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BEST CUSHION FOUNDATION? Em Cosmetics DayDream Cushion Review

BEST CUSHION FOUNDATION? Em Cosmetics DayDream Cushion Review

hi guys this is hailey today i’m going to review this m cosmetic cushion foundation which is recently launched i was so excited to see their posts on instagram talking about their new release which is this cushion foundation so i got this product immediately if you follow my channel for a while it might be quite confusing to see me reviewing cushion foundation talking about foundation because i’ve been making a foundation free makeup tutorials and just all the benefits of foundation free but this time and this product is different i will tell you why in 2017 michelle found who is the founder of m cosmetic posties on her instagram saying that she’s been foundation free over a year in recent interview with allure she says she’s still doing foundation free in that interview she talked about why she wanted to make this product even though she’s a foundation free because she had those kind of days want something more coverage than using a concealer but she did not use one to use a foundation like conventional typical full coverage or medium coverage foundation because she wanted to look her on skin and just look more natural so this is more like a tinting moisturizer rather than conventional foundation so it is not that high coverage but giving more natural and sheer coverage by reading all her interview i felt so related about that i was like did she read my mind even though i don’t use a foundation very often i have those kind of days want something more coverage more like even up my skin tone rather than just covering all of them so i think it’s really thoughtful product as i say i’m not a person who use a foundation very often or have many experience when it comes to cushion foundation compared to other youtubers who reviews a lot of cushion foundation or foundation but i can see this product from my point of view as a person who don’t wear foundation very often and just a foundation free person so if you guys want to see how i think about this product please keep on watching before you jump into review on this product i just want to briefly talk about what cushion foundation is cushion foundation is a compact of liquid foundation and the compact contains a sponge soaked with the formula cushion foundation itself is invented from south korea in 28 iope which is korean cosmetic brand launches this first cushion foundation and it has really changed the makeup gain if you ever try any korean skincare product you know how gentle and effective they are many articles say korean skincare industry is ahead of few years or a decade than other countries when it comes to makeup products many korean brands approach it as a skincare products so they put a lot of skincare ingredients compared to other western brand products in general so most of korean kitchen foundation has a lot of skincare benefits and sun protection as is our compact packaging it is so easy to carry and travel when you’re outside and also it is really convenient to reapply over makeup rather than applying a sunscreen over there and let’s talk about this sponge a few years ago my friends went to sephora in the state to get a cushion foundation at the time there’s a tester cushion tester without this sponge applicator she was shocked and i was shocked basically people test this product without a sponge that means people are not gonna get the same result as they’re supposed to have those this applicator is gonna deliver the product in the right way in a way they intend to so is everything please don’t throw it away please don’t neglect this sponge it’s so important to get that seamless natural looking coverage this m cosmetic one has this teardrop sponge applicator so it’s just easy to apply just corner of my eyes this is a brief of background of cushion foundation so let’s just dive into this and cosmetic one so i want to go for ingredients first because we assume that there’s a lot of skincare benefits and all that good things first skin care benefits they put lots of antioxidant ingredients such as papaya fruit extract snow mushroom rice extract green tea extract goji berry extract which helps the skin retain moisture and make it softer and niacinamide which is good for anti-inflammatory and brightening your skin for sun protection they will use chemicals and physical uv filters it has spf spectrum 50 which i love about they recommend us to reapply every two hours for maximum protection and these products act as a sunscreen you might think that you don’t need to apply sunscreen before using that using this product is enough for sun protection but it is actually not to get a maximum protection from a sunscreen for a face and neck you need two fingers units of measure if you want to get the same degree of sun protection from foundation with spf you might need seven times don’t know where amount of foundation but you don’t use that much of the foundation so please apply sunscreen before using cushion foundation it won’t give you enough sun protection so it is very important to make sure you have sunscreen on before using that and use this cushion foundation as a bonus not just for sun protection and let’s talk about the shade what’s the most exciting about this product was the shade if you have light or fair skin you have way more options to choose the shade from cushion foundation a deeper skin tone you have harder to choose a right one or perfect one matching with your skin tones i’m really appreciative the friends make these inclusive shade ranges even though they launched it only sixth shade but it’s tricky for them to make like 40 different shades like other really big brands like fenty beauty or red beauty because they’re pretty small brands but you can definitely see big difference between a lightest and darkest shade i got the shade sweep dream and this is for a medium 10 skin tone and it perfectly matches with my skin tone i was so happy to see cushion foundation shade matching with my skin tone really well and now let’s see the demo my first impression of this product was it is very natural and the most natural looking cushion foundation ever this one blends into skin seamlessly the most it’s like green tea not like normal conventional foundations but if you’re looking for high coverage product this is definitely not something you might want to go first because you cannot cover my dark circles under my eyes or redness pimples on my forehead however you can see how it even up my skin turn really naturally and even if you compare before and after it doesn’t show a huge difference but it definitely makes better so i could say this gives me that my skin but better kind of skin look it all makes sense now why michelle wanted to launch this cushion foundation when she wants to get more coverage when it comes to finish i would say it’s not really tacky or matte neither it’s more like in between i would say it leaves a slight thickness on my face but i think it comes from like a lot of skincare ingredients so it all makes sense and it doesn’t bother me at all unlike other foundation i feel like there’s nothing on my face so it’s really comfortable to wear throughout the day even though i was wearing a mask when i test this product as we all have to wear masks i’m so glad it doesn’t give that crazy dewy or too glow on my face it just gives a really shiny glow on my face i tested this product wearing for around six hours i went to cafe and stayed there with wearing a mask and after that you could see that some redness on the hypomagic bone became more visible and some pimples on my forehead as well and actually i didn’t expect that coverage from this product and lasted really long my only wish from this product was not looking like a crucible after a few hours so it turns out it doesn’t look greasy at all after six hours even though i was wearing a mask all day sometimes if you put some certain foundations you start to look really blotchy and petty beside the nose but it doesn’t look like that at all so i was so impressed about how it turns out after six hours so and overall i’m so happy with this product and the final result after a few hours only cons about this product is i could say a price because it’s 48 dollars with a refill on average cushion foundation in korea retails around 20 30 but if you go to like sephora or just any u.

s retail store it costs around between 30 to 40 but it doesn’t normally go over for it unless it’s really luxury brand like yourself but if you ask me if it’s worth somebody or not i think it depends on your need and your wand if you are looking for really natural looking fusion foundation it is really hard to find like really natural looking cushion foundation because they are normally tend to have really high coverage or medium coverage if you are looking for a really sheer curries natural looking foundation it’s definitely worth that money if you can afford it they’re really smart and thoughtful because you can’t find like really good ranges of shade from cushion foundation and also this kind of sheer curry so this is kind of gap in the market i could say i would definitely carry this cushion foundation when i’m outside or do a little touch-up so yeah i just really really love this product is definitely worth some money i hope you guys find this video very helpful let me know if there are any recommendations there’s alternative of this and cosmetic cushion foundation because i know most of people might be really hesitate about this price so it’ll be really helpful for them who not are not willing to afford this price but still want to get the real sheer coverage crucial foundation i will definitely want to know so thank you so much for watching today stay safe you


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