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Bride/Bridal “Self-Makeup” Tutorial for Wedding 👰🏻

Bride/Bridal “Self-Makeup” Tutorial for Wedding 👰🏻

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel! On today’s video, I’ll do a tutorial on… creating our own bridal make up look. Some of you may feel like… you know what kind of make up looks best on you.

.. and prefer a simple make up. I do hope this tutorial can help guide you… to create a simple bridal make up look. However, if you prefer a rather dazzling look, I suggest you find a make up artist.

Because they are experienced in bridal make ups… so it will turn out better than doing it on our own. And disclaimer, since this is a tutorial on self make up, I can’t teach you the technique to “Jahit Mata”.

.. as done by most make up artists. (“Jahit Mata” is a technique to make your eyes look bigger by applying eyelid tape and layers of false lashes) Because if you’re inexperienced, it can harm your eyes.

Once again, this depends on what kind of look you prefer for your D-day. If you prefer a simple make up look on your D-day, just keep on watching this video. And if you want a rather dazzling look, I suggest you find a make up artist to do the job.

So, without further ado… don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button if you haven’t already, and let’s get started! Okay, so currently there are some… redness and acnes on this side of my face. Small bumps, actually.

I’m having my PMS. So, yeah, breakouts. Before we begin, it’s essential to start with a clear skin. So, make sure you’ve cleansed your face with facial wash. And do your usual skin care routine to moisturize your skin.

I’ve done my skin care routine. And we can move on to the next steps. But, before that… I highly recommend using contact lenses for this look. Because contact lenses will make your eyes appear very much prettier, especially for bridal looks.

I haven’t put on mine yet. Wait a minute, I’ll put them on. I’ll be right back. Ta-da! I’ve put them on. See the difference? Now to the next step. I’ll put on my lip balm first to moisten my lips. For those of you who are getting married, I suggest you scrub your lips frequently before your D-day.

It’ll make so much difference. To avoid having chapped lips on your D-days. I’m using Burt’s Bees’ Tinted Lip Balm… in the shade #Rose. Next, I’ll use Studio Tropik’s Original Priming Water. or this Flawless Priming Water.

There are two options. Well actually, there are three. These two and the yellow one for acne-prone skin. Use this based on your current skin condition. So, if you have oily skin… use the Original Priming Water (the blue one).

But if you have dry skin, use the Flawless Priming Water. I’m using the one for normal to dry skin. Next, I’ll put on primer to avoid oily skin. This is Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Mattifying Primer. Even if you have dry skin, usually the area around your nose or forehead still get oily.

But you can skip this step if your skin is really dry. You just have to put on a little bit of this product, like just a tiny amount. To put on the areas on your face that are oily. Then press with your finger.

.. and blend all over the area. I’ve put it on these four sides of my face. If you think this product is too pricy, you can replace it with other products. Any primer is fine, as long as it has matte finish.

There are plenty of products like this, drugstore products are also available. The point is, look for mattifying primer. It doesn’t have to be this exact product. Once again, you don’t have to use the same products that I do.

If you own these products, good for you. But if you don’t… you can find other products with the same function. Next, I’ll use Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. I like to put this on first. The function is to control oil production in your eyelids, because those areas tend to get oily.

It’s so annoying. Because once they get oily, the eye shadow will crease. We’ll start with the make up base… before moving on to the eye make up. I’ll use color corrector for the redness on my face.

.. and also for my undereyes. ABSOLUTE NEW YORK’s Color Fix CC Complexion Stick. This one. This is the green one, to neutralize any redness. As for me, these are the areas where redness usually appears.

For the orange color corrector, I’m using this color corrector from Cover FX in the shade #Orange. This product is quite small. You can get this palette from NYX that’s already got… concealer and color correctors, all in one package.

It’s much cheaper. But this is the one I’ve got. Okay, I’ll blend it out with a brush. This one is from AERIS, the X9 Eye Blending brush. Moving on to the foundation. This is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Luminous Foundation.

