Assalamu’alaikum, hi guys! Now I’m on my way to my friend’s house Because many of my followers and subscriber ask me to do a make up tutorial But, my make up skill isn’t good and my make up isn’t that special So, I ask my friend for some help Because I have a friend who is a Make Up Artist So today, she’ll do make up for me I’m so excited! And then, I just came back from an academy Because, these days I’m learning Chinese Why isn’t the bell ringing? Excuse me! Hi! Why none of you coming out? Why none of you coming out? I have to knock it first OMG! There is donuts and coffee and the make up product as well I already gave some of Wardah’s to my friend So, they’ll use this! So guys, today I have a guest She is my friend in Secondary School and she is a Make Up Artist She is gonna help my content today This is my friend! Hi~ I’m Dambi.

Nice to meet you~ So, the first look is Kkuanku means very natural look So I can use it for daily We’re gonna start~ Okay, I’m starting~ Right now, I only apply sunscreen So, she’ll put some foundation on my face I apply it from the cheekbones first Why? Because, this part is brighter Meanwhile here, this part is darker [PRO TIP 1: Apply on the brighter part first] So this one first [PRO TIP 2: Wet the sponge to make it more moist] In this part, make it lighter But, my subscribers mostly from Indonesia and Malaysia from South-east Asia The skin tone is darker If they want to make their skin tone looks brighter, how to do it? They can choose a little brighter foundation from the actual skin tone About one level brighter? Yes, one level brighter [STEP-1: Skin tone foundie] [STEP-2: Brighter foundie] Here? Yes, on forehead, nose and cheek So, on this part using the brighter foundation? If so, we must have two foundation? Exactly.

So, overall use a foundation that matches your skin tone Middle part, For the middle part, forehead, and nose use a foundation that brighter than the actual skin tone Here, and then? On the nose then, here but on this part you can use the brighter tone Oh, so it’s like a shading right? If you use bright tone for all part, it’s not really good I look different, right? No, you look the same.

Basically, you are already beautiful Now, we use the more compact concealer On this nose part more easily erased On this part, because it’s oily moreover, now it’s summer. It can erased our makeup easily, so we use the more compact one On here as well.

But why we must use the more compact one? Because, it isn’t easily removed and not really sticky Oh the liquid one more sticky? Not about sticky, but it’s easily removed Because we don’t need to cover anything on Ayana’s face I’ll just make the tone smooth Next is powder Usually the powder is the last, am I wrong? I usually like that Each person use it different I usually use powder after apply the eyeshadow Like that Now, we use the powder first later when apply eyeshadow or eyebrows on this part will touched It can remove the foundation, so, we use a little to keep the foundation We use a brush like this and apply a little Right now, I’m done until the powder step It’s done for three steps We use a light color Ah, this Before that, I want to tell you this is MY REAL EYEBROWS! Many people thought that I use something or mircroblading it REAL~~ Ayana’s eyebrows is full, so we just fill it a little Next is using pencil eyebrow Ah! If we zoom in it But I, when I use make up in Indonesia my eyebrows makes all Make Up Artist in difficutly Why? Because it’s hard to adjust it If so, we’ll cut it a little CUT?! Yes, only at the bottom *surrender* Only a little~ Are you scared? I’m scared it’ll odd Before we use the eyeshadow for the shading we use this around the nose Now we start with light chocolate color How many eyeshadow do you usually use? The simplest one with one color If you want to add it use the similar color Now, we use the brighter color than before Is this the first one we used? Yes, this is the first one we used This one the brighter color Apply this one on the eyelids Over here as well, but just a little This is only applied at this side Are there many differences? Try to close your eyes Oh~ The differences is slightly noticeable Because this is a natural look, we’ll use the eyeshadow for eyeliner Is the eyeliner replaced with eyeshadow? We only use it at the tip Now the eyes looks more opened Burn the curler first! Firstly, lower lashes Pressed it at first then released it little by little Because this is a daily make up, so we don’t need the mascara Next is lips We’ll use this one first, then this color after over it So, this one is like the base So this is the base Oh so is this just the base? Then over it, Next, we apply on it from the middle This is for the gradation Over there, how the people use lipstick? Are they fully follow the lip line or like what? Sometimes I try to use gradations but after eating, it’s fade away So after that I immediately used it like this We are using Wardah right now What is Mba Putri? ‘Mba’ in Bahasa means like ‘Onni’ (older sister) but sometimes you can call it ‘Bu Putri’ too, for the oldster the formal one.

Pak Salman is our CEO So, we just finished our first look, that is and then I’ll use hijab and show my OOTD~ I’m expert at ironing Because, in Indonesia all the chores are done by myself I’ve had an iron and there is still scar I think, if you go bankrupt you can open a laundry place Oh, I remember an old story Many Koreans work at laundry place, in US too The ironing is done Ah! There is something I want to show you Have you watched my Korean Vlog? Because, I went to Namademun market I bought These brooches and pins This is very cheap, but it’s very beautiful gorgeous and very strong I just wanna brag it hehe~ But this one is the real Chanel! This one from Namdaemun market Very cheap but very strong and beautiful Actually Many followers and subscribers of mine ask me to do hijab tutorial But actually, my hijab tutorial is very simple! And I’ll use This one, because this is natural look So the pin must be simple This is my hijab style! Very simple, right? These days I tried to cover the chest part and then I prefer the cotton hijab Because it’s easy to fix and rise up like this I prefer the pastel colors as well So today I wear pastel, pastel, and pastel So this shirt can be the small point of my daily look today Because this is the only white color Now I really have to go to the academy for Chinese class This is my real daily look So, I’ll show you some details outside Did you enjoy my make up VLOG with my friends? Next time, I’ll make a make up video for for ‘EID’ and ‘DATE’ And my other friends will also appear Don’t forget to See you later! Have a nice weekend! I just realized that I don’t have ears (outside the hijab) So I think I need to fix my mask first But anyway, It’s time to go to the academy Because I think I already late Thank you for watching~


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