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BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 김제니 THE ALBUM Poster Inspired SMOKEY EYES Makeup Tutorial by 九麻MAA

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 김제니 THE ALBUM Poster Inspired SMOKEY EYES Makeup Tutorial by 九麻MAA

I have eaten three of these yesterday I’ve gained weight, do you realized? I’ll let my hair down so my face look smaller I’ve bought this sunscreen recently i just got it today, let me try and see smells good my face look hydrated not bad! I am so good in buying things we will wait for the sunscreen to settle and we will apply base later ok now let’s observe Jennie’s makeup I think this is actually a “moderate” smokey eyes look the eyeshadow is actually more of a rose tone and the blush is nude-ish the lenses colour is actually in grey tone, but the iris diameter is not that big we will first use DW concealer to conceal my dark circles I have introduced this brush to everyone before, this is for blending out concealer this sunscreen settles quite fast and it will not make your base look cakey the base finish is matte so you do not have to use foundation that emphasize on glossy finish I am using this today, TomFord *trying to pronounce properly the foundation is really flowy I’ve used it for 3 to 4 times, I quite like it I feel like this foundation is similar as my previous favorite which is the Shu Uemura foundation the product is really fine and provides good coverage If I don’t like it, I wouldn’t carry it with me while traveling i think this foundation is really good in the terms of coverage, oxidation issue, long lasting, etc.

i think the only issue is the shade, mine here is shade #0.3 i think its quite yellow tone for me ok, I’ll quickly brighten up my face using this MaoGePing Highlighting Balm to brighten up the center of my face Jennie has really chubby cheeks so the fine lines/ laughing lines, the center of cheeks all we need to apply on it hmm, i think i look cuter instantly chin area, but not too much because she doesn’t have very sharp jaw line oh its getting gloomy outside, I think my camera is making me look pale the weather recently is just like women’s emotion hard to predict haha ok let’s do brows.

Her brows are darker in the middle and the front part is lighter and it’s more lifted upwards I’ll use concealer to reshape my brow shape the front of my brow is thicker apply some at here too there are some blank space in between, we will use concealer to recreate that ok something like that my own eye brows shape is really different from hers k i tried my best her overall eye shadow is more cool tone it’s more a smokey eye look, I’ll be using Romand #M02 I’ll be using this 2 shades for the base colour for my lids it’s cool tone but with a tinge of brownish gold her eyeshadow direction is going upwards lower lash line then i will use TomFord #03 the dark brown shade to layer on top it, apply close to your lash line the front of your eyes and the end of your eyes but in upward motion I’ll normally blend it out in bigger area because my eyeshadow normally will disappear once I opened my eyes as I have double eyelid blend it out under eye also will be using the same dark brown shade and apply close to your lash line so now your eye lid will have a more Golden Brownish look and we will use Nars Nectar pallet, the lightest shade apply it on your lid look at my eyes it has become more shimmery now under eye as well from what I see in the picture, she didn’t really emphasize on under eye make up but she has some product close to lash line take the brown shade and add at the front of eyes add the shimmer shade from Romand eyeshadow pallet at your inner corner of your eyes she has full eyeliner around her eyes use a black eyeliner to fill in the inner eyeline she has thick eyeline for this look, and the tail of it go upwards my eyes always “eat up” the eyeliner when I open my eyes so I will fill in a more thicker eye line but it’s depends on your eye shape as well! So you need to adjust don’t forget lower eyeliner as well she has both inner eyeliner and outer too It’s a really thick winged eyeliner look inner corner as well then I’ll use a black color shade eye shadow any black eye shadow can do, you don’t have to use this blend it out at the eyeliner ok we will now put on the mascara primer I will apply multiple coats on my lashes and I prefer not to wear mascara this eye look don’t really focus on lashes I think I need to add more gold shimmery shade I am using Nars #nectar again with this shade add at the end of my eye lid ok now it’s more like it ok i’ll finish the other eye do our eyes look similar now Now I look at the way that she stares ok move to contouring her nose contour is not really obvious here but it’s more obvious at her nose bridge she has shorter nose i need to put more contour at the base of my nose I need to apply more contour at the side of my face because her face is really small from here to here her face shape is still gives the impression of a teenage girl’s face as she has rounded edges for her face shape my cheekbones are bigger than hers so I need to apply contour in straight direction my chin area also because I have longer jaw line Jennie is really pretty, i really like her I used to feel nothing about her but I started to like her and now i am in love with her my huge forehead Although I’ll wear a beret later but i still need to contour hmm something like this i think i somewhat look like her now her blush is rose tone shade and nude-ish tone, I’ll be using 2 blush for this look I’ll be using Nars #tempted and GirlCult #FuwaFuwa I’ve came up with swatch video before this is a nude tone with shimmer shade and FuwaFuwa is more of a peach shade the area to apply blush is from here to here it has contouring effect too I’ll use FuwaFuwa first as base ok for blush don’t apply over the base of your nose your face will look saggy Use Nars #tempted and apply to blend it out like this take a clean brush to blend it out her highlighter is not really obvious the highlighter on her nose bridge is more obvious the rest is more of a matte finish I am going to use highlighter from Laura Mercier shade #01 champagne colour i think i have made my nose bridge too narrow I guess I’ll use highlighter to fix that Last is lips! I’ll use Chanel Lip Gloss in shade of #804 the colour of this shade will look more grey tone when it applied on lips so I’ll layer with another shade later remember to blend out the lip lines then I will use thus Maybelline #510 Lipstick this look is complete and I’ll need to get changed


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