Home Makeup Tutorials Beth Harmon “THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT” tutorial! ’60s MOD makeupūüĎÄ

Beth Harmon “THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT” tutorial! ’60s MOD makeupūüĎÄ

Beth Harmon “THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT” tutorial!  ’60s MOD makeupūüĎÄ

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel¬† for this queen’s gambit inspired tutorial¬†¬† i love beth’s natural but still a little bit retro¬† makeup look so i decided to show you guys this¬†¬† one and then i do have some different variations¬† because i love the show and wanted to get a bunch¬†¬† of pieces that reminded me of it so i did some¬† shopping and i hope you guys enjoy this tutorial¬†¬† if you do make sure you give it a thumbs up¬† and subscribe for more pop culture videos¬†¬† and because this is 60s inspired and 60s is¬† my favorite decade to pull inspiration from¬†¬† i thought i would showcase my merch line so i¬† haven’t really talked about this that much but¬†¬† i made this 60 style crew neck so this features¬† a bunch of my favorite 60s recreations that i’ve¬†¬† done that you can find on this channel and yeah¬† it will be a link down below in the down bar as¬†¬† well as right before the comments you can see all¬† the different pieces in the collection so i hope¬†¬† you guys will check it out if you’re looking¬† for a new sweater and let’s get started with¬†¬† this look i have my skin hydrated and i’ve been¬† loving the halo honey moisturizer from pharmacy¬†¬† my skin felt a bit dry and this completely saves¬† it i also add it on any past blemishes or even¬†¬† current ones so that there’s no added¬† like dry flaky texture when i apply the¬†¬† foundation and powder and i’ve also prepped¬† the lips with the lineage lip sleeping mask¬†¬† these are winter favorites that i love it¬† is currently a snowstorm as i’m recording¬†¬† this and for foundation i’m using my favorite¬† the rare beauty foundation it looks super fresh¬†¬† i added in a dot of a lighter l’oreal concealer¬† this helps lighten up the foundation a bit¬†¬† and it takes out the natural redness in my¬† skin gives me a blank canvas to work with¬†¬† plus the rare beauty is my most used foundation¬† ever i love the texture a little goes a long way¬†¬† and adding in a bit of a higher coverage concealer¬† does make it a higher coverage foundation¬†¬† and i’m using a bit of powder to set the skin¬† in areas that i crease and because beth is so¬†¬† pale it looks a bit flat without adding¬† in some of those natural contours back¬†¬† so i’m applying under my cheekbones blending out¬† as well as defining my chin slightly my jawline i usually use nudie from too faced which is¬† an eyeshadow but it’s a great shade for when¬†¬† i’m this skin tone and time for nose contour¬† i’ve never done an anya taylor joy inspired¬†¬† look so i always get nervous when i’m trying¬† to recreate a new face so hopefully i did okay¬†¬† but i’m creating more depth between the eyes and¬† the nose bridge beth’s lip shape is always super¬†¬† defined with a cupid’s bow so i’m accenting that¬† dip between the lips to make that part stand out¬†¬† of course i always say this but in case you’re¬† new at transforming always just gives me a bit¬†¬† of a challenge it’s super fun to do but you¬† can always take inspiration from the base¬†¬† of the makeup look like the eyeliner style the¬† products i’m using you can try the lipstick look¬†¬† and just add it into your own beauty routine¬† you do not have to go full transformation¬†¬† but it’s a fun way to have a topic every week¬† and give you guys new makeup tips in a fun way¬†¬† got the contours done as best as i can today¬† and it’s time for blush so i love the original¬†¬† rare beauty formula but today i’m using the¬† latest launch and on my fingers i’m patting it¬†¬† up the cheekbones and this looks very natural¬† and is perfect for barely there type of looks¬†¬† go with a muted rosy tone whatever product you¬† have and then i’m going to add the spotlight¬†¬† highlight a little later usually i do all my¬† skin steps first but i didn’t today and let’s¬†¬† move on to brows her brows are cool toned while¬† her hair is warmer gives a nice contrast so i’m¬†¬† going to brush up my brows and i’m using the shade¬† 3.

