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Beginner Makeup Tutorial ( Drugstore ) | Eng Sub | Molita Lin

Beginner Makeup Tutorial ( Drugstore ) | Eng Sub | Molita Lin

Hi Everyone Today I will make Beginner Make up Tutorial Or makeup for beginner If you are new and want to learn how to make up Or you don’t know how to use make up correctly Just calm down.. because in this video I will explain it more detail and step by step Let’s begin Before we use make up, we should use skin care first To start it we should wash our face first After that, we can use toner You can directly pour it into your hand or using cotton And today I will use cotton If we use cotton, it can lift the remain dirt on our face We want to moisturize our face with moisturizer You can use all kind of moisturizer that suit your face Before we use foundation, it’s better for us to use primer first Today I will use primer from Make Over Hydration Serum And I will spread it on my hand and apply it And because this is make up tutorial for beginner I know that beginners don’t like to use heavy make up And today i choose to use foundation That’s look light and natural This is from Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation I, myself prefer to dot it onto my face Than directly use the brush and dip it here because it will consume the product After we put the foundation on our face We can apply it using our hand.

.. and foundation and also sponge Today, I will show you. In this part will use brush This part will use sponge Ok, we when we want to start We start it with circular motion Like this.. Don’t drag it downward Do it the circular motion upward Now I will use this part with sponge Apply it by dab dab Dap and blend it too If you have super black panda eyes And cannot be cover by ordinary concealer You can use orange colour corrector Use this under your eye Then cover it by normal concealer colour if you have pimples You can the green colour, then dab it Onto the red area or the pimple Then cover it by normal concealer colour too Because now I don’t have any pimple And my eye bags is fine I will directly use ordinary concealer And I have Maybeline Age Rewind For concealer we will make triangle shape under our eye So that, the colour not become white and black So that it can blend After that we can blend it with sponge Or brush Dab it inward, so that the product can stick The way to draw eyebrow to make it similar is We want to draw the frame first We want to draw below line first Then, the upper part.

.draw straight line first It’s okay to go up slightly, in the 1/3 part After this we want to combine it with the tip line So, just draw it We colour it from the tip Colour the front part slightly We blend from the front part So if you want a natural eye brow, the shape will be like this If we want it to be intense We can use eye shadow And just colour it So the shape is there, we just need to darken it Before we use eyeshadow We want to use eye primer first The function of eye primer is to make the eye shadow last longer and also make the eye shadow colour pop out And know I really like the eye primer from Mizzu The colour is transparant So use it here After that we can blend it using our hand After that, I will use eye shadow Today I will use from Colour Pop Birthday boy And for Colour Pop eye shadow We should use our hand to take it Because if we use brush it will not be taken But if you use another eye shadow You can use brush Blend it, don’t be afraid to blend it high The shape will be like circle After that I will use darker eye shadow And I will use brush I have tips for those who want to have deeper eyelid We use it here So we open our eyes Blend it half way Then slowly go in The eye shadow will be look like this As you can see the eyeshadow is a bit messy We take the clean brush Or you want to mix it with brown colour Light brown Then we just blend the tip Blend the tip first So that there is no harsh line To curl your lashes Like this Then push it downward Don’t tweeze it like this I will use mascara from Maybeline Big Eyes The way to use mascara easily is like this But if like this my face will be look ugly So I will look downward Use it from the inner part to the outer part So don’t just use it at the tip After use mascara.

. I want to use fake eyelashes But if you already have long eyelashes You can skip this step And today I will use from Aritaum This is my favourite..you know It was so good Idol Lash number 3 Can see ya The way to use eyelashes is Just put it I like to use tweezer Then take it Put it at the place we want If I use eyelashes I like to make the middle part higher You can see.

.there is a hole Because this suit my eyes better So you need to do experiment See what position that suit your eyes shape Now, I want to use eyeliner And fill the hollow part After that i want to draw wing eyeliner The way to draw wing eyeliner Draw a line in the tip first After that we combine it After that we fill it The result will be like this If we use eyeliner first the eyelashes We tend to draw it too thick But if you draw like this The eyeliner will be thin Only on the tip part For me it’s a good tips For those who want natural eyes and look beautiful For the under part I will use the same eyeshadow I will draw 1/3 from the tip After that, the inner eye part I want to highlight it too You can use white or nude colour Or you also can use eye shadow After that I also want to use mascara fr my under lashes For the blush on.

Today I will use it from Make Over There are a a lot of colour to choose I will choose light pink mix with darker pink And to use blush on we need to smile And we use it on the upper part Don’t use it below or in the middle If not when we are not smiling Our cheek will seems like falling If we use blush on, it will make our face like fresher So we will not look pale After that I want to do contour We want to shape our face Today I will use from Elf So I will choose this colour mix with lighter colour So contour it right here Make our face like this There is a hole.

.so, make it right here Now there is a line Blend it upward We want to make it on our jaw line This will make our face look more pointed I also want to use it, in this part Just use a little bit After that, I want to contour my nose I will choose lighter colour Brush it using our ring finger Then brush it from our eyebrow move downward Now, our nose look fake Ok, we will blend it Blend it upward After everything is done I will use highlighter So this is the tips to make our face look glowing Use it above our cheek bone Sorry, this is not from drugstore I don’t have other highlighter I only have this So if you have other highlighter, you can use it Then use it on the nose and brow bone Then blend it So, today I will use from etude house and this is long lasting The colour is purplish I think the colour is not very visible So I will use this nude colour On the upper part So I will not look pale This look better For the last step, I will set everything using loose powder And today I will use from make over Then, I will use it on the parts that usually oily So this is the look I hope you like this make up look For me this make up look is very good for you, who want to learn make up Because the make up look simple and soft One tips from me, is that you have to practice So while you watch this video you can practice And if you fail, erase it and try again Because it will make you more adept If you like this video, don’t forget to like And subscribe to my channel for those of you who have not


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