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Bath/Shower Sponge Loofah – Mesh Pouf Shower Ball Body Scrubber for Women & Men, for All Skins Puff Foamy BAIMEI Loofa Sponge Skin-Care Tool(4pcs)


Price: $9.99
(as of Oct 09,2020 21:47:31 UTC – Details)


Soft nylon material:

The neutral color loofah bath sponge is soft but great scrub.

Save products:

Wet the loofa sponge and it lathers well with little soap.
The luffa bath ball can pair with any kind of body wash, shampoo, and soap.

Effectively smooth and clean skin:
The cleaning effect is very good and the friction force is in place for massage.
It can be used for dry/oil and all skin types.

Easy to clean:
The cleaning of the loofah sponge after each use is convenient and it will not have dirt residue.
Hang the ribbon to keep it dry in a well- ventilated place.

The beautiful muted color bath sponge is a pretty good decoration in a bathroom.

Size – The mesh porous loofa sponge shower ball is round shape, and it’s handy for your hand to grip it. More coverage to your skin.
Rich lathers & deep cleaning – The loofah body scrubber can lather any kinds of body wash well. The rich suds help to cleanse the dull and dry skin.
Easy to clean & hang to dry – Please wash the bath sponge after each use. Just need to rinse all the lathers out until the water clear. The rope is for you to hang it up to dry.
It’s long-lasting, but we suggest you replace a new one every 2 months. This loofah sponge aims to give you a lovely soft and smooth skin. Give it a shot and you will never regret it.


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