My absolute favorite foundation for bridal make up, because the finished look is beautiful. And the coverage is insane. I’m on this shade #200W. And I’m using this sponge from AERIS. This sponge is so easy to use.

I suggest you blend the foundation up to your ears… to even out your skin color. Because sometimes your ears can have redness too. And don’t forget to blend it to your neck too. I haven’t even applied my concealer but the finish is already so flawless.

Even though there were redness all over my face earlier. Also, this foundation doesn’t dry up too fast. I think for beginners especially, find foundations that don’t dry up too fast. This kind of foundation usually has glowy or satin finish.

Put the remainder of the product on your neck. Now, the concealer. I’m using NARS’ concealer in the shade #Vanilla. This one. For the alternative, L’Oreal’s Infallible concealer is also amazing. Don’t use too much product.

Blend it straightaway. I usually use the tip of this sponge, it’s easier that way. And tap. If you glide the sponge, or if you put too much pressure while applying it, the coverage won’t turn out as good.

Put it on the other side. If you look closely, I have bags under my eyes. I’ll put on another thin layer of concealer there. And now for loose powder, I’m gonna bake my undereyes area… using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Powder.

But you can use Maybelline’s Fit Me instead. However, I’ve got this powder in a bit darker shade… and this one’s brighter. So, I’ll just use this one. Before you apply loose powder, tap once again..

. on this area, where creases might form. Because we blink repeatedly, especially if you shut your eyes tightly for a long time, creases are more likely to appear. So, before you bake, make sure these areas are flawless.

If there’s a crease, tap again. If there isn’t, go on with your loose powder. Apply loose powder up to the sides of your nose too… to make your nose appear slimmer. Same thing goes for this side. Tap again if there’s a crease before you bake.

For the rest of my face, where I haven’t applied loose powder yet… I can still add more concealer… to any acne scars or dark spots. I’ll use cream concealer. This one is from NARS in the shade #Custard.

Okay, done. Now, I’ll brush off the powder because I don’t like baking for too long. I’m using AERIS’ Highlighter brush. Just dust off the powder. Okay, done. So my undereyes are set. Now we’re moving on to the nose.

For weddings, usually people want their noses to look slimmer… and the contour more prominent. I’m using Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Foundation Stick… in the shade #Y505, this is the color. I’ll use this side of the sponge to apply the contour.

As you can see, this sponge has two sides. And you use it like this. When contouring the nose, position the sponge like this. The point is, place the vertical side of the triangle on the center of your nose.

When applying on the other side, we’ll flip the sponge. This shade is so dark. I’ll blend it on the back of my hand first to make the color more natural. I’m using I AM ADDICTED’s Shadow Blender brush, this small one.

Just blend it from the bottom upwards, until you’ve reached the brow bones and to the area under your brows too. Since I don’t like my contour too sharp, I’ll blend this repeatedly to soften the brown stripes.

That’s it for the contour. I’ll add powder contour later if necessary, because cream contour is tricky to use. If you mess up, it’s hard to wipe it off. And I don’t like my contour too prominent. So this natural look will do.

Now, I’ll set my face with powder. This is MAC’s Studio Fix in the shade #NC20. You can replace this with any similar products. Any powder foundation will do, because they set better. I’ll apply this with AERIS’ Contour brush.

I think this brush is way too big for contouring, so I use it as a powder brush instead. If you want fuller coverage, you can bake your whole face with loose powder, then dust it off. But for me, I’ll just bake my undereyes.

.. and use powder foundation for the rest of my face. I’ll apply this powder to my brows too… because sometimes the area around my brows gets oily too. Now, I’ll contour my face before moving on to eye make up.

I’m using SOMETHINC’s DOLCEVITA Face Palette: Brush, Contour, and Highlighter. This is what the palette looks like. I’ll use this contour shade. And I’ll apply this using AERIS’ Under Eye Powder brush.

