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Black Swan Makeup Tutorial

Black Swan  Makeup Tutorial

hi I’m Dave bhava I’m here with Deena at makeup first today we’re gonna do a Black Swan very simple makeup that should be fast you could get this done in about 5 to 10 minutes first thing you’ll need is a foundation you can use a light color foundation today I’m going to use some aqua colors the next thing I’m going to use is Eve pearls liner pencil I love this it’s a liquid liner pencil it is amazing you know what you do is just take it and put it back into its top it kind of reworks the makeup back into the end and it forever fills itself up so there’s no dipping and there’s no weird edges it’s also really great because the end is really like a calligraphy pen love it love it love it so now if you’re not really steady with your hand you can put dots where you want to start go up to here here and there you have it I’m Dave here at make it first here with our Black Swan please visit us at makeup first calm you


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