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booette cosplay makeup tutorial • super mario bros.

booette cosplay makeup tutorial • super mario bros.

hello everyone its Anza and welcome back to my channel today I have a cosplay makeup tutorial for you who is buit and I actually wanted to cosplay her for a long time I finally did it I really wanted to do it because I find her design really cute and yeah it’s like that then before we start the video avert from our sponsor this video is sponsored by audible orrible is a site where you can download audiobooks from a huge range of genres like sci-fi thriller romance personal growth and many more so if you have a hard time putting aside some time to read it’s a great option to multitask while you’re doing your chores or working you can even use it to listen to some bedtime stories as if they’re podcasts and if you’d like a recommendation from me it would be the Martian because as you know from my Twitter my favorite genre is sci-fi and even if you’ve seen the movie it’s still quite different from it and has many more details so make sure to listen to it you can go to www.

hsn.com to start listening with an exclusive 30-day free trial one free audio book of your choice and two audible originals for absolutely free the links will be in description and thank you so much to audible for sponsoring this video so I already have some eyeliner from the morning and I’ll be taking it off with the Carney’s eye makeup remover and as you can see I already need a new bottle now that the eyeliner is gone I will be using tsubame dental toner for dental skin to prep my skin for the makeup I actually switched to supplement because I got some rashes from dryness and it’s been quite good on my skin I’ll be continuing with dr.

jart firming serum which I really love both as a product and deep packaging even though I’m not gonna do skincare on one day I still try to use this at least once before I sleep and call it a day and because I don’t sleep I have dark circles under my eyes so I’m gonna be using my zones snail repair eye cream for this and again from the same series I’ll be using its moisturizer on the whole face now that the skin is fully prepped I’m gonna be using a pure magic castle sight stick foundation I don’t know how to pronounce that stick foundations are my go-to and I’m feeling kinda lazy which is weird to say now because I just spent a lot of time prepping that skin and next the concealer I’ll be using your evolutions concealing hydrate concealer which I really love because it has this thick brush on it and of course we’re gonna set the eye area and for that I’m gonna be using Nyx’s HD finishing powder in banana to match my brow color with the hair color I’ll be using Nyx’s vivid brights liner in lilac with a clean mascara brush and I’ll just dip the brush into the liner and go over my eyebrows so they can become lilac next I’m gonna be drawing the rest of the eyebrow because I save my eyebrows and I will just make it look a little bit sad not because she is sad but you know she has this sarcastic look now I’ll get Nyx’s off-topic palette and I’ll be using this red shade in it which I swear looks red in real life and I will apply to the whole island now I’m moving on to the bombs watch the tea palette and I’ll be taking Hey Girl hey color in it which is a dark red and I will just start from the outer corner of the eye and blended in words now I’m taking two fists cookie house party palette and I’ll be using this black shade in it which has some glitters in it that’s why I really loved it and I will start from the outer corner again and planet inwards and again from the same palette I am taking the shade called snowflake and I’ll apply it to the inner part of the eyes with my fingers now we are gonna brighten up the eye so I’m taking Java light on dry maker pencil from Holika Holika which is a pure white and I’ll just apply it to the inner part of the eye to brighten up for the eyeliner I’m gonna be using the bums shoeing eyeliner which is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to apply and I’ll do a thin eyeliner I won’t go all the way to the inner part of the eye but kind of extend the eye outside and of course I will apply mascara before any false eyelashes and I’ll be using Deborah’s dangerous curse mascara and let me tell you this is a mascara Wow this time I went for pointy but not very thick lashes so the beautiful eyeshadow would be is a world and I also applied the mascara on lower lashes before I applied any other lashes I put on the fake lower eyelashes off camera so this is how it will look like as the end result so I did the highlighter with early this time and I went for I Heart revolutions dragon’s heart and I used the lightest yellowish shades in it for the blush I want four pastels show your mode blush palette and because I can’t decide between shades I tried to mix these two shades on the brush and I started from the tip of my nose then moved on to my cheeks as well and of course this wouldn’t be an on the jungle video without the overlining lip part so I’m taking this lip pencil from flormar and I’ll be using it to just over line the out of my lips and now I’m taking this lip and cheek tint from Sephora and I’ll apply to the whole lips the thing about this is that it’s very watery so it’s really easy to kind of blend it on the cheeks but also it doesn’t give a lot of color to the lips which I actually was aiming for here I also decided to conceal the bottom outer part of the lips to give it a more gradual effect to finish the lips I’ll be using Nyx’s whipped lip tint in red and I’ll be applying it on the middle part of the lips and just blend it out with my fingers for the sake of the gradient and lastly because I’m wearing kind of a strapless outfit I’ll be using makeup Revolutions Chloe body spray and just spray it all over the shoulders and the chest actually it didn’t really show up much on the camera but it has a nice shimmer in real life and of course the tanks which were a hassle because you can’t talk at all it kind of looks funny and let this our makeup is done I really hope you enjoyed the transformation if you also recreate it I would love to see it so we’ll make sure to tag me on instagram and if you’re missing any pieces for your cosplay like the costume the big the lenses the fangs I’ll be listing everything in the description box below so make sure to check it out also don’t forget to and turn on the post notifications so you won’t miss a video from me I guess this is all and I’ll be seeing my next video bye bye


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