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Autumnal Makeup Transformation – Illamasqua – Maybelline – Revlon – NYX – Sleek Makeup Tutorial

Autumnal Makeup Transformation – Illamasqua – Maybelline – Revlon – NYX – Sleek Makeup Tutorial

hi everybody I’m Kirsty Meakin and this is naio makeup today I’m going to show you how to create this gorgeous autumn look, or Autumnal do they call it Autumnal Autumnal Look or if you were in America’s a fall look because it leaves a fall before you carry on don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and you can click the link here yeah you gonna put it there Adam?or is it there? down there you can click click on the subscribe button and don’t forget to press the little ding dong ding dong bell because then you’ll get your notifications I don’t forget to check out our naio nails channel as well so next time you see me I will have no makeup on I’ll make my apologies now oh no, here i am bare to the world no makeup, freckles, imperfections everything ok so we’re going to do this autumn look, going to put my hair behind’my ears do you like my new earrings that had for my birthday form the girls at the salon these are vivienne westwood you a bit posh, a nice present from the girls that salon.

okay so we’re gonna do this look you want to start with the hydrating gel from Illamasqua just going to put that quite thinly on my face I don’t want something too heavy sometimes you put primer on or anything like others too heavy and then create another layer and then when you put your foundation on you create another layer and we don’t want to look like we have cake face I have a brew because you know i love a bit of tea, god i am so british aren’t i love a bit of tea, so oh I have my usual foundation Revlon colorstay, two pumps and start to dot it out on my face and we’re going to use a brush to blend that on my eyes and people like to do their eyes first and then the foundation find that weird because I’ve had a go before and I just think you’ve gotta like put your foundation all the way around a lot i just i think this is a lot easier now we’re going to contour with the NYX sculpt and highlight which I love, so we’re going to contour obviously with the dark color so I’m putting it underneath because i want to shorten my chin slightly and i’m going to go down side of my nose I’m not going to reapply this about going I’m not going to reload the brush because i don’t want to put too much on because if you put too much contour down he knows you will end up looking like the TinMan from Alice,m The Wizard of Oz gonna highlight jaw there a little bit here we’re going to go down this centre of my nose and he and the dog outside is loving us today is very barky, he’s a bit barking gonna of course highlight under my eye this is a complete must we’re gonna take a makeup sponge and using the bigger part of this sponge to stipple and dab an blend that in.

