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Brita’s Buttons & Bows Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12

Brita’s Buttons & Bows Look | Makeup Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race S12

– Hi guys, it’s me, Brita, from season 12 of “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” Today I will be recreating my Buttons and Bows look from the runway. It’s super easy, and I can’t wait to show you. Watch me go from this to this, ah! (laughing) (upbeat music) All right, listen, first we’re gonna start by putting this hat backwards ’cause it’s very important to get that hair out of the face, Mother.

I am a sweaty queen, so I need to use this product, which is a waterproof cream, so when I sweat, my eyebrows don’t crack, henny. While I let that dry, I’m gonna put on my wig cap. Now, I’m a little insane, not very many queens do this, I mean, some do, pageant queens.

I duct tape my head so that I can pin my wigs into it. My wig, when I first started drag, always used to fall off, ’cause I’m crazy, and so I also like to pull my skin up, so that I look taut, Mother.

Y’all gonna think I’m crazy, (tape peeling) but Imma look like a princess by the end of this. I look sickening. (claps) Most people put like one little strand of tape over there, bitch, I’m a man in a dress, and this will fall off my head, and it’ll look like like a halo, so I gotta go nice, tight and right, so she’s (slaps) taut.

And then, before I get to the foundation, I like to put a glue stick over this other glue, so that it stays. It smooths all the hairs out, so you can’t see the fine lines. (plastic crinkling) Gonna fill in those little crevices by adding a little powder to it, boop boop boop boop boop, boop boop boop boop boop.

Then it is time to use some primer. (humming nasally) So you wanna cover these brows, honey, this the first thing you do. Look at, bitch, that is magic. This is a sponge, honey. You can see that this sponge hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time, I love the excess residue to help me blend it out, bitch.

Then we’re gonna add some of this highlight. We’re gonna make a cake pop, is what I like to refer as, a lil’ cake pop. It is a white chocolate cake pop, and see, I like to use my fingers, I should’ve cut my nails, ’cause they look ratchet as hell, but this is me.

Then I’m gonna take some of this contour, and we’re gonna do a very pointed nose. Oh, yeah. (groaning) She’s a witch. The brows are the windows to the soul, honey, so I like to pre-paint them before I actually put them on, I’ll show you.

I like to treat it like a little antenna, off the nose. I like to go in with my white, and I also like to use a little of this primer, we’ll mix it together, make it all smushy. Then we’re gonna go on the underneath, and we’re gonna clean it up.

(relaxed R&B music) Mmm, she’s a woman. She’s a messy woman. Oh, are they even, probably not. That’s why we do this first. This is my safety blanket. Boop boop boop boop boop boop boop. Boop boop boop boop boop boop boop.

So that’s a cute little outline that we have goin’ on. Now it’s time to get (clears throat) to the rest of this gig. This is our highlight. And I’m goin’ in with a finger, bitch, I love this finger, this my best friend right here.

Some people who online may read me for using my finger, but bitch, it ain’t your face. (chuckling) Then we’re gonna go in with this. And we’re gonna blend up, blend down. You wanna make sure and get it on the ear, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop.

And we’re gonna put a period on the chin, little period. Then we’re gonna get this dark chocolate, Godiva chocolate. So I’m the type of girl that has like six gigs in one day, so we gotta make sure that she is on, she’s gotta fall asleep, wake back up, and do a brunch show, she woke up like this.

(murmuring) Cut this man jaw, make it more roundth, give it some more roundth. Mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm. We’re gonna beat the mug, the term, beating the mug, comes from this, powdering it and letting it set.

You gotta press it into the gig, you gotta teach that face a lesson, you wanna punish her. Pack it tight. You know, I got, whew. You wanna get that, that period, and then we’re gonna go in this neutral set.

(makeup poof pattering) Wanna make sure and get it in your eye hole. Get in that eye hole. (chuckling) You wanna do the neck, the gullet. (sighing) Okay, now if you look like a ghost, you’re doin’ a good job, sis.

Now, while we let this bake, in the oven for 350, we are going to move on to the clavicle and the titties. This why I wore this nice little shirt, so I don’t show the children at home the nipples. Then, that’s right.

We’re gonna make those clavicles shine bright like a diamond from the back of the theater, honey. Blend it, we’re gonna blend it with our fingers, ’cause you know Mama loves to blend with her fingers.

