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Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

hi guys this is hailey now fall officially arrives and it’s a bit cold so i’m more into matte brown just smokey eye makeup look so i decided to make a video about how to do smoky eye makeup look without looking panda or lacoon although this is a smoky eye makeup look i didn’t go too glam or too smoky so this is something you can wear for any occasion and also the shades i use are brown shades but if you want to go for like grayish or black smoky eye makeup look you can adapt this technique to use those kind of color i’m going to walk you guys from what shade you use to the tutorials so this is something more in-depth smoky eye makeup tutorial so i think this is gonna be a lengthy video so let’s just dive into it so there are three eyeshadow shades what you need for smoking eye look depends on your skin tone you can choose brown shade with warm cool and neutral undertones for me i have olive undertones so i try to avoid too reddish shades but more warm shade first shade you need is the one for a base which creates natural shade on your lace and this shade should be close to your natural skin tone but a little bit darker second shade is the medium shade which you are going to apply all the way up to your crease so it is going to deepen your look and the last shade is deep shade to get the real smoky eyeshadow look and if you see all three shades together nothing really stand out or too awkward so all the shades should blend really well to get that gradient look and what brushes you need and what they’re used for i could say there are three essential makeup brushes first one is a big fluffy brush to plane all over the lace second one is medium size one to blend up to your crease with medium shade and the last one is small detail bullet or pencil brush for more details like apply lower lash lines these are non-essential things for today but good to have first thing is eyeshadow primer eyeshadow primer creates a soft canvas on your lips so it’ll make eye shadow easier to blend and help it stay in place second one would be black or brown pencil eyeliner especially if your upper water lines is obvious after you curl your lashes it is better to tightline there because it is going to make the look more finishes otherwise it is going to look a bit empty before starting my eye makeup as we are putting lots of deep shades on our release it will make your dark circles underneath the eyes more obvious so it is very important to make sure that under eye areas are covered really well and clean i’m not going to go too extra when it comes to covering my dark circles but i will just do my corrector and put a little bit of foundation all over there not only my under eye area but also my leaves are a bit darker than the rest of my face so i’ll put a little bit of corrector and make it looks more even for smoky eye look i’m going to apply eyeshadow not only my base but also along the lower lash lines so i’m applying eyeshadow primer on my lids as well as my lower lash lines first i’m going to start with a base shade i’m gently applying all over the lace and along my lower lash lines and then i’m going to use the darkest shade among three shades i showed you before this is a deep brown shade and i’m going to give that smokiness on my lace but to get more intense pigment i’m going to use my fingertips and apply it really close to my upper lash lines it is very important to take the finger close to there to not to create any gaps between lash lines and the crease after blending enough i’m taking midtone brown shade with medium size brush to blend over this middle shade would be more like a bridge between a light brown shade and deep brown shade then you can achieve that gradient look and then taking a big fluffy brush again i’m going to blend everything after blending everything i’m going to apply along the lower lash lines but mostly outer of the lower lash line if you find that your eyes even look smaller when you do smoky eye look that might be because there’s no gap between upper lash lines and lower lash lines i’m going to clean the area with a bit of foundation using a cutie this will make your eye look wider and more often so my lashes are called and ready to for eyeliner but before doing eyeliner i get so many questions about how to prevent eyeliner from smudging and the answer is put some powder the area where my eyeliner gets smelting the most is just right down the lower lash line so i put some powder there to mattify this will help to prevent your eyeliner from smudging and then today i’m going to tightline with a black pencil eyeliner you can go for brown eyeliner as well but i just wanted to make it more intense and obvious so i chose the black one i’m not going to put any eyeliner along the lower lash line because if i feel my lower lash lines it is going to look too much and it will make your eyes much smaller and we don’t want that look so if you want to go for natural smoky eye look better to not to draw any eyeliner on your lower water lines or along your lash lines after finishing the look you can decide whether you want to put more shades or not and i decide to put more shade to deepen the look if there is any fall out you can swipe out with a clean powder brush and then put a bit of concealer to clean the area so yeah this is a final look and hope you guys enjoy all the way to this look and find it very helpful it might look very complicated but the practice makes perfect so if you practice a lot you’re going to make a better and better result you just take time to find the perfect look for your eye shape for your skin tone just for your natural features although we have no place to go with wearing this smoky eye makeup look we can just stay at home and play with makeup practice a lot when everything’s got better we can go out with perfect smoky eye look before i make this video i ask you guys if there’s any question when it comes to doing smokey eye makeup look on my ig stories and i try to answer all the questions you guys asked me and if there’s any unsolved questions please comment down below i will try to answer as many as i can and i’ve been trying to create more like fun look with different colors on my instagram so if you guys want to see more looks you can check out there and thank you so much for watching stay safe and i will see in the next one bye


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