Hey guy it’s Emma and today I’m back with a beauty video I felt like my channel really had no quality content before I feel like everything was really honestly sh*tty I really did and I think A lot of people probably agree with me that my channel didn’t really have any theme or anything like that So I decided you know what I’m transforming.

I’m a beauty guru now Plot twist right! So crazy! To start off my new beauty guru career I wanted to do a back to school makeup tutorial because that’s what is popular right now That’s what everybody’s doing so I decided that that’s what I do this look.

It’s versatile. It’s fun. It’s unique I’ve never seen anyone else do something like it honestly There’s probably something else in this universe who’s done it But I haven’t seen it personally you’ll definitely get a lot of attention at school a lot of people will be like whoa That girl she is different.

Without further ado let’s just jump right into it Without without further ado let’s get into it. I don’t know how to do that the first step and the first thing I’m gonna be doing it gets like in most beauty tutorials and stuff like that you have to start out with like a base of some sort so that you’re working on like a fresh Slate get rid of all your imperfections and stuff like that and as you guys know I do have a lot of Imperfections on my face a lot of people like to comment about all my zits and stuff like that cuz I don’t cover them well Today guess what you know your eyes, they’re gonna be saved today because I’m gonna actually cover my zits for once you’re welcome I’m so sorry for all the videos that you had to sit through Where you know you have to stare at my zits for like 12 minutes? So I’m just gonna do what feels right and if it’s wrong You know what there’s no way, you can be wrong.

You just do your best to know for the best so I’m gonna take May believe BB cream and Covergirl Smoothers not getting my beauty blender wet cuz I feel like that’s just overrated So I’m just gonna start smearing this around my face also Gonna be covering my eyebrows, too Just cuz I don’t know I want a blank slate.

I want to start completely fresh I don’t want you to be able to eat anything. I want to cover absolutely every single thing on my face I don’t know if this is necessarily a popular thing to do to just cover your entire face But I don’t really care to be quite honest, so I’m just going with it This is just what feels right to me And if you don’t like it, then you can leave I’m also covering my lips because I’ll put other stuff over it You know what I mean, oh You know right now guys don’t freak out I know that things look a little bit weird right now but Or you just believe in me and just trust that I will make you look you just have to follow my lead And you know what things have to get bad before they get better So we just got to keep going and just keep persevering I think everything’s looking pretty covered But you can see my eyebrows too much and I kind of want to cover more of my eyebrows feel like they kind of get In the way, maybe I can use some concealer, so I’m gonna be taking the Master Conceal Maybelline And I’m just gonna try to cover my eyebrows right now and I’ll also put some of this underneath my eyes because as you guys know uh-huh I do have really bad under-eye bags because I Don’t sleep because sleep is for the weak.

I can sleep when I’m dead oh Whoo see look at me. I’m really having trouble covering my eyebrows. They just don’t want to go anywhere They want to stay with me. They love me, but I’m sorry eyebrows your time is done Okay, I’m covering you up.

I’m looking a little bit better on my face But the eyebrows are really they really need help you can still see that guys. I know what you’re thinking right now You’re concerned. You’re worried You don’t like how things are going you don’t like what this is all looking like and you think that I’m a phony and you Think that my future and the beauty guru career is over.

Well. Do you know what? Think again because I’m just getting started you don’t even know what’s coming So just please stop hating on me literally I can feel your hatred for this tutorial through the screen But just please give me a freaking chance So right now.

I’m just you know rubbing it on with my finger cuz I felt like I feel like I’m getting desperate here Oh, it’s not working Okay, we’re getting it. We’re getting there I’m not giving up yet But I’m getting a little bit discouraged because my eyebrows are not going away like I want them to so next I’m going to be taking this Mara Minerals blemish ready powder And I’m just gonna put this all over my face because I just need a set what’s going on here I think that’s the right word set I think the whole point of this beginning part is to really create like a clean slate because this makeup look kind of needs a Clean slate I feel like I’m gonna do like a brown smokey.

Eye like everyone else I want to do something different now that we’re kind of where we are now I think it’s time to just get started with the eyes so basically the idea for this tutorial is that I’m basically Gonna be Creating a pencil on my eye if you’re confused don’t worry I promise it’ll make sense the first thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to take a yellow eyeshadow I know that that sounds bold.

I know that it sounds like a little bit crazy Oh, no No No No No, no, no No First thing you need to do is to take some concealer and just put it all over your eyelid just to kind of be a little base cuz I don’t like A half, I shout out base I’m using this age rewind thing well Oh, maybe I could try to put something this on my eyebrows, okay better.

They’re hiding they’re going away a little bit I mean, I could shave my eyebrows, but I’m just I don’t know I don’t really want to shave them today sometimes I shave them depending on how I’m feeling that day, okay I think this looks good correct me if I’m wrong a lot of people have like the urban decay primer or something potion or something That’s a high roll pretty sure it’s really freaking expensive and I’m money like that for freaking makeup I don’t spend my money on makeup I spent my my own eye solving the lattes and snacks now that I’ve covered my eyelid like that It’s time to really jump right into the main event you’re gonna want to take a yellow color right here.

