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Bliss Kiss Fragrance Free Starter Kit | Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil | 1 pack includes 4 pens (2ml each) ST-FREE


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Product Description

Repairs peeling, brittle nails in 3 days, eliminates hangnails within 5 days, and decreases skin wrinkling All natural ingredients – safe enough to eat – nontoxic Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial Prevents cracking of nail polish, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements Convenient brush pen applicator. Take it on the go, in your purse or in your car

NEW Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil Starter Kit – Fragrance Free

“Liquid Gold” for Your Nails, Cuticles, and Skin in a Convenient Purse/Pocket Sized Pen

Jam-packed with hydration mojo, you’ll get…

Longer, stronger nails  Fewer breaks and tears  Help your cuticles and hangnails heal Reduced appearance of wrinkles in skin around nails Get the gorgeous nails you’ve always wanted

Your skin and nails will soak up the golden goodness!

Handcrafted – Petroleum-Free – Dye-Free – Preservative-Free – Paraben-Free – Phthalate-Free 

What Makes Simply Pure Different?

Simply Pure was one of the first nail and cuticle oils on the market to use pure jojoba wax ester as the primary ingredient, where most other cuticle oils use mineral oil, almond oil, or other fillers.

Jojoba is the primary ingredient in Simply Pure because it’s the most important. With unique properties – including having an almost identical molecular structure as your skin’s own natural oil – jojoba is able to penetrate your nails and skin to deliver its hydrating goodness.

But more than just being a hydrating wonder, jojoba also acts as a “carrier.” This means that other ingredients are able to “hitch a ride” so to speak as the jojoba is absorbed into your skin and nails.

This can be a great thing!

Jojoba’s carrier properties allow the other seven ingredients in our formula to join in the hydration party, enhancing jojoba’s already powerful hydration superpower, giving you

Longer, stronger nails Help to reduce and heal hangnails Reduced appearance of wrinkles And even relief from symptoms associated with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.
It’s that good!

Bliss Kiss: Quality You Can Trust

At Bliss Kiss we only use the highest quality ingredients because it makes a difference in your results. We also use the highest quality ingredients because we genuinely care about what you’re putting on and in your body.

This is particularly important because not all jojoba is created equal.

The cheaper stuff you can buy at a beauty store or order online doesn’t give the same results you’ll get when you use Simply Pure because quality matters. Even high quality 100% Jojoba doesn’t give the same results as Simply Pure.

We get frequent emails and reviews from people who’ve tried cheaper pure jojoba to see if it would work as well as Simply Pure (including Ana’s mom and best friend).

The results? Simply Pure is simply better!

The jojoba we use in our Simply Pure formula is from a reputable grower with strict quality standards that match the strict Bliss Kiss quality standards.

Some jojoba farms use pesticides and other chemicals in growing the jojoba plants. Pesticides can leave residual chemicals in the jojoba during the extraction process that your skin will absorb. After being absorbed by your skin, these chemicals will reach your bloodstream and the rest of your body.

The way jojoba is extracted can also affect the quality of the jojoba.

The highest quality jojoba is extracted through a cold-press process that slowly applies heavy pressure to crush and press the jojoba seeds (instead of a chemical extraction process that requires extra processing and can leave trace amounts of chemical solvents in the oil).

The result of the cold-press process is the gorgeous wax ester (which is like a liquid wax) that is what gives Simply Pure it’s “liquid gold” color.

At Bliss Kiss, we only use jojoba that is:

Pesticide-free First-run, cold-press extracted No fillers, solvents, or other additives

The same Bliss Kiss standards apply to the other seven ingredients in our formula. And it is the unique blend of those other seven ingredients with our high-quality jojoba oil that makes it seem like magic for your nails and skin.

Only the best for our Blissettes!

Simply Pure Hydrating Oil Product Ingredients:

100% Pure Jojoba Wax Ester Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grape Seed Oil Fragrance Oil Blend Olive Squalane Vitamin A Oil Vitamin E Oil Tea Tree Oil
What Does Fragrance-Free Smell Like?

Free: The same amazing oil minus the fragrance oil—for those with allergies to essential oils or have a history of allergies to skin care products. It is very mild smelling and neutral to the nose.

How to Get the Best Results


START HERE: The 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment

To start the pen, hold it with the bristles pointing up and twist the bottom of the pen counter clockwise until you see oil in the bristles.

Brush a tiny amount of oil all over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under the free edge of your nail. You only need a thin layer of oil so they feel slightly slippery. There is no need to look “all greased up.”

You only need 1 or 2 clicks of oil per nail.
  With your fingers, rub the oil into your nails and fingers up to the knuckle closest to your nail.
  By the time you’re finished, the oil should be well rubbed in and you should not have any oil left on the pads of your fingers.
  If you still feel too greasy, rub the oil into the front and back of your hands like lotion. If necessary, rib excess oil into your wrists and forearms.
  When you feel the oil has been absorbed and your nails aren’t slippery, your nails are ready for you to reapply more oil. You might need 8 to 15 applications the first day.
  Repeat steps 1 to 5 of the 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment for UP TO three days ONLY. Your nails should be saturated with oil at this point and they won’t be able to absorb much more. Step 7 will help you lock that hydration in with nail polish.
  Now it’s time to polish! Cleanse nail plate with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free pad. Apply at least one coat of a ridge filling basecoat wrapped under the tips of your nails to prevent water absorption and to lock the nail oil in.
  Continue oiling your polish and skin 4 times a day or more if you’re in frequent contact with water, paper, fabric, etc.  


Natural fingernails are a composite of keratin cells and the perfect balance of about 18 percent moisture (water) and about 5 percent body oil.

Nails with too much water are spongy and far too flexible like particle board forgotten in the rain.
  Nails that have inadequate moisture split and fracture like brightly colored fall leaves.
  Water, nail polish removers, and soap dissolve your natural body oil, which over time time weakens the nail plate and causes all kinds of damage..
Replenishing the layers of your nails with Bliss Kiss Simply Pure is an excellent way to replace your body’s natural oil.

When you use Bliss Kiss regularly, you’ll get nails that BEND instead of BREAK so they will grow long, strong and beautiful.


Recommended Uses:

Apply a small amount of oil to affected areas 2+ times a day (or as needed).

Continue 2 or more times daily as needed until your symptoms reduce.

Once symptoms are under control, apply at least 1x a day or as needed.

Add more when itchy areas begin to feel itchy or sore.

If your hands are affected, make sure and apply anytime you wash your hands or have contact with water.

​For skin disorders (especially during an active flare-up of symptoms), we recommend that you avoid things that contribute to worsening of symptoms such as:

Exposure to hot water on affected skin areas Extended exposure to water in general Known allergens Fragrances Chlorine baths Swimming pools Excessive sweating (rinse off in cool water after vigorous exercise or heat)

ALLERGY NOTICE: Simply Pure contains vitamin A.

We recognize that skin disorders have many different causes and contributing variables – genetics, other illnesses, food or other allergies, stress, weather changes, etc.

As with any chronic condition, relieving symptoms is different from a “cure.” We are not medical professionals, and we always recommend you discuss any new treatments with your trusted physician.

All natural ingredients – safe enough to eat – nontoxic
Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial
Prevents cracking of nail polish, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements
Convenient brush pen applicator


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