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Basic Drugstore Makeup Tutorial | Beauty BFF | Full Face Makeup | MissMalini

Basic Drugstore Makeup Tutorial | Beauty BFF | Full Face Makeup | MissMalini

Up and out. What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Hi guys, welcome back to the channel, I’m Natasha. I hope you enjoyed our previous video. I put out a poll earlier on Instagram asking whether y’all wanted a basic look using drug store products or a glamorous look, and 66% of y’all said y’all wanted a basic look.

So, here I am talking to you, telling you what to use. You basically don’t have to have or invest in high-end products to get a really good look. I’m gonna use basic drugstore products and show y’all how it’s done.

So, first up, you have to touch up your base. I’m using L’Oréal’s True Match foundation. You can use your fingers or a beauty blender to kinda dot it all in. Now because it’s a basic look try not using too much.

Done! So, next up I’m using concealers. These Maybelline Fit Me concealers are fabulous, I even use them when I’m going out for a party or anything. I’ve used shade Sand Sable and Medium Moyen because these two mixed together really conceal my dark circles.

Let’s go! Foundation really sets the base, then apply concealer where you need to correct those spots and now take your fingers and blend. Wow! This is making such a big difference. I’m alive! You can also put some around your nose ’cause I know some people really get red around their nose and nostril area and over any pimple or anything you have and it’s done! If you apply your concealer before your foundation it’s not gonna give you that much coverage and hello! You’re gonna waste so much products so don’t do it.

Now for the eyes, we’re gonna start with eyeshadow first. I’m using Makeup Revolution. It’s their Ultra Blush palette. They have amazing shades I’m gonna use the browns and the neutrals mixed with a little pink Apply it all over your lid.

Using a brown or a bronze-y colour will just add depth to the eyes. Can you make out? ‘Cause it adds dimension. Now I’m gonna use a burnt pink and because it’s like a little shimmer it makes the eye pop a little.

Check if it’s even and now you’re done. You’re almost done with your eyes. We’re gonna put eyeliner – I’m using this blue one from Nykaa Glamoreyes in Blue Hex. We’re gonna apply some on the edge over here.

Now we’re ready to get on to the next step. This mascara is by Essence, it’s the best drugstore mascara I’ve ever bought, because this is a basic look let’s not go too harsh with it. A coat or two coats is more than enough.

What’s cookin’, good lookin’? I’m using this Gigi Maybelline Eyebrow Filler, it’s like a paste-y pencil. And very gently, I’m just gonna fill in where the gaps are there. You go in with this spooly and brush them out Up and out.

Now is the final step-lipstick! I’m using this Kiko Milano Lip Me Lots lipstick. It’s got this really cute heart-shaped packaging. I’m basically just gonna dab and press because we don’t wanna apply a full lipstick we just want a little tint to the lips.

Oh yeah! You’re done now. Now that’s how you do it without burning a hole in your pocket, got it? Comment below and tell us what video you’d like to see next or DM us on Instagram. Bye.


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