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Belle Makeup Tutorial | Beauty and the Beast Makeup

Belle Makeup Tutorial | Beauty and the Beast Makeup

Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we are doing a Belle inspired makeup tutorial the style we’re gonna recreate is Belle’s Park style yellow ballgown look that you’ll see if you go to Disneyland or Disney World if you saw my how to do it your makeup like a Disney park princess video you’ll see that I did Belle as well as all the other Disney Princesses just swatches for the closest possible dupes for what they use exactly at the park so today we’re gonna go a little more in depth and tell you how to apply all of that get the closest possible Belle look I have already applied foundation so apply foundation that works for you if you want to see how to do costume or stage a makeup foundation I do have a tutorial for that as well and you will find a link to that in the description so once you get all of your foundation applied we’re going to go ahead and get started so so here we have a inner Kaja or caja mochi pop in the color number two atmosphere this is a very very close match to the exact Ben Nye shade that Bell wears in the park that’s confidential we’re going to take some of this atmosphere mochi pop and because this is a cream blush I’m just going to apply it with my fingers I’m gonna use a little bit bigger mirror than that and I know this is a Sleeping Beauty mirror there’s you okay show me the Beast that was a little aggressive but so we’re gonna concentrate this on the apples of the cheeks and just start blending it out one thing with with character makeup you can go a little heavier on the blush than you would in your day-to-day life because once you put that wig on and the costume on your face tends to look more washed out plus it’s a very dolly ish look to have heavy blush so don’t worry if it’s a little heavier than you would usually we’re out and about we kind of think this whole it’s almost like like a teardrop shape all up in here it’s kind of we’re gonna put all that blush you can put some of that blush up in your hairline as well so the colors not just concentrated on one part of your face because that looks very obviously fake I’m even gonna take some and put a little bit here we’re going to contour the nose a little bit now this is not something that you would find in a park guide they don’t ever really talk about contouring any of those pretty nice just like what shades – where where – where where but we can use this to help shape our face to make it look a little bit closer to the cartoon so I’m gonna take this Kat Von D shade + light contour palette I’m gonna use some of this color sombre for my contouring you can use whatever you want for contouring your face but basically fellas a very cute upturned we’re gonna button nose so I am going to do a little bit like a V under the tip here help come with that upturned button nose appearance and then we’re also going to take a very thin flat little brush here and draw a line like a side down see and neck right there it looks crazy obviously not blended in at all but basically that is allowing us to make it look like we’ve got a little scoop up on our nose the cute little button nose that so many of the Disney Princesses have now we’re going to blend that in with our finger and blend it in with a clean brush if you prefer you can also take some dark and put it on either side of your nose just a little bit there to make it look a little bit narrower you’ll also make sure you don’t blend too much so that you blend away all of your lines one thing that helps if you feel like okay it’s just a little bit a little bit heavy but it’s almost there is if you take a damp Beauty Blender and get some translucent powder in this case I have Make Up For Ever Ultra HD translucent powder and if you take a damp Beauty Blender and Pat it on your nose that will both seal it in on your face and pull up a little bit of that color too and it really helps to blend it in I need a new Beauty Blender so I’m just going to do my best here and kind of do something similar just with a big fluffy brush here I’m also gonna seal in this blush with some translucent powder too not too much I don’t like going crazy heavy with powders now I’m gonna take a light color here I’m gonna use lyric from the center of here which we’re gonna use this a little of an eye shadow in a second I’m gonna put that just down the bridge of the nose but not on to that little upside down C because that’s gonna be erasing your little shadow you did and just a little bit on the tip – okie dokie all right so we’re gonna go right on in to our eye shadow now I’m going to take the same color we just use that lyric right in there and we’re going to put that on the brow bone right underneath your eyebrows I’m gonna pull it a little bit down to kind of the inner corner this isn’t totally clerk accurate but a key to making your eyes look bigger is to have light inner corners so got one eye highlighted and now we’re gonna just do the same for the other we are going to pull out a nice fun gold color at the parks Bell actually uses just one very kind of what gets a pearlescent shiny gold yellow color I did a lot of swatching and the closest that I could find for you is actually from the violet Boss