Finger painting, mm-hm, mm-hm, mm-hm. I just lost 20 pounds by making this clavicle. Put just a little bit underneath it and on top. Then we’re gonna move on to these titties. We put a little highlight right there.

Just blend it all in, blend it into the skin. We’re gonna get white. We’re gonna put it in the middle. We’re gonna swirl it around. You’re gonna make a martini glass. Yes, Mother, there you go, who wants a cocktail? Then we’re gonna do this thing I like to call the windshield wiper technique.

Yes, it is raining outside, and the windshield wipers are goin’. There’s a monsoon out there. We’re gonna go in and we’re gonna define that bitch with some of our contour. That’s it, that’s it. And then we’re gonna add a little highlight right here, a little boop boop boop boop boop, rub her in.

Yup, lots of highlight. And we’re gonna get some of that white, and we’re gonna go pop, pop of white, boop boop boop, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop. That’s the titties, sis. Then we’re gonna get this translucent spooky-ooky ghost powder, and we’re gonna go bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

And we’re gonna brush the powder off. I like to start from the top and work my way down. Voila, the magic that you left behind, now it’s time to put some more magic on that magic so you can look like a woman.

We’re gonna grab some of our powders, little beige rainbow. And we’re gonna go in with even more beige-ass colors. Usually I like to contour the house down, but this is kind of a lighter look, it’s not as heavy color-wise.

Which kinda look like a rich white woman. Got powder in my nose. (sniffing) (upbeat rhythmic music) We’re gonna go in with this marker, it’s not a Sharpie. I like to use this skinny eye marker, made for your eyes.

And we’re gonna go over what we already did. ‘Cause we laid that bitch out earlier. Now we’re gonna do a little, little of that boop boop boop boop boop, the boop boop boop boop boop. You can get some of that highlight powder, you go boop boop, boop boop.

Then you’re gonna clear it off, boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom. Pew pew pew. And we’re gonna make an ombre brow. See, they ain’t even, but they sisters, they cousins, it’s fine, it’s fine. (plastic crinkling) I’m gonna go in with this marker to lay out that crease, honey.

We’re gonna fill her in. When I first started doing my face, I was horrible. Sis, you can go to my Instagram and you can see from the very beginning. It was disgusting. (chuckling) I’m gonna put a little of this primer on here, I’m gonna get some of this white, and I’m gonna clean up that line.

(upbeat music) She might look messy, but she’s gonna look beautiful at the end! Y’all, so I like to take my palettes out of their original container, and I put them in this lovely little case so I only have to travel with these ones.

This is the one that I’m gonna use, this little salmon pinky color, we’re gonna start this crease, actually, that’s not dark enough. Slay… Great, this is it. And we’re gonna start to map out that crease.

Just pressin’ it in there. Get all that color, mmm. And we’re gonna add some of this little salmony color on top of it. And then we’re gonna get some of that white gig. (whistling) Oh yeah, that’s cute.

I found like this orangey color. Cute, okay, so… Should we go there? Okay, yeah, let’s do it. This is like a purpley, light purple color. Just to add depth to it. ♪ Go back, with the other man ♪ ♪ And blend it out ♪ And we’re gonna cut the crease.

(sighing) Then we’re gonna get some of our white, and we’re gonna fill it in. And put some yellow as a pop of color. Girl, she’s lookin’ like a tequila sunrise. Then we’re gonna take this black little marker.

I’m adding this broken one that you can see here. (chuckling) We’re gonna try and blend out that black line. Oh yeah, mmm, beauty. You look very beautiful. Aw yeah, looks gorge from far away. And then sometimes, it doesn’t go like you planned, just like “Rupaul’s Drag Race.

” (chuckling) Dust it all off, and you can see, like I got all that residue, all the that was falling down, just caught into all of that lovely powder, ’cause I am what? Messy when I get ready. Now we’re gonna go back over.

We’re going like this. We’re gonna take more of the pink. I treat my eyes horribly, and I know that other people have really sensitive eyes, but I have super powers, so it’s okay. (chuckling) Using the same colors on the top as I did on the bottom.