adding that bit contour they also shortens your forehead so those of you with big forehead that’s a little trick, i’ll do under my eyes last moving from the center open out in sort of a fan shape center- and then under the eyes i’m going to make sure that a have the power ready so just got a translucent powder which means it’s not going to add any color or anything like that, it’s just gonna seal so I’ve emptied some of the loose powder into the lid so I’m ready to pop up straight on is a reason I’m doing this so I’m gonna start to blend with the very point the middle section of the sponge and then i’m going to seal it straightaway just tapped off any excess and i’m going to seal that, the reason I do that is because of a leave it i will start to get creases and then when i seal it i’ll just seal in the creases just make my eyes look terrible i’m going to the same again and I’ll put a massive amount of powder on there you can see that i went into the powder and knocked off the access one thing I am going to look at now for a seal anywhere else is I have slightly darker freckles around mouth sometimes a few little spot and then we’re gonna set set it all with the loose powder so i just tapped it first to seal it, to basically apply for your powder and then by wiping over very softly with the sponge all you do is take off any excess and give you a smooth finish what i’m gonna do now is I’m gonna do some powder contouring and I’m gonna use my sleek little Palette that i have, i’ve had it that long that i’ve broken it but that’s how good it is a long it Lasts, i’m going to use this stiff pinched brush I’m going to go in to powder knock off any excess don’t worry too much about making it perfectly blended just you just get most of the product i’m i’m going to turn the brush are going from less to this and that start to blend reducing on this side you then we’re going to use a bronzer so this is just a Haitian and bronzer but it’s actually one that I really like I thought they discontinued it at one point and then add hearts actually just change the packaging now this brush doesn’t belong to me when we went out for my birthday my friend left this in the bag and I was like all the implication tell about that who like Tommy uh who it’s a lovely brush I’m going to pop them up not come off pop-it-on knock off that are knocking up I’m gonna go over my cheese to add another arms and same year all right along with your line this is obviously going to blend your contouring even more as well just get a week with a little bit browner and I am and then we need to take that down i love this brush tell me she’s simply kill with if you had some like Tom for bronzer as well as I you check you out of here Tom Ford bronzer knows like I use my brother she was like hey called contaminated by brought both with your cheap H&M store it cannot really brought that projects and Tom forward which one is going to black and a reminder who’s a little bit now I’m going to you so ill masket in exile which is gorgeous coral color just looking I feel like that will be all over that not like with them so i’m going to put them on and I’m gonna knock it off you need the tiniest amount of this literally just only apples now we’re going to eyebrows got my my pen which is cut it on one side you can see there it’s pinched which means you can use it quickly or suddenly within the thick and we’re going to put it on thick and all we could always start doing the eyebrows from the center of the eye brown outwards came to the scouts ground here and I don’t know everybody knows what scouts promise that it’s like yeah it would have you in America if I didn’t know you had a horse gallons per hours and if you come from Liverpool you are a scalp say and how you talk I need to try to look like that into really and I I never dstyle available for leave but i’m not i can do Shawn can we do it hey downtown down to choose chicken you know I remember going out and looking for or not I was really drunk and we went to get take away after and I just kept in heaven I was so check gonna do come on give us some checking always spots that is somebody to love about to both luck so we’re gonna hang out gills and Gail’s end soon fall have Scouts bros so they have baked browse you know what above big brows and so does the whole world of the building so it’s quite good i’m going to do the same on this one i was gonna help me and it’s gonna get so many bad comments saying being but i’m going to now fill in this section with a bit we micro pencil and way he’s going to do that aligns is that there has and then also them to live on the edge it’s really difficult to do to do this sort of meeting up with a larger console in mine in a month palette i use a lot i absolutely love this brush is got a slant eat brush-on it’s quite fluffy it’s not really stare show you the difference between a couple of them that we have quite the lucky one and we have one that’s a lot more than they’re just going to give me more refined lines this one is just really to put color on it’s not too perfect it’s not make sense to you I’m literally just docked in it over that section there could i want you to be quiet life I don’t want you to completely sort of disappears in nothing because that looks really strange of my face and you could completely made that really really pale and have the whole on braid eyebrow thing and what I need a little bit of color just there but then we are going to use now the other brush so we’re going to go straight into this dark one is me dark brown I’ve got to look into that just knock off any excess onto the mirror and then we’re going to go right at the end year so we’ve got this hombre eyebrow going on but it’s not really extreme and then we’re going to go into this medium brown here and what it’s going to do is just seal the pencil it’s going to make it last longer and use the color staff so boring applicator literally just here and here my eyes a client close together so I always after generally light in this area here i’m going to highlight just under the brow I’m not gonna go all over my complete eyelid that we going underneath here we’re going to use these colors we need these pickles and we’re also going to use this rusty color as well I’ve got as fluffy slanted brush i lock this brush I at it for ever and forever and ever we’re going to use this like a move color to do a moment I i think it’s a move color I think that’s move if I’ve got it wrong please comment and tell me what color that actually is i mean on the back it’s got a list of course but i don’t know which one is it might be wolf it might be forgiveness i have no idea which one that is because i don’t think they’re in order for anyway i’m going to use this most color clue from the outside and we’re going to call over the I got three-quarters of away sometimes people get a bit afraid to wear you know what the probably call up on the line because you think i’m good like i have a black eye don’t be afraid to try it out and make sure we’ve got a little powder its file on much II can use this same color goes underneath and then we’re going to go into the darker purple and with this brush 20 brush and blend up you can always smoke that I completely now with those colors we’re gonna go to do exactly save on this side you can see the difference between putting the dark appear for long and having no God purple purple to make it home if you wear then your eyes being a little bit odd now what we’re going to do is use this rusted color so this one here and let’s get going to add a little bit under the eye moving a bunt hit you with the super cover make off with my shimmery Queen Sherri control on the backhand lowered your brush check what the brush gives you before you put it on thing make sure you’re putting too much on work to that on your going to put that right on the top of the lid here same book sides i’m going to clean that brush that I just used just on a makeup why i’m going to use the same bosch we’re going to use I’m not gonna go just here to highlight a little bit don’t need a massive amount is really pigmented i’m going to use the mask is epic which is a gorgeous for me i’m told that Beyonce lies i’m not lying so how close up the question Beyonce i am going to take that not a massive amount going to check it on the bottom hand literally one that onto mighty I’m not putting a high or we’re not highlighting with it we’re just adding a little bit of shimmer on the g some advanced right to the top it through the brush really flat not pointy massive amount on just adding that little bit of shimmer i’m going to do some eyeliner just here using my usual super fact I market it’s not a sharpie gonna shake it down to load the tip CKC on what is now that’s really loaded gonna go right on the lash line on this completely stretching loadouts work at a smooth line i’m going to see your back with black on my help that’s gonna make the eyeliner stay on for longer going to make it darker now i’m going to put my scar on and you know i love to use to my scar is because one it just be quite normal and so I’ve got my revlon all-in-one and I’ve got my GP one my collection and it’s so good because it’s called it’s rather than one has got a tiny brush it’s really short and I can get right to the move because I’ve got really fair eyelashes this is really good to cover those weekend back and then we’re going to use the big fat sky brush and we’re going to go from root to tip so before I was concentrating on the route now I’m going from root to it i’m going to the bottom lashes and that same on this I to read the face the mascot of a soul god one last thing on the eyes we’re going to use wonder pencil it’s basically a very light cream color I’m going to go on the inside of my waterline which is going to open my eyes now going to work on my lips and again through dark lip because we are doing ingly all to Luke I’m going to line my lips first this is a Maybelline pencil so let’s start with Cupid’s bow and come down I’m gonna fill in here just like the show on the lips it goes on and he then I never never wore this before somebody gave me this to where it’s a 24-hour k1 that you it’s a bit like a marked long walk lip gloss why lip gloss but your go much had about play with it that’s how i make i was about to dry and are going to the top left a car and talk they are that the autumn Luke finish for you i hope you like you have a little girl see what you think you can get that one go out down you can take them out somebody stay out now just being around thing we can use our keep touching you are to building you


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