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basic witch • autumn makeup tutorial • beauty marks

basic witch • autumn makeup tutorial • beauty marks

hello everyone it’s sanzu and today i am back with a basic with makeup tutorial well this is both for halloween and not it’s kind of a warm up for it but it’s also perfect for people that doesn’t want to go all the way for Halloween like SFX makeup and stuff like that I’ll still be making some SFX makeup looks for Halloween so stay tuned for that as for the makeup products I’ve used in this video or the accessories like the head and lenses you can check the description below for the links and knighting they’re good to go we’ll start by priming our skin and getting it ready for the makeup and I’m gonna use professional from benefit for that this is especially good if you have big pores on your skin I find that my foundation looks much more seamless if I apply a primer first next I’m getting the deep ocean cushion foundation from Beauty people as my foundation and since it’s a crucian foundation it really doesn’t get caked up on the face now I’m moving to the stick foundation from up here this is actually a foundation but this is a little bit lighter than my skin tone so I’m gonna be using it to highlight in my face like a concealer now I’m getting this translucent powder from lunatick cosmetic labs and since some areas on my face easily crease with the makeup I’m gonna be setting the base makeup on these areas for my eyes I’m getting this full-throttle palette from NYX and I’m gonna be using this orange shade on it I will use this color on my whole eyelid and fade it out if you feel like you come too far away that the eye shadow you can just get a translucent powder and fade it out even more hopefully I just realized that I forgot to do my eyebrow so I’m quickly filling them in now back to the eye makeup I’m getting this ultimate warm raspily from NYX and first I’m gonna be using this dark red color and then I’ll move on to the dark brown I will start from the outer part of the eye with did the red eye shadow and blend it together with the orange as the last part of the transition I will switch to the brown color and I will blend them from the outer part again just like before if you think it looks too harsh on the outer parts you can get a translucent powder and softness for the bottom part of the eye I will be using these two shades but I will start with the orange first and then switch to the other color blending them together at this step I’m getting a trophy wife highlighter from Fanta beauty and I’m just gonna apply it to the inner parts of my eye using my finger to give it a nice shine now I’m getting a white eye pencil which is a my pencil from NYX and I’m gonna apply it to the bottom inner part of my eyes to brighten love first and then I’ll go over it the dafonte trophy wife highlighter now I have already done my eyeliner of the camera because the camera wasn’t recording when I did it so I’m just grabbing this mascara and I’m just gonna use it on my top eyelashes first before I put on my fake eyelashes now I’m gonna apply the top and bottom fake eyelashes that I got from Aliexpress but I don’t really have their links anymore because I bought them years ago and I bought a lot so I have a special eyelashes at home now also I haven’t used the button fake eyelashes all the way to the inner part of my eye so I’m just gonna get a mascara and use it on the inner part of my lower eyelashes to blend them together now I’m only gonna contour the tip of my nose so I’m getting the petit paris ink in brown color and I’m gonna draw a contour line as I want and blend it with a brush for the blush I’m getting my silicon Majorca spoofed the cheek in orange and I’m gonna just start from the other part of my cheeks and blended inwards later on when it’s the amount that I want it on the cheeks I’m gonna move on to the nose and I’m gonna just focus the pigments on the middle part of my nose and blend it outside so it’s gonna be focused on the outer part of the cheeks and the middle part of the nose but only other side it’s gonna have a light transition once why bless you stun I’m gonna switch back to trophy wife highlight your phone fancy and I’m gonna use it on my cheeks my nose and my chin for some nice brown shade of lipstick for the autumn I’m gonna get Nyx’s little injury in beauty mark I have a love and hate relationship with the sleep series because it dries so much even though I moisturize my lips I drink lots of water but on the good side it just doesn’t smudge it doesn’t come off easily or if you kiss someone it’s not gonna leave a mark but it dries so much for the last step I’m gonna use this brown eye shadow to draw some beauty marks Beauty moles on my face believe it or not but I decided to do the beauty marks without checking the lipsticks shade and then I realized that lipstick is actually called beauty mark I wanted to add the beauty marks because I know that the ugly witches are known to have these ugly most big moles and I wanted to give it a good twist by adding some moles because the moss can be beautiful and this is it I hope you like this video I hope you liked the theme also personally I really like witches I don’t know why I kind of wish I was always like a good kind of a vegetable so please write in the comments below which season of a year is your favorite personally mine is autumn because it’s not too cold it’s not too hot just like a cool wetter and it has a really nice color plot and I was born in autumn I think before babbling even more I’ll be going and this video and I’ll be seeing you in my next video bye bye


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