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i’m out here giving you some fall vibes with this sweater and my lip color but it’s so hot right now i’m gonna regret wearing this but i’m trying to you know match the vibe so yo girl finally got some lights so i’m using some lights right now and that’s what’s saving this filming session i got my ac blasted i got my fan blasted hey guys today we’re doing a little clothing haul with this cute little model right here and we are doing a haul from halia kai boutique we got some clothes from there so i’m gonna unbox or unpackage in this case the clothes and show you guys and then i’m gonna put it on him and you guys can see how it looks on him arya is six months old now so this is a clothing haul for a six month old baby from haleakai boutique okay excuse you please excuse my son he just passed gas through his mouth he just burped um yeah you can’t really see him you can only see like his foot his forehead up but it’s okay first of all this is how it looks like inside the package it’s cute how cute so first up we have this white onesie and it says get milk or cry trying actually his dad picked this out and his dad picked out some of them and i picked out some of them aria gets so aggressive when we feed him his milk he uses the handle one now i make him hold the handle first and then say like thank you for this meal in japanese and then drink the milk but then before he holds the handle he’s just like ah they give me the milk so yeah and if you take the milk away from him he’ll start crying so you know get milk or cry trying so this is how the first piece looks on him it is a size 6 to 12 months arya currently wears nine months or 12 month clothes which fits him perfectly so this is very well fitted on him okay so the next one is this one this is you know what doesn’t this look like a tiger i got this because it said it was a lion romper but then my boyfriend was like is this a lion or is this a tiger let me know in the comments and then in the back it just says hear me roar yeah so it’s a little romper i thought it was so cute because you know we love lions over here so this is a 12 to 18 month shirt so it is still kind of big on him but the graphic is cute with the little crown and i love the back of this the only thing i noticed which was pretty uncommon is that there was no button in the middle of the pants area so his diaper showed and he peed so that’s not cute and then i picked this one oh i also picked that one did i say that yeah and i picked this next one as well it says daddy’s minnie because he looks like his dad so much like he barely looks like me i mean like he looks like both of us but for the most part he looks exactly like his dad and all of our friends and family always says that he looks like his dad this one is also still a little big on him and this is a size 12 to 24 months a very wide range in the sizing there but yeah this is how it looks on him daddy’s little mini this next one his dad picked out and this is straight out of time out obviously it’s a straight out of compton reference um i probably wouldn’t have picked this for him just because ari doesn’t really do anything bad you know and he’s not a bad kid so far so i don’t i wouldn’t know why he would be in timeout but yeah i think he just thought it was funny so he picked this up what are you doing you’re sucking on your feet this shirt is size 12 months so it did fit him well i just paired it with some shorts that are part of a two-piece set that i’m going to show you next the next and the last one um his dad also picked out so actually his dad picked out two and i picked out two so far and it’s a little two-piece set here a little camel hoodie and then we have a matching pants this is so cute this set is size 6 to 12 months which fits in perfectly right now i love hoodies and love that it’s paired with shorts instead of long pants as well as it being short sleeved because it is too hot for all of that where we live this is probably my favorite one so yeah those are all the pieces make sure to go check out haliakaiboutique.

com i believe and if not just google hello kai boutique and i’ll also put it in the description link below and you can pick up some cute stuff if you like any of them go pick some up and you can use the code if you like and as always i hope that this video helped you out in any kind of way and i’ll see you guys next time


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