I have the revlon colorstay Exotic Palette on this little thing you’re just gonna want to pick up some yellow color start kind of like creating a sort of rectangular shape What is a crucial school supply at school a pencil it’s time to pull out your eyeliner.

I recommend black liquid liner I’m using this stila stay all day waterproof proof proof Liquid eyeliner basically just Gonna outline the Rectangles that make sense so as you can see here we have this rectangle, and then we have this little square right here Which will be the eraser, we’ll color that in later And then lastly we have to draw a little tip which is the end of the pencil okay? This isn’t going as well as I planned you just have to oh Okay, my I didn’t let my eyeliner dry.

So that’s a problem. We’re gonna need to fix that but for now I’m gonna let that dry it has this rough outline of a pencil But it’s a little bit rough around the edges right well Don’t worry take a thin brush And then take any sort of skin color face product just kind of clean up around the edges You know what I mean, I’m assuming at home you guys will probably end up making similar if not more extreme mistakes Don’t be hard on yourself.

There’s always ways to fix it. Just remember. It’s supposed to be fun So I’m gonna take this again And I’m just gonna go back over the lines and try to make them cleaner this time wish me luck. Oh, yes much better Oh yes, so as you can see my eyeballs give this rough outline of a pencil and yes That’s great and all and I could even stop here if I wanted to but he’ll to the no I am not stopping here this Is not the final product the next thing that you’re Gonna want to add in An eraser because as you can see we have the eraser in the inner corners of her eyeballs I don’t even know what I want to use for the eraser.

You know what I’m using this okay? case closed nyx Mega Shine lip gloss Okay, okay. Yes. Yes yes, yes Yes This is good this next is a very crucial step this is Gonna add some texture to your eyeball pencil take your Eyeliner again draw some lines across it cuz like you know pencils are like kind of rigid I don’t know if you can tell here I have the lines on my pencil eyeballs So the last main aspect of the eyes that we need to do is basically add a little bit of glitter I don’t know about you guys But I think glitter is Crucial for any makeup tutorial so I just bought these two little glitter things from target there were 99 cents each um yes hanging on A budget am I right ladies think about this right now think about the lead on a pencil think about it Please pencil it has a little shimmer to it So take some of the glitter put it onto the tip of the pencil the glitter makes it stand out Before it was just a pencil now.

It’s a real pencil now. You’re just something I want to blend it out with your finger obviously don’t smudge anything because you just worked hard on this okay? So now that your eyeballs look like pencils.

I know you’re thinking emma that look it’s a little bit too bold for me There’s no way I could ever wear that to the first day of school But don’t try to tell me that this isn’t kind of impressive. It’s a statement It says I’m excited to come back to school, and I’m about to kill it this year.

We’re almost done. We’re gonna take even more Concealer I know it’s crazy put this on our lips like it’s lip gloss Okay, so now that your lips are basically invisible It’s time to really turn this into our as you can see I’m kind of on the whole idea of like school supplies, right? So we got pencils what else do you need for school an eraser? So I’m gonna be turning my mouth and do a moving eraser so you’re gonna dig it and you’re just gonna want to draw out kind of a rectangle around your mouth try to make it as Rectangular as possible just because the more rectangular it is the more it looks like a real eraser We’re trying to make this look real okay.

We’re not trying to just mess around here. This is the first day of school We’re talking about first impressions. You know this is what your teachers are Gonna Think about you for the rest of the year you want them to have a good impression of you you’re not gonna want things to look fake show up to art class looking like this and your teacher is Gonna give you an a Without you even having to do an assignment because this is art.

Okay. Don’t even try to denominator So fill it in don’t be afraid to pack it on because the school day is very long and this is not all day Nobody likes one your makeup friggin crunches off by the end of the day that does not look good just for some definition I’m thinking we should maybe outline the racer lips with like some black We’re actually almost done I know it’s crazy And it’s kind of sad we have to do our eyebrows because I feel like that’s the only thing I’m missing here We’re gonna turn our eyebrows into rulers draw one around each eyebrow, and then just kind of do the little dash marks You know on a ruler hopefully I’m not going too fast honestly I’m sad that I came up with this after my first day at school.

My first day school already happened If you’re at home, and you’re like, you know I’m not really the biggest fan of An Eyebrow Ruler you can turn your lips into a ruler you could turn your eyebrows into erasers It’s up to you the whole idea here is just to use school supplies as an inspiration and just go with it I’m gonna be adding some silver glitter just to kind of spice things up a little bit I feel like it’s a little bit boring.

I Know it’s crazy. We’ve been on this journey together back to school makeup journey, and it’s coming to an end. This is the completed tutorial So that was it for this makeup tutorial today, obviously I’m not a beauty guru and I never could be of you to do if you’re a beauty guru out there I’ve just said beauty guru way too many times if you are good at makeup out there, I Respect the hell out of you because this is hard anyways that was today’s video I hope you enjoyed it And I hope that you wear this to your first day of school because come on if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up Subscribe to my channel comment down below anything you want I appreciate every single last one of you I’ll see you guys next time peace out


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