5 and adding in some stray hairs and then with¬†¬† the shade 5 also from benefit precisely my brow¬† i’m going to add again a really light hand adding¬†¬† in a couple strokes in the sparse areas i’ve¬† been really liking blending these two together¬†¬† i can like fake the shape with 3.

5 and then¬† add in a bit of dimension beth has gorgeous¬†¬† skin and it tends to look very fresh and dewy so¬† my favorite highlighter is the spotlight highlight¬†¬† and if you’re interested in charlotte tilbury¬† products i do have a full brand review this is¬†¬† one of the top products that i recommend so i’ll¬† have that linked as well a highlight always helps¬†¬† to create more of a convincing contour i love to¬† apply it to the tip of my nose in the nose bridge¬†¬† and let’s move on to shadow it’s very subtle¬† we’re gonna take a matte gray brown and apply it¬†¬† all over the lid and up into the crease i deepened¬† up the outer portion of the eye a bit more we’re¬†¬† gonna keep this blended but her eyes are very wide¬† set so i’m focusing the shadow further outwards i’ve been reaching for the that’s taupe¬† palette quite a bit for simple makeup looks¬†¬† but i’m never sure with colourpop how long their¬† collections are available see the shades at the¬†¬† side and as always with recreations you¬† can use any products that you already have¬†¬† and just try to color match moving right onto¬† eyeliner i popped on some brown contacts and my¬†¬† favorite for my upper lash line again more rare¬† beauty is the rare beauty perfect strokes liner¬†¬† it’s so easy to use and i like to paint¬† it along my lash line in the center¬†¬† i always start along the lash line to make sure¬† the eyeliner has a good amount of product on the¬†¬† brush and get a sense of what i’m working¬† with and then i’ll create the wing which in¬†¬† this case is a little bit higher than the end of¬† your natural lash line and then pull this wing¬†¬† outwards and we’re gonna go back in and build¬† up the line in the center of the eye a bit more¬†¬† i love this subtle eyeliner look i think¬† it’s perfect for every day with a retro feel¬†¬† and the rest of the look is more barely there¬† then with a light eyeliner pencil something like¬†¬† anastasia pro base for this benefit brightening¬† eye pencil start to apply on the outer water line¬†¬† you can also apply this to the¬† inner corner and under the lash line¬†¬† if you want to make your eyeliner pop take¬† that lighter shade and draw it right above¬†¬† the eyeliner i love using this product because it¬† does have such a fine tip so it’s very easy to use¬†¬† wiped off my lips and i’m adding a touch of¬† mascara her lashes weren’t all that noticeable¬†¬† until the boulder 60s look which i will be¬† recreating as well so keep on watching for that¬†¬† and the lip shape is like two triangles and¬† this is my go-to lip liner it’s iconic nude¬†¬† from charlotte tilbury and then i’ve patted¬† over a light pink to recreate the scene where¬†¬† beth is super hungover but she still manages to¬† look very pretty especially in this mint dress i was so happy to find this replica it was not¬† very expensive and it looks the exact same i¬†¬† just had to steam it because it did have some¬† wrinkles this scene her hair was a little messier¬†¬† so i’m keeping it loose and i totally ran out of¬† lighting so here’s the next day where i recreated¬†¬† the same look and make sure to comment down below¬† the pop culture password which is chess can also¬†¬† be beautiful and let me know in the comments¬† as well if you play chess i never learned but¬†¬† i can beat my boyfriend repeatedly at checkers so¬† i think that’s bragworthy i’m adding an authentic¬†¬† 60s fragrance this is the oda london by yardley¬† and another lip combo that beth wears is a muted¬†¬† orange base red so this is the zeesea and picasso¬† collection i featured these really cool products¬†¬† in a fallon from dynasty transformation recently¬† and i was obsessed with the picasso lipstick and¬†¬† finally my favorite beth makeup moment when¬† she’s inspired by the 60s pop star on screen¬†¬† so