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Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder Pink Glow | Swatch & Review | Comparison With Shimmer Brick Rose

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder Pink Glow | Swatch & Review | Comparison With Shimmer Brick Rose

Hi! Today I will talk about my Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder. As I said in my last empties video, I’ve got a new highlighter from BobbI Brown. Because I’m so obsessed with it, I decided to dedicate a separate video about it.

I like Bobbi Brown a lot. I love her approach to make-up, that it has to be natural. Although she is no longer with the company, I still love Bobbi Brown make-up products. And especially those, which she developed before she left the company.

I also watched many of her tutorials here on YouTube, and one of them I liked particularly. It’s called, “Night Time Makeup Tutorial”. And there she shows first the day time look, and how you can add few things to transform it to night out look.

I actually bought few items, which I saw in this video, like pressed powder, illuminating powder, also eyeshadow Silver Moon. And this highlighting powder was also featured there, and the effect looked actually really pretty.

But I thought it’s something similar to Shimmer Brick, which I had already, so I didn’t buy it. You know, I always try to keep just one item per category. Last December, however, Bobby Brown online shop here in Austria had a special offer to give this highlighter as a gift, if I buy something from them.

It was even exactly same colour as in that video, so I decided to just go for it. Because I don’t buy make-up products very often, I was quite excited. And I even filmed the unboxing. The colour is called Pink Glow.

Let me unpack this… It’s quite rare that they give full size product as a gift. I was a little bit surprised to see the colour didn’t really look like pink, but more nude colour. So now I will show you the swatches of this product together with the Shimmer Brick to compare.

First this highlighting powder… Then the Shimmer Brick in colour Rose… I think I will apply them once more, that you can see better. As you could see from here, this highlighting powder might have less pink colour, but it has unbelievable shine from its fine pearl pigments.

Now I will apply it on my face. I don’t highlight those typical areas where other people usually do like cheekbones or nose or cupid’s bow. When it comes to cheekbone, I don’t think i really have any.

I probably do but it’s not really visible. So what I do is, I just apply it on my cheeks to highlight my cheeks. So just like a blush topper. And that’s actually also what Bobbi Brown did in that tutorial.

Now I only have blush applied on my cheeks… BobbI Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink. I will use my Face Blender brush as she did in that tutorial. I will first apply on one side, that you guys can see the difference.

So this side I applied, and there not yet. So now I will also apply the second side. So, what do you guys think? I really like this look on my cheeks. I sometimes use it alone just after the blush, or sometimes even together with Shimmer Brick.

In that case, I apply this highlighting powder only on the upper part of my cheeks. So thanks a lot for watching! I will see you in my next video! Bye!! : )


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