what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel! hi how are ya? and now in today’s video I’m about to leave and Nathan… hey babe.. hi baby! nathan is about to do his first and maybe last tutorial! on the internet now we’ve seen so many trends I mean we’ve done we’ve done our own trends.

. I’ve done your brother’s makeup you’ve done my makeup. I’ve had your dad do my makeup we’ve gone through the family tree girl! we thought you know what maybe it’s time for Nathan to do his own makeup! so nathan is going to follow a jeffree star tutorial should be fun now we peak through a bunch of tutorials and Nate’s like I’m gonna do something really like cute and simple so which one did you pick? we did the quick glowy holiday makeup tutorial oh okay now we’re gonna pull up that right now and Nate is gonna follow along oh my god December 2016 that was a quite some time ago yeah that was a little while ago oh my god really here’s short cute okay wow we just had a flashback so um how do you how good do you think you’re gonna do today I mean being able to watch it completely I think I’ll be okay I’m like I’ll do pretty good okay well I’m gonna step away I’m gonna leave the room and Christian er just gonna let Nate live a little bit and see what happens now I have a bunch of products laid out here this video was a while ago so I gave him a full face of stuff maybe I’ll try to dig a Mike makeup stash in the archives for something that’s in his video but alright I’m gonna step away and I’m gonna let you you run with it alright let’s do this I may be retiring after this pray for me alright so I guess we’re and I don’t think he has that one here today that one I think has taken a vacation but I do see this Sicily instant long term double thin seer mmm already I think that’s enough college about the same nice and shiny okay I think that step is done let’s move on today this look is very easy for foundation don’t think I’ll need to go really in today I keep using this you guys the lemare soft fluid it is so I mean lemare is pretty expensive show maturity so pretty nice see behind this looks like there it is – on the table here so kind of looks like one is darker than the other one I definitely say something different on the bottom – ivory OH – or natural 22 alright so I’m like looking at these again and I did actually get a tan recently in Turks so maybe I should go with the darker ivory seems a little white so let’s go with this one get the trusty old Beauty Blender out all over and what do we do next so we’re gonna dot it all over a little bit definitely need a lot more than I thought here gotta remember not to scrunch my forehead I tend to scratch my forehead a little too much can’t forget that neck mm-hmm blend it up I feel like a mannequin all right let’s get let’s get moving shaping tape which I love hard to shape one of my favorites I’m just gonna dot it today well that’s a lot all right let’s get this tart shaped tip concealer going you got a lot there so let’s uh stat this journey try and mimic this as this is like my soundcloud rapper yet or what artistes oval seven brush I think I see that over here let’s let’s give this a whirl how are you even doing this right now now with the RTS Oval seven brush we are going to blend hey you did that fast all right let’s uh trying to keep up here before this dries up I’m sure so I’ve seen like you know fixing kind of happen but uh we’ll see if I can fix this here looks a little no ghostly here look late before the under eyes try to play me we’re gonna take them and Shannel a setting powder but I take the powder will sponge in here of course if you want to use a brush you definitely can what’s not crease okay put a little bit into this the other day and I believe I can use the Beauty Blender besides that what else do we need to do we’re not even done setting under eyes so y’all need to just have a seat oh we’re not done I the of course Mac shivering white Studio Fix and with a little JD Wade Alexi brush we’re gonna wash your pics place where you wet so I don’t think I need all that extra powder I think I’m doing actually pretty good I kicked it on there pretty good so I think we’re gonna just go ahead and move on I mean that’s definitely on Russia so we’re gonna take another color of Studio Fix this is NW 18 and we’re studio 8 a lot of water comes off where it’s gonna pack that into the skin no Roaring where we really highlighted of course so I’m actually not seeing any Studio Fix around here so let’s go ahead and grab this color pop no filter yeah dab in there’s got to be some powder around there now so I think let’s move on to the next step time to contour nefra contour today we’re going to be using to be a morphe 9c palette this one is 49 she use she comes in a variety like this and I love to dip into this guy and this guy just kind of makes and today we’re gonna be using a little Chanel powder brush should no powder but I’m gonna go a little lower than I normally do and we’re just gonna sculpt this face why are we going lower to sharp today like I can’t go higher so we’re gonna go in with this Chanel foundation powder brush on this lorac contour pro palette I’m guessing let’s do the light contour I think I might be coming through you Jeffrey this cheekbones about to look sharp so I don’t know how y’all are feeling about this met hair but I’m actually really liking it didn’t really color my hair beforehand but