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Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Teni Panosian

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Teni Panosian

Welcome everyone [to] maybe my favorite tutorial ever I am really digging this look I wanted to do something a little bit more [dramatic] a little bit more smoky And I feel like I haven’t done like a