to switch up her makeup i’m taking the too¬† faced killer liner in this gray shade and i’m¬†¬† going to draw on a 60s inspired dramatic crease¬† so with my eyes staying open i’m going to create a¬†¬† subtle half moon shape slightly above my natural¬† crease but i usually overdo this more so this¬†¬† to me is like a bit more of a toned down version¬† and i’m making it super simple i’ve etched in the¬†¬† initial shape and then i’m thickening up the outer¬† portion and starting to fade it into a triangle¬†¬† and then with a blending brush i’m going to soften¬† out this edge and these liners are very easy to¬†¬† blend and control i changed up that eye look in 10¬† seconds it’s really fast and then to make the lid¬†¬† pop i’m still using the that’s tote palette and¬† i’m using this silvery shade all across the lid¬†¬† and i’ve had a couple questions if i’ve ever¬† tried magnetic lashes in my comments so i¬†¬† did have this pair from kiss that i got in pr a¬† while ago i never tried it so let’s give it a try¬†¬† i’m painting on the liner adhesive adding a¬† bit more drama to my liner and then popping¬†¬† on these lashes and my first thought was oh my¬† god that was so easy and not messy there was no¬†¬† little white glue showing which often happens but¬† the inner corner i did struggle with like always¬†¬† finally the bold liner underneath which the first¬† time i saw this i honestly thought it was ugly¬†¬† but then i thought you know what it’s kind of fun¬† so i switched up the eyeliner i’m using i decided¬†¬† to go with this perfect diary pen because¬† it’s a bit thinner than the rare beauty one¬†¬† so i felt like i’d have more control and this¬† is another pen that i really like as well as the¬†¬† mac brush stroke liner i feel like all of the¬† ones i recommend have very similar applicators¬†¬† and that’s the type of liner i love i’m recreating¬† that lip shape lightly and then i’m mixing two¬†¬† sheer metallic shades first one is from mac¬† it’s a very pale champagne shade and then i¬†¬† brought in more of a purpley shimmery shade to¬† give more depth and the first lipstick totally¬†¬† reminds me of the yardley lipstick ads from¬† the 60s with very paled out and pearly shades and i added my boyfriend’s coat last¬† minute inspired by her full look¬†¬† and let me know in the comments¬† which version of beth’s looks was¬†¬† your favorite and stay tuned¬† for a mini beth inspired haul as for shopping i find a lot of tv and film¬† inspired stuff on poshmark because i just put¬†¬† in keywords so this really cool green turtleneck¬† that has like half sleeves which she wears a lot¬†¬† of tops like that i found this for like i don’t¬† know 13 or something off poshmark and i love it i¬†¬† think it’s super cool and then other things that i¬† got i also thrifted this chunky knit sweater which¬†¬† is like a perfect fit for her meltdown scene and¬† also this is from amazon so you can find a lot of¬†¬† stuff on amazon that’s where i got the wig and¬† the dress as i mentioned and surprisingly good¬†¬† quality like i thought based on the picture¬† of this wig it was going to be very bad¬†¬† but it works out perfectly and i think it’s really¬† great for the price and then the last piece that i¬†¬† just got kind of unrelated but like could totally¬† be in the um not movie in the series as well¬†¬† is this slip dress i love this this is from the¬† brand majorelle or is it major ali don’t know but¬†¬† this is from revolve and i just got it i love the¬† detailing it’s so girly and pretty i can’t wait¬†¬† to wear this in the spring but i also think that¬† this just suits her character so i hope you guys¬†¬† enjoyed this video and if you’re looking for more¬† 60s inspiration check out this 60s ad recreation¬†¬† i did it’s one of my favorite videos and i do¬† feature a couple really cool vintage products¬†¬† like the perfume i showed or maybe you’re looking¬† for a more pop culture inspiration you should¬†¬† definitely check out the bridgerton series of¬† hairstyles i did and i’ll see you in my next one


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