Hey friends today, I am back with another video. Where I do a makeup tutorial that was not made for me at all It’s gonna be a challenge. Okay, ever since I started doing this series you guys have been begging me to do a pony tutorial So that’s what we’re doing today Finally the queen of k-beauty herself.

Let’s see if we can pull this off. Mmm, so Pony Recently put up this video of her summer vacation Makeup and it’s so pretty. That’s what we’re gonna be doing today. I’m so excited to do this if I can pull this off.

Oh My god, alright, we’re gonna full screen this to get the full experience guys and play So pretty! I’ve never wanted to buy straw hat in my life and now I do. Okay, first step is foundation we’re skipping primer apparently so she’s using a Shiseido foundation which I do not have so I’m just gonna use my favorite foundation you can feel the silkiness from the sound alone Oh, damn, she right So you’re gonna place it in the palm of your hand like so then take your finger and Apply it Like so under the eyes Never applied foundation this way but uh, I’m always up for something new.

So and then we’re gonna take a sponge and Blend that all in. All right. Let’s go. I can do that, I know how to blend Oh contour stick Okay, so I don’t have any contour sticks, but I do have cream contour which is essentially the same thing but we’re gonna apply it with a brush so Okay, so it’s right by her cheekbone like right on top of it let’s uh, rewind that back a little bit just so I get it right Okay, so it now looks like we’re highlighting so I’m gonna take my concealer and Put a little bit on the nose there.

What’s next Pony girl? All right all up on the nose all on the sides here, uh Forehead. Oh and the chin a little bit looks like, okay All right now we’re using some sort of concealer wheel and a brush And we’re just gonna slowly Pat Pat right under there So we get a flat ass brush like so and I’m just gonna take the same concealer and tappa tappa tappa tappa, that’s what she doing, right? Yeah tappa tappa, what am I even concealing right now Cover? wha- cover what girl? you flawless we’re applying some under the nose? okay, okay.

All right, now finally we’re doing the eyebrows Eyebrows not looking good right now. All right, time to brush out these brows girl. Yes And she’s just filling them in a little bit obviously my brows won’t be as straight as hers cuz mine have an arch to them All right, and then we got our two fat ass caterpillars, what’s next girl This is just in case your eyebrows Fall off during the day.

Okay. It looks like we’re using some sort of Palmade kind of paint pot thing and a big ol’ flat fluffy brush Alright so we’re just gonna scoop some of this with the brush like so Now what Pony girl, oh, we’re applying it to the eyelid, okay Nice and we’re applying it around the nose as well.

It seems honestly, I don’t know what this step is I don’t know what’s going on right now. little lost little lost seemed like a weird step so she’s using the tartlet toasted palette which I surprisingly don’t own but I own so many warm palates that there was really no point in buying it So we’re gonna use one of the many warm palettes that I have in here.

I can pick like five All right, so she’s using an orangey orange is a strong word more like peachy beige color and Um, I found some similar colors in my Too Faced palette So we could use fresh picked, peach cobbler.

So I’m gonna take peach cobbler on a fluffy brush clearly I like this color All right all over the lid cool It’s nice. I’m gonna switch brushes cuz that one was a little too fluffy then of course We’re sweeping it under the eye as well girl.

I gotta watch pony tutorials more often. Mm-hmm Ooh, my groceries are here. Hold on Okay, and we’re back girls gotta eat, you know Next we’re gonna use a warm copper color. Luckily. I just bought this palette This is the pocket.

eyeshadow palette from w lab and it’s got all of these really pretty Shimmers in it. So I’m gonna use this one right here. Yeah. We’re just gonna sweep that coppery color. Ooh Ooh, I like this I like it a lot Honey we are glowing now, Yass oh, god, we’re doing eyeliner.

It’s not my specialty. Here we go guys We’re going to use a chocolate color this one right here in my Holika Holika palette Okay, now we’re gonna squeeze our lashes real quick and pony does this crazy thing, where she squeezes her lashes on the bottom what da hell, yeah, no, we ain’t doing that girl hmm Okay, so I found some like dusty old lashes in here are these gon’ work hopefully these gon’ work these dusty as hell is she drying her lashes with a turkey baster.

I am shooketh I have not put on false lashes since the last following a Korean makeup tutorial video. so Not gonna be pretty these lashes are and forever will be a mess Now using highlighter with a flat brush but I aint got one of those so using a good old fan brush Right on the center of your nose the smaller brush on the inner corners and stuff And finally looks like we’re going over everything with a powder And now time for lips, yay Let’s see if I can find a lip color that’s similar to this I Could try this one.

This is from Girlactik and it is in the color Zilla Okay, you know what these lashes need to go they just need to go girl We just put on some more mascara and call it a day kay. so I just added Shawty from 3ce and I’m putting it On top just to give it more of like a that coral-ey Color that she has cuz this is like a pink Coral-ey color Damn, girl, my lips be lookin’ big.

Oh Okay Wig time And That’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. And did I pull it off did I manage? Like I don’t look exactly like pony girl, but is the makeup Okay? Yeah, that’s what I’m asking you you feel me? I feel like I look like black Barbie right now.

Okay. Yeah Mmm, the only light colored wig that I had. So That’s what we got today. Okay. I aint got no pink wig girl Anyways guys, let me know what else you guys want to see from this series And give me some ideas send me some links to some great Korean makeup tutorials in The comments below and I will do that for the next video.

I love you guys So so so so much Bye!


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