I’ll add some more here… to make my face look smaller. For me, this is just right. This much contour is enough for me. However, if you want sharper contour, you can apply more product. I’ll add some more to my jawline, to make my jaw more prominent.

I’ll blend downwards from my jawline down to my neck. Now that the jawline’s done, I’m moving on to my forehead… to make our forehead appear smaller. Start from this side. Remember to blend the contour upwards into the hairline.

.. to fill in your hairline. And I’ll blend downwards too, until it comes together with my cheek contour. I’m gonna add another layer of contour here, too. Because after applying those MAC powder earlier, it’s faded out a bit.

Next, the brows. I’ll brush my brows first. I’m using BROWIT’s Pro Slim Brow Pencil in the shade #Natural Brown. Brush first using the tip of the spoolie. I’ll outline the frame for the bottom part of my brows.

If you like Korean straight brows, it’s fine too. You’ll look younger with that brow. My brows are still messy because I haven’t covered up with concealer yet. Now I’ll apply Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter brow gel.

If you dye your hair brown, I suggest you use tinted brow gel. Like this one from Shu Uemura. My hair is black, so I’m not gonna use that. I’ll use the clear one instead. I’ll brush my front brows upwards.

Now, I’ll put on some concealer to achieve clean-looking eyebrows. Doesn’t matter whether you shave your brows or not, concealing is crucial to define the shape of your brows. Ta-da! It’s done. My brows looks as if they’re done by make up artists.

It’s been long since I get my brows on fleek. I’ll blend the concealer with my fingers. So the eye shadow will turn out nice. For the eye make up, it’ll be pretty simple too. Just like the standard bridal eye make up looks.

The brownish, natural look. First I’ll apply MAC’s Dazzleshadow Liquid in the shade #Rayon Rays. This is a liquid eye shadow, and it’s got glitters. Gonna blend it with my finger. This is why I didn’t apply powder on my lids.

Because I want to put on this liquid eye shadow first. Okay guys, that’s for our first color. And it’s set already. Now, I’m gonna use ABSOLUTE NEW YORK’s Icon Pro palette. It has warm colors. I’ll take this shade.

.. and apply it on my outer corners. Gently blend it upwards. Using a small brush, I’m applying the same color on my undereyes. Blend the eye shadow until these two parts come together. I’ll add some smokey colors.

.. from this Tartelette Flirt palette. I’m using this #Snuggle shade. The darkest one. And I’ll put it on my outer corners only. Gently blend it upwards. But don’t take it too far to the middle. This is how it turns out.

Now you have a smokey eye look. I’ll use a smaller brush again and apply this color to my undereyes too. Now, I’m gonna use NYX’s Ultimate Sugar High palette. See the colors. They’re lovely, so feminine.

I’ll pick this color… and mix it with this #Rose Gold shade. Put it on my inner lids. And I’ll apply this color on my undereyes too. You can use a brush instead of your fingers. For highlighter, I’m using this color.

The finish is rather satin, not too glittery. Now, to the eyeliner. I’ll use INGLOT’s Eyeliner Gel. This product is waterproof. If you don’t have this INGLOT eyeliner, you can use any other waterproof eyeliner.

Because we want this make up to be long-lasting. So don’t use any product that isn’t waterproof. I’ll apply this using my Sigma’s Pin-Point Concealer Brush. The F68 brush, the really small one. Use only the tip of the brush to pick up the product.

Don’t smudge the whole bristle. Otherwise, the eyeliner will be thick. I’ll start from the inner side. This INGLOT product is very pigmented. So pretty. If you don’t have extension, just draw the eyeliner along your whole lid.

But don’t make the line too thick. Make it as thin as possible… to avoid making your eyes look smaller. Now, using a cotton bud, I’m holding my lid like this. And I’m gonna pick up the product all over my brush, not just on the tip.