we’ve definitely picked some good colors along the way and this is definitely one of my favorite so you should definitely let us know down in the comments if this is a good one now I’m definitely going to do the nose quickly quickly especially like this so you make it even more and then I’m gonna touch the pan right down so if you want to contour your nose in a flash and really quickly just go down and go down girl alright now we’re gonna take a little more feet eastery don’t seem like much as on there I can’t really see it so move on and go into that lightest shade we’re just gonna kind of go over the jaw and soften her a little bit so it’s not so harsh I’m just trying to have a moment today so we’re also gonna take that powder again and we’re just gonna go over the contour on the forehead with it and just kind of soften it so it’s not tonight let’s try soften this up a little bit done if I’m not mistaken I do believe that lipstick Nick calls us veiling quote me if I’m wrong thank God I have brows so I guess we’re gonna go ahead and just skip this step because there’s only one alien in the house so we’re just paint pop their lids with that really quickly and just kind of give our eye a second primer right now the foundation of the concealer that is on my lids is definitely enough but is it now let’s see yeah I can’t really do the things on the eyes and me trying to like close one eye and do this it’s gonna be interesting and probably make my eyes water but let’s do this looks good to me shadow shadow time Vizier definitely not seeing that one around here let’s let’s let me look around here real quick oh just some pallets over here I mean I think I might have to go with the iconic blood sugar pallet this is definitely one of the cooler pallets I have ever seen come on pallet of the year or what he’s definitely really into this candy floss right here I see pan someone’s going in perfect like ivory bone white color too so he’s going on with white yeah going with this Oh strange names you ever really lifted look and this also gonna help that crease color and blend effortlessly alright let’s go from the brow bone so now I’m gonna pull out the beauty toy palette movie killer girl this is the T and the truth so we’re just gonna go into her for a second now this is where it gets really easy so the other day when I put really yeah it really just took this brush and I had like 20 minutes to get ready before I went somewhere and I was like you know what I was gonna be really really soft and pretty today and see what happens which is scary cuz me me toning it down so I took it and I literally went all the way in more annoying just right there so it even though like makes your nose thinner by the way it’s a little trick battle key like blackened plum color and I’m just gonna go in with a little detailer brush and I’m just gonna lightly barely blue to stuff into microscopic detail birds have like some extra drama let’s go find one that I like be right back so we found it let’s go in with this vanity oh wow that is quite pigmented make sure I don’t go heavy-handed here I just pop a little bit we’re gonna take a little fascinating white liner from Matt we’re it’s gonna take that Beautyblender line and lightly pull down our boy and then we’re gonna pack in that white liner and turn into a tall yeah so I kind of don’t really like things like next to my eyes like kind of like makes my eyes water like crazy usually when he just presses on my eyelids they usually I’d like start to water so that that’s probably not a good idea for me and I don’t really have a steady hand so I might end up losing an eye here folks let’s uh go ahead and skip that step please mascara okay that’s not too close to the eye so I think I can I can try this out all right buddy huh that’s uh that’s uh I guess we’re gonna try and look slutty this time so uh that feels weird I overheard Jeffrey talking about a spoolie one time and when it’s dry you can kind of get it my closing the wrong fucking eye I got makeup tip one I want no shit I did it again looks like imma have to grab that spoolie in a minute I’m surprised it’s not all over in my face right now to be honest I feel like I’m gonna like touch my nose with it thank God the eyes are over let’s try this next step now for blessed today it’s like a pink mirrors so pretty and it comes with six shades section huh well this was two years ago so I don’t think that’s slang on here so I went ahead and found that gold more py4 brush and we’re gonna go ahead and go on with this Gucci blush I love that I had the Gucci G’s and I was pretty tight let’s try soften that up again little rosy cheeks down with it alright now let’s fucking highlight because for the highlight blush today definitely my favorite part like the peaches and the gold realms peaches and go do something I mean – blinding is the usual so I mean I’m not gonna lie I’m probably gonna have to do like an jeffree star highlight or something so I went ahead and found 24 karat gold skin frost Pro palette and we’re gonna go on with sarcophagus cuz uh I mean look pretty close to the same color is that one this shit’s binding so what’s uh no not too much on here it’s kind of weird going with the right hand on the other side of the face I don’t know how you guys do this stuff all the time let’s uh go ahead and put some on the nose here a little bit can’t do that Cupid’s bow it’s a given for Geoffrey never