Let’s add a little orange. I love wearing and working with orange, I love orange so much, it looks really good on my skin tone, I used to be afraid of orange when I started drag, because I had a traumatic experience when I was in high school, my freshman year of high school, and I like, really loved the color orange, and I went as far as to wear an orange tech vest, I died my hair orange, I wore orange pants, and I was oranged out, and people used to call me an orange in high school, and I stayed away from orange ever since then, but now I embrace the color orange.

(upbeat thumping music) Now that that we’re done with the eyes, we’re gonna move on to the nose. See how it’s a little crooked? We’re gonna fix that, we’re gonna put a little boop. Mm, a boop. Isn’t big enough, boop.

I like a little point at the end, ’cause it makes you look like you have money. Then we’re gonna put a little pink here, ’cause she’s cold. She has money but she’s cold. Mmm, brr, she’s freezing. And then we’re gonna go in with this contour palette.

Contour this mug, Mama. Listen, I got a big canvas, honey. There’s a lot of face to paint. And then to that little boop boop that we put on our nose, we’ll get some of that. And we’ll put it right here on the cheek.

It’s gonna just pop the cheek out a little more, you see how it gives it a highlight? I’m gonna go back into the eye, ’cause I forgot to do this. Oh, actually– (gasping) We’re gonna make these points sharper, just to give you that extra tip of the wing.

Oh my, she’s comin’ together. I’m gonna get this white liner. Kind of like lifts everything, it brings everything up. See, if you move your head real fast, it looks perfect, like nobody could notice if there’s any mistakes.

Drag Race is the best of the best of the best of the best, so like you wanna make sure that your mug is right and tight, but also you want to make sure that you’re doing different looks all the time, and not always doing the same thing.

I mean, I like to have a signature, like certain things that I do, especially with my eye, but then also like, maybe switching up your lip, or switching up your contour, painting your face a different color, it makes you think outside the box.

Next, we’re gonna add some blush, woo, woo, I’m gonna use this one. Orange you glad to see me? (laughing) Before I do the lips, I’m gonna… I’m gonna go into this medium powder. Bitch, look at that. Now on to the titties.

This is contour, this is the same I was using on my face. So we’re goin’ in, we’re just boop boopin’ here, boop boopin’ there, we’re gonna start with our lightest, and then we’re gonna build it up to the darkest color.

It’s always darker in the middle of the tit. You wanna get too crazy, sometimes I get crazy and I even put black in the middle, but not today, we’re doing a cute little look, so that, that’s cute right, look at, bi– Now we’re gonna go on to the lips.

Now we’re gonna trace out our line. If you have a big lip, it means you’re in charge. She owns a company. Then once you have her drawn in there, then you get a makeup wipe, you go into that middle section, and you gotta wipe off all that makeup, girl, ’cause if you start puttin’ gloss and it’s gonna get all crackly nackly, and you don’t want that.

The lip that I’m using is a little more nude, but I love this lipstick, so in order to get more color into it, I’m actually just going to like fill it in a little, kind of messily, ’cause I don’t really care, ’cause I’m gonna blend it out with the brush that’s in this.

Pretend like you’re three years old, and you’re just coloring it out. And then you look at yourself in the mirror like this, and you’re like. And I take this little brush, honey, and then I just smooth it out, girl.

(lips smacking) And then if you don’t want it that light, you can go in with a darker color. It’s gorgeous. Now that we’re done with the lips, we’re gonna add some sparkle dazzle to the cheek. Oh yeah, I am an equal opportunity glitter employer, honey, I will use all the glitter, all the shining, shimmering, splendid, gimme all of it, not only does it make you look gorgeous in the light, but it hides all the flaws when you done up your mug, sis.

Now, we’re moving on to lashes, ooh! This is a weak bonding glue. This is a old drag queen trick. Some people say that this will make your eye fall out. Let it fall, sis, let it fall. It’ll look great from a distance.

Drag is not to be viewed up close. There you go, oh, wait. That’s it, that means that you ain’t here to play. She’s killed someone. The face is done, so I’m gonna go put on my look and I’ll be right back, ooh! Shazam, this is my Buttons and Bows look, and I love it, ’cause I look like an ethnic Barbie doll, Mama, and I’m serving all to you.

I can’t wait to see you on the road, yass, bye!


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