So I can apply this product easier. And avoid poking my eyes. I’ll put it on my upper waterline. Next, I’m gonna fill in the empty parts on my upper lids. I’m gonna use WCKD’s Power Flick eyeliner. This product is quite waterproof, too.

I’m done with the eyeliner. Remember, make the line as thin as possible. I also drew a tiny wing at the end of the line. Now, I’m using ARTISAN PRO Classic #1720. It has a really thin band. Even when you put on layers of this faux lashes, it won’t feel too heavy.

It’s really different from faux lashes with thick bands. I guess you already know how to put this on. First, measure the length. Trim to adjust to your eye size. Apply the glue, then leave it to dry out for a few seconds.

Because if you put it on while the glue is still wet, it comes off pretty easily. Hold the edge of the faux lashes. You can use tweezers if you want to. But I’m used to holding this with my hand. Then hold the faux lashes in this position.

Put it on. And press gently. Apply the faux lashes as close as possible with your natural lashes. Don’t leave a gap. This is how it turns out. You can apply as many layers of faux lashes as you like. But for me, one layer is enough.

I still have my lash extensions, anyway. So one layer is already thick enough for me. After you fix your faux lashes, you may see some white stains on your eyeliner from the glue. We’ll clean it up with the eyeliner.

We’ll cover it all with another layer of eyeliner. Now for my lower lashes, I’ll apply faux lashes, too. So I won’t be using mascara at all, to avoid smudging. This is also from ARTISAN PRO, the Petite #1702.

It looks like this. I won’t use these whole lashes. So, I’ll trim it out beforehand. Look at the shape of these lashes. I’ll cut it off into smaller pieces with three strands of lashes each. Okay guys, it’s done.

Now, last thing to complete the eye make up… I’ll apply eyelid tape too. This one has a mesh-like texture. The ones usually used by the T hais. However, I really don’t remember from which brand is this.

To put it on, you just have to spray it with water then place it on your lid. It’s really easy to apply, that’s why I bought it. No need to use any glue. Now my eyes look more balanced. And bigger. It doesn’t look like I’m using an eyelid tape, right? Okay guys, now the eye make up is done.

I’m gonna highlight this part again… since my hand has probably touched this area several times. I’m using Dior’s Mineral Nude Matte powder. I bought this powder in the shade #05. Plain white. I’ll put it on my chin too.

And my nose. Btw, this powder smells so good. And in the middle of my forehead too. Yay, finally to the blush on! It’s almost done. I’m gonna use this blush on from MAC in the shade #Melba. This is AERIS’ X3 Blush brush.

See the color of the blush. Beautiful, right? I’ll put a bit of it on my nose. For the highlighter, I’m using Mizzu’s Nomina Highlighter… in the shade #Candela. See? This is Sigma’s Tapered Highlighter F35 brush.

Put it on the chin. And cheeks. Before applying my lipstick, I’ll set my face with setting spray. This is Studio Tropik’s DreamSetter. I’m using their latest product, the Glowy. And last, for the lips, I’ll use micellar water to wipe off the lip balm from earlier.

Dry it out with tissue paper. It’s actually up to you guys to pick which shade fits you best. However, I’ll provide the most common picks for bridal make up looks. The first one is nude lips. I’m using L’Oreal’s Color Riche Matte.

.. in the shade #248, Flatter Me Nude. The packaging looks like this. I think this shade is very pretty. To make your lips look healthier, you can apply lip gloss on top of it. This is how it looks like after I put on lip gloss.

Well, guys, so that’s all for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoy! Which look do you like better, the nude lips from earlier or this red lips? Btw for the red lips, I’m using… Dior’s Ultra Care Liquid in the shade #860.

I think this is Dior’s prettiest shade of red. And honestly, the texture is impressive. It has matte finish, but doesn’t dry out your lips. And it doesn’t crack on your lips. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit the like button.

And subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. And I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye!


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