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Bella (Kristen Stewart) ‘Breaking Dawn’ Makeup Tutorial

Bella (Kristen Stewart) ‘Breaking Dawn’ Makeup Tutorial

hi guys welcome back to pixel ooh I hope you’re all doing well today I’m gonna do the look that’s been done like six million times on YouTube but then what hasn’t I’m doing the Breaking Dawn Bella Swan look the last one because it’s so gorgeous and it’s right up my street so if you’ve seen it feel free not to watch this one but if you do like those kind of slightly gothy looks then you might like this one I am going to start by putting a bit of moisturizer on my skin I already done this this is embrace the one I use Islay creme concentrate I’m going to use skin base now this is a little sample size of skin base it normally comes in like the bigger tube so I just don’t want you to be confused I’m using number two which is really really light and a pinky tone and obviously I’m going a bit paler than I am because Belle is really pale she going to be dead didn’t she really so nice and pale I’m going to have to take this all the way over my lids because we’re going to need to start from a blank canvas and whereas normally I would incorporate you know my own natural depth around my eyes for this one it will look a bit weird if I don’t start from kind of zero really all the way up into the hairline lots of blending to do across the eyelids in a minute I’m going to buff this foundation in so we’ll it won’t look quite as odd I hope got to do my ears as well and of course my neck and then a nice clean buffing brush I’m just going to work that in so it doesn’t sit quite so heavy on the skin right let’s go straight on to brows I’m going to use a brown eyeshadow from Mac just give them a browse in the brush through and a 266 and Bella’s brows quite dark in this so I’m going to start off filling them in a little bit lighter and then gradually get darker so just feathering the eyeshadow just through the brows like that and then I’m along gating them just a little bit on the outside edge there and then this is Archangel from me me me I’m going to use the define gel just to brush through and give the individual hairs a little bit of texture there I’m going to take a little bit of Omega R eyeshadow which is this one here and I can put that all over the lid and through the socket so Omega is kind of acting as our base and then I’m going to blend it with a clean brush so I’ve deliberately taken it quite high towards the inside here and then I’m going to really wing it out if I happen to be looking here it’s because I’ve got a little monitor there so I can see how it looks even wise so I’m sorry if I’m not talking to you it’s just I’ve gone quite close since I have to check the focus so I hope you won’t mind right what was I doing yeah Omega right now I’m going to work this through the socket we’re going to start to wing it out what’s a bit you might see that I’m just flicking my brush outwards a little bit just to create that shape and then I’m going to blend it I went to see this film at the cinema with my brother John John and I tend to go to the cinema together quite a lot actually was it last night or the night before we went to see we actually went to see pitch perfect but it wasn’t on we’ve missed we’ve missed our showing so we ended up seeing Jack Reacher which is the new Tom Cruise film it’s really good I really enjoyed it so yeah if you want something if you like Tom Cruise and I don’t normally I mean I loved him in Jerry Maguire but haven’t really loved him in anything since but I thought it was really good in chat Reacher but I haven’t read the book has so many people pointed out to me so I don’t know if he’s true to the character or not but I thought he was good you know less Tom Cruise II than usual which is a good thing I think you know Mission Impossible I hate those kind of films they suck now I’m going to go something darker in a socket I’m going to go back to my brunt which I you soothe the brows put a tiny bit of that just on the outside here and blend that into our flick out so we’re just blending that across and I’m going to take that just onto a lid as well now I’m using embark eyeshadow it’s a really dark warm kind of reddish brown which is perfect for the liner I think so I’m just going to put this along the lashes just a lonely outside of the eye back to my Brunei shadow going to take a little bit of that just underneath the eye here and we’ll just meet that up with our outside corner there and give it a little blend on the waterline I’m going to work a little bit of an iridescent pencil this one is buttery which is unfortunately discontinued but makeup forever make one very similar I think it’s 23 L I just can’t find us don’t know where it is maybe not I’m using Clinique Highlands mascara oh no no I’m not I’m using connected high definition lashes I’m going to put some false lashes on as well because Bella definitely has them well actually no Bella doesn’t happen Kristen Stewart has them on Bella probably has actually really naturally amazing eyelashes you know what I mean so this mascara I don’t know if you noticed one side is you normal mascara wand like a bristle and the other side is a comb so you can comb your lashes through so you don’t get any clumps pretty cool huh nifty these are number 36 from amazing shine I just sitting here on the desk and they look like the perfect ones so nice that’s really close and then tuck in the outside corners whoops there we go and the inside corner I better get some concealer on so I’m using Bobby Brown concealer in warm ivory just under my eyes and then I’m also going to use that concealer just around the areas of the face where I need a bit more coverage because any kind of pink coming through on the skin isn’t really very better is it obviously if you’re doing this at home for the eyes you can I avoid that step okay eye on the skin I’ve got skin finish here in light we want to have that lovely kind of glowy sheen that Bella has on her skin now I have Luna cream color base from Mac this is kind of a white Frost and I’m going to push that on I’m actually using a stippling brush to do this and I’m going to push her on just over the top of our powder when we want that real glow so just under the brow here I noticed you had a real kick of Sheen there fit more mascara just to tie our lashes with the false ones know that they dry now we get the opportunity to use Chanel notorious is one of those colors that isn’t perfect for everything but for this it’s made for this look because it’s so gray it’s going to be a brilliant contour so just under the cheekbone and then feathering it up and I’ll use my foundation brush just to blend it in a nil back in with my lunar I’m going to pop a little bit just in here then I’m just taking the lunar just down the center of the nose and through between the brows blend that a little and then finally onto the lips I just I’m just rubbing my lips a little bit just to paint them up a bit and then I’m using Makeup Forever aqua lip in 11c and I’m going to start working that just on the inside of the lip and then with a blending brush I’m going to off it into the rest of the lip try and keep the depth of color right in the center of the lip and blend it outwards if you can and I know you want to see it with red eyes but because I have that Rachel from friends I think I can’t do it for you because I just can’t wear contact lenses but what I will do is I’ll give myself red eyes in I have a little app on my iPhone so I’ll just give myself red eyes and I’ll drop a picture in so you can see how it looks and that’s my Bella Swan look I hope you like it guys if you’ve managed to stay tuned to the end this was actually a really little makeup because it had a lot of little fine-tune details but um and I’ll see you next time and if you want to check out like some out for the days and stuff like that then you can find them on our other channel picture moon madness I’ll put the link in the description box as well as our Twitter and our Facebook and all of that stuff and I’ll see you next time bye


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