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BLACKPINK – “How You Like That” | Lisa Makeup Tutorial | Jaye Cabañero

BLACKPINK – “How You Like That” | Lisa Makeup Tutorial | Jaye Cabañero

Welcome back to another video yeah so for today’s video, we will create another makeup tutorial So I will just copy the look of Lisa how you like that, the music video of BlackPink but before that don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel Before we start I’ll be using Emma Hardie Primer put some primer and for my foundation i’ll put my bourjois air mat in the shade of beige Next, I’ll put Jazzy France photo ready foundation, so this is what it looks like and i’m gonna use this mac brush number i think this one is 212.

I’ll mix these two shade to contour my nose make sure not to rub okay grab my own product surface yeah i think we’re good here so next loose powder so this is number seven favorite let’s say it’s hype allergenic medium to dark shade i’ll take my blush brush it’s a bh cosmetics so i’ll use it’s my ara number three brush so i’ll take this and i’ll contour my cheekbone brush cosmetic ara blending brush number six sorry blend blend color again super dark i’ll take the lighter shade powder and let’s proceed starting eyes using my skully brush sure cleanses for the brush more and this is brows and i’ll take my essence blockchain yes and using my spoolie again brush out collection then it is adding eyebrows and bundle times i think eyes i mean you make up me here is dark brown and eyeliner now with bling bling so you know so i’ll take my primer first so i’ll take essence give me the push as i base extension against all the ways on my brow bone okay and i’ll take my small beauty blender for a blend shower very cured some beauty blender now let’s proceed adding eyeshadow so i’ll take this murphy palette take this and your gummy tacos shade young darkest brown palette and i’ll take my ara number 8 this brush all the way now um using my blending brush number six nung ara brush natto the blend color circular motion so it’s a dark and color channel and gravity and i’ll take my blending brush number six and a blender on it so back and forth a guy and i’ll take my essence eyeliner in this liquid pencil water line i’ll use my ar a brush number seven and take a honey tong brown and i’ll put that up in the lower lash line it’s the same palette and golden brown as well i’ll put that sucking inner corner okay next i’ll take my eyelashes curler curl your lashes so i’ll take my isadora um build up mascara and mascara and you and i’ll take my spoolie brush spread for long eyelashes okay so detonator is adding i’ll take my l lip liner in the shade of barely there now charisma lips and i’ll take my matte gloss because glossy young onion lips antenna lipscomb so i think we’re good starting makeup now let’s proceed starting um accessories so first i know bling bling is under eye and here so i’ll take my eyelash glue super cute nibbling going you know so the lower and the lavalier are you limited i yawn now let’s proceed starting outfit so let’s change first and let’s change italian outfit and let’s proceed starting oh my gosh i look so different how you like that and don’t forget um chains ring so let’s put it here a yarn and some accessories accessories a video and my bubbling blimp from there the eye makeup ayan and pabang’s name aura so this is the final look your legs don’t forget to like and subscribe here’s akin channel


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