crew eyeshadows like a boss palette we’ve got this color here called girl crush that’s a really nice gold that with just a little bit of this other color here in the corner swag patted over top of it because this girl crush here is a little bit darker when you put this swag color on top of it you can really emulate that color that Belle wears it work make sure you pat it off any special you’re doing with shimmery glitter stuff you don’t want that follow it all over your face and then we’re gonna Pat it on the lid if you have not primed dry prior to doing this you should stop and prime your eyes all right now tapping swag on top to lighten it up they don’t want it totally gold it’s like definitely that a yellowish tint to it alright once you’ve got your gold on your eyelids you’re going to want to take that contour palette again we’re going to use a lot of this today and then we’re going to blend these two colors here shadowplay and Saumur and use a little bit of both of these it’s a very exact match for the shade that’s used for contouring the eyes into you careful not to get it too much onto the center of your eyelid if you really do want to keep the integrity of that gold color there you want to make sure that you blend that really well there we have our eye shadow for belt for the brows you can take a brow pencil fill actually has pretty thin eyebrows but super thin on eyebrows can also look really unflattering on you so kind of just do what suits your face err on the thinner side if you’re gonna go one way or the other but you gotta be really careful with eyebrows if you go too far one direction that’s different from what it’s flattering for your face it’s just going to look weird I have here this a Ben Nye eyebrow pencil in the color medium brown all right and there we have some brows before we’re gonna do the eyeliner I’m gonna do put on some lashes first now technically the lashes are not in Belle’s heart makeup guide but it looks better if you’re trying to do photos or anything and video to have those might she’s on stage you might actually be wearing them anyway so we’re gonna go ahead and add some lashes for Belle I found these just a target you can get them Lots places these are Adele professional wispies the demi whispies we could use these now if I want but I have a pair that I’ve already recently they’re still really nice that are very similar so I’m just gonna go ahead but if you’re looking for something that would make a nice belle lash these ardell demi wispies to be a great option for you alright once you have your lashes on I recommend putting the liner on after that it helps you blend in the fake lashes by being able to take some that liner and and kind of fill in any little gaps that appear so for the top lid we’re gonna use a black liquid eyeliner and for the bottom we’re gonna use a brown pencil alright so I definitely prefer the lashes I told you guys about rather than trying to use these ones at least flare out probably a little more too much we want a little bit more in the center tube but it’s close enough we have some lashes on for about we will be okay so we’ve got that top liquid black liner on now we just need to put some of that Brown on on the bottom alright there we’ve got the eyes done I’m gonna put a little bit of highlight on the cheekbones maybe a little bit sneaking on that inner corner take a natural-looking lip liner something that matches your lip shade and line your lips if you’re looking at Belle’s lips her bottom lip is significantly fuller than her top lip but she does have fuller lips than a lot of the princesses so if there’s one you’re gonna over line with if you have smaller lips Belle might be that one but just compare your lips to hers now take a look brush and we’re going to apply some of this not Ian spiced nude sticks new tease over top of that alright there we have the lips if you want to take a little bit of a natural gloss you can do that and put that all right in the center especially on the bottom so she does have a fuller lower lip all right now it’s time for me to put on my wig cap put my hair up in a wig and get a belt dress on and there we have it we have our completed Belle look there’s something there that wasn’t there before anyway I hope you enjoyed this Belle inspired makeup tutorial we have lots of other Disney princess and makeup tutorials too and we’re working on getting all of the rest so you can have any Disney princess makeup tutorial ready for you anytime you want so make sure you tell me in the comments below which princess you’d like to see next and I have a special surprise our special guest chip here to remind you to subscribe if you want to see more videos like this and to remember to ring the little bell if you want those videos to come right to you we put out new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday and we hope that you will be our guest in those videos thank you so much for watching and we will see you next time Belle inspired makeup tutorials we are doing I spit so maybe I should say that again you’ll see I don’t know how that’s a great pace after the lashes I use every morning just the same since the morning that we came to this little studio dee=do do do do do this is how not to sing like a Disney Princess


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