forget the Cupid’s bow that’s all that I’m supposed to do I mean can I just do the glitter challenge and just make my whole face a glitter glitter box or something so I guess we’re going in with another highlighter so go ahead and grab this Pat McGrath and uh see how this goes gonna be a blinding today I guess I think we’re done now it’s time for the lips all right now for lipstick Nanyan with my own of a lower and liquid lipstick and shade crystal tongue I’m Freddie and if you don’t want to do a crazy bold lip or not even a stick anymore to last all day definitely do a liquid lip so let’s go in yes we’re going in got that chrysanthemum right here I love that uh this like gold Sheen in it you guys aren’t even ready for the holiday shades coming up so hold on to your butts let’s take those away to watch I think I did it or it so besides that I need some mother effing setting spray yeah well I want to keep it as a setting spray I mean Armani prima setting spray and we’re going to mix it with a little touch-up I know that touch that stuff’s nice but I don’t know about that other one get one maybe on the on three the trash cans let’s fucking set let’s fucking say I’m gonna grab this Urban Decay all nighter cuz that’s just like classic let’s go we got two over here no I think I found the old school original bottle so I’m gonna go ahead and just do this and this look is complete all right it’s Jeremy let’s see if he’s uh gonna like the makeup I mean I did my best hey baby come on in dude yeah come in baby nervous okay so I’m looking the other way I mean James whoever do it for you okay oh my god nervous okay show me for real show me for real you ready yeah look good did he do this yeah no what the fuck Oh like a mannequin or yeah blue steel oh my okay I left as much product hopefully you guys I would obviously you figured it out yeah no there was definitely oh my hahaha okay well if I’m ever not feeling well what the book I mean might be I’m like the blend what oh you found the lip oh of course oh my god okay he did the lips by himself I mean obviously you guys why I’m trippin out yeah the nikkietutorials sneaky this room would help you not Nathan tutorials did yeah you look amazing yeah I mean I feel like a mannequin so sorry my brain hurts I’m like how did we get here I need a hit okay or two I have a question yes okay what was the hardest part um I can’t believe you got full mascara on when I did not wait to but it wasn’t too bad doing a mascara it was just like when it pulls on your eyelids I don’t know it just feels like when I did his makeup shoot three years ago was a while ago oh and I touched the eye we’re talking like we had to pause it took the whole video like we were in mad about it we were like pissed off yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t keep up together my eyes couldn’t keep them together maybe because you did it yourself yeah we might have been just like pressure difference like I could actually tell how hard I was pushing you obviously you can’t huh Cyclops no because honestly when we do mean Nicole do our classes I love doing my own mascara it’s just less irritating from me personally sure yeah oh my god the mascara is like perfect you’ve had to get up I definitely did the mess I definitely I by somehow okay the highlight looks really good what’d you use I left with five highlighters okay skin fetish yes and I definitely had to dip into this 24k my brain is overwhelmed here this looks like a war zone oh by the way yeah I know I kind of just left everything like oh you can all the expensive stuff I mean I’m just fucking around okay your little stuff alright it’s the good stuff it looks amazing I’m actually we’re looking in the monitor and I can’t breathe can’t believe it can’t now the look does look pretty good with the hair your cheeks look so like err yeah your cheeks look better than mine what’s up fuck I’m like I need some more highlighter on you used to that’s what that video had that’s why yeah I definitely yeah mmm you look amazing my god yeah wow I’m shocked I just got lipstick on you thank you okay Wow well I’m now passing on my channel over to Nathan he’ll probably get the next 10 million so a torch it was really good me equal hey you kept back all right thank you so much for watching today’s video I feel like you should the outro this is your video I mean thank you for watching today’s video and I think we will see you at the next one yes and if you guys aren’t already followed Nathan on Instagram he’s finally verified yes that happened this year thanks Instagram we love you everything is links down below Nathan only has Instagram and snapchat everything else is fake report it and don’t fall for any catfishing on tinder yeah just keep it moving how many tinder profiles that they made of you know I don’t know you keep showing me I mean I don’t I don’t know whether you guys keep tweeting them to me and I’m like Nate here you are it’s like Daniel in Nebraska and it’s Nathan’s face I’m like oh girl if y’all being tricked by that I am so sorry oh my god I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or anything else really so he doesn’t just staring at this baja blast I know you see this shirt so iconic I’m like yeah actually kind of does okay I’m hungry let’s come all right you guys thank you so much for watching we’ll see you on the next one mwah see ya


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