cover your eyebrows I find it’s great to have a blank canvas to draw eyebrows where I need to, to look more like the character After foundation, I’m using deck of scarlet Lust & Chocolate long wear eyeliner to draw new crease above my natural one Soften the line.

I’m then using a pale skin colored eye shadow Deck of Scarlett in ‘soft filter’ above the new crease and over my covered eyebrows Use the shade myth from the dream palette as a transition color then a slightly darker brown such a Deck of Scarlet in ‘good angle’ to fade the brown eyeliner into the lighter brown Add concealer to your lids.

Then I’m using my absolute favorite shade from the dream palette The beautiful shimmery shade ‘Enchanted’ This dream palette literally has the perfect shade names fit for a sleeping beauty tutorial followed by the eye shadow crown to add a kiss of pink to the outer corner of the crease and lid And after using some of the eyeliner again below the bottom lashes, I’m adding a bit of pink there as well I’m using a black gel eyeliner and applying it with a brush Drawing a thin line on the inner corner of the eye Then a thick line going up quite steeply Add some dark brown eyeshadow again redefine the crease if needed Apply mascara Then I’m using 3/4 lashes just on the outer corner of the eye.

Time to add some eyebrows From the wolf face art and effects palette I’m mixing white yellow and brown to get the right shade. Since Disney’s sleeping beauty was made in the 1950s they’ve used the popular eyebrow shape from the time which was quite high and angular with a very defined arch.

I’m using Bobbi Brown in alabaster to highlight my cheekbones Then screenface face creams foundations to shade Aurora’s face is quite angular, so I’m adding a very defined shade below my cheekbones and below my jaw For precision I’m using Mac a brow pencil in lingering to create the illusion of a button nose Those Disney noses really are tiny Powder your face.

These rose brushes by Storybook Cosmetics are just perfect Then follow with Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in medium To redefine the contouring and just to add a bit more of a grayish Brown So it looks more like a shadow rather than a bronze For the lips.

I’m using maiden from the dream palette For Aurora’s rosy cheeks I’m using blush shade ‘Tiara’. All the colors in the palette are so beautifully pigmented so do make sure to wipe off some of the color from the blush brush before adding it to the cheeks to not overdo it Where would Princess Aurora be without her fairy godmothers? so add some fairy dust from the dream palette to your cheekbones And that’s the finished look! *Music* *Snoring and Lullaby music* Whoops Sorry about that! As you can tell it’s way past my bedtime as it’s been a very long day shooting But thank you so much for watching and make sure that you follow me on youtube by pressing the Subscribe button And I’ll see you next time


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