Hey guys! Welcome to my Natasha Romanoff A.K.A. Black Widow Makeup Tutorial starting NOW! As usual, I am going to start with a clean face and I’m not going to wear contacts in this tutorial because my eyes are already the same color as Natasha’s.

So I am going to jump right in to my base makeup starting with foundation all over my face and blend it in with a Beauty Blender. And then I will move right on to concealer underneath my eyes and down the center of my face.

Also blending in with a Beauty Blender. After that’s all blended in, I’m just going to set my base makeup with a thin layer of powder. Then I’m going to get my eyeballs ready for eyeshadow by laying down a base of eyeshadow primer.

Natasha’s eyeshadow varies greatly depending on what movie you’re watching, what scene you’re in, but usually it is some version of a natural tone smokey eye. Sometimes it’s lighter. Sometimes it’s darker.

So you can really get away with however you want to do this. Start by putting this neutral tone all over my lid and then I’m going to come back in with a highlight along my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye.

She wears a very simple eyeshadow look so you don’t want anything too crazy. These colors should be very subtle. Then I will add a darker brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of my eye, sweeping in through the crease, blending it in for that smokey eye look, finishing off the eyeshadow.

Black Widow’s eyeliner is not so super sharp and clean so I’m going to avoid liquid liner all together, and show you how I do a softer eyeliner using just eyeshadow and water. Taking a super skinny eyeliner brush, dip it into some water and then dip it in to the eyeshadow color of your choice.

I’m using black. Then I am just going to use that brush like I would regular eyeliner and drag it across my lash line and also underneath my waterline. Then I am going to come back in on the bottom waterline with a smudgy brush to soften that line even more.

And then I am going to use an eyeliner pencil to tightline my eyes and also if any spots in my eyeliner aren’t quite as dark, this is a good time to go in and darken those up with this pencil. Next up, I am going to put mascara all over my top lashes.

And while my mascara is drying, I’m going to fill in my eyebrows. Of course, Black Widow is a redhead. She has auburn hair so I am going to start by filling in my brows with a light brown eyeshadow as a base.

After I’ve got the light brown base down, I am going to come back in with a reddish brown eyeshadow that is much more red than the first one. Adding this red layer on top will really help it match my wig a lot better.

So remember, if you don’t have the exact color you need, you can make pretty much any color by layering or blending other colors together. Natasha doesn’t have super dramatic crazy eyelashes, but I still wanted to add falsies to this look so I just picked the most natural lashes that I have but you could definitely just skip this step all together if you just want to do mascara.

That will be fine, too. Her look is very natural so you don’t really need them if you don’t want to wear them. I am just obsessed with falsies. Since I am basing this Black Widow look on Scarlett Johansson’s version, I want to add her mole that she has on her face.

It is on her right cheek kind of directly under her pupil. So I am just going to use a liquid eyeliner to dot it on there and then I’m going to let it dry for a bit. While that’s drying, I’m going to move on to blush.

This color also kind of works as a bronzer for me. She goes hard on this stuff so I am adding a lot of blush to my cheeks and temples to help define my face. For the lips, I am going to use this bright pink lipstick, which turned out to be a little bit too pink, so I am going to tone it down a little bit with the lip gloss that is more of a softer pinkish orangish kinda color which will help bring that bright pink back down to a softer pink which is more what I was going for.

And now that my little freckle mole thing is completely dry, I’m going to dot concealer over top of it so it’s not like so super dark black on my face to give it a more natural look. And it’s time for my favorite part: getting suited up! My absolutely perfect Black Widow costume is from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

And this wig which used to look like this is an old wig called the Sweetheart Collection from Gothic Lolita Wigs that I have restyled. I brushed out the super tight curls which made the wig really long, so then I cut it back to it’s original length and then I still had to thin it out quite a bit so it wasn’t so poofy.

And Black Widow doesn’t have bangs, so obviously a lace front wig would be preferred for a look like this, but you know, not everybody’s got a lace front. So I wanted to show you a way to tuck and pin bangs on a wig that would otherwise normally have them.

So all you have to do is take the bangs and push them back up underneath the cap of the wig, and pin them in place on the inside of the wig cap. Or if this a wig that you’re going to leave like this permanently, you could put a strip of hot glue inside the cap of the wig, and make sure all of the hairs are stuck down to it, but obviously if you’re using hot glue, let it cool down before you put it on your head.

Now that we got our hair on, all that’s left to do is to put on the rest of this super cool assassin outfit, and we’re ready to go save the world. ROBOT: Your presence has been detected. And reported.

Thank you. ALEXA: Thank you guys so much for watching this Black Widow transformation. I had so much fun making this one. I hope you guys liked it as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did like it, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel.

You can always find me on social media. And I also have some other Avengers videos that you can click now to watch. Thanks again so much for watching. I love you all so much! I’ll see ya next time! Bye!


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