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“Authentic” Native American Makeup Tutorial

“Authentic” Native American Makeup Tutorial

– Hey guys. (logo whooshes) (hinge squeaks) Welcome back, it’s Halloween season and we’ve noticed that there are a lot of Native American inspired makeup tutorials making the rounds of the Internet. – So Jenny and I, we thought we would make our own.

I mean, who better to teach you guys about real, authentic Native American makeup than two real, authentic Native Americans? – Let’s get to work Cara. – Let’s. – It’s like I’m blending cultural sensitivity right into my skin.

– I know Jenny uses bronzer, but we got different skin tones from different tribes. Ancient tool for beautification passed down from Sephora. – This is an art that my people have been perfecting for centuries.

And by my people, I mean the entire makeup-wearing populace. – Blend like your life depends on it. And for many Native Americans, it actually has. – There you go guys, Native American inspired makeup.

And the best part about this native look is that if you wear it on Halloween, you won’t offend anybody. – And it’s so easy, like anyone could wear it. – It’s amazing how simple it is. – We’re gonna get serious just for a minute and tell you guys why we made this video.

– There are a lot of these videos out there and hey, some of you guys are super talented makeup artists. – Yeah, we actually love some of the looks you’ve come up with, but we just want to be clear. It’s not your designs we have a problem with, it’s labeling them as Native American inspired that’s we have a problem with.

– It’s a little tricky because they’re not inspired by any actual Native Americans. They’re inspired by characters from Disney cartoons and John Wayne movies. – They’re inspired by stereotypes. – And when you label them as Native American, you’re helping to perpetuate those stereotypes whether you intend to or not.

You’re helping to perpetuate the myth that Native Americans are savage or exotic. – Believe it or not, a lot of people believe that. – And we fight those perceptions every single day. – Words matter. – Words matter.

We hope this has given you guys a few ideas to work with. Just remember, – this is authentic. – This is authentic. – Happy Halloween guys. (dramatic keyboard music) (logo whooshes) (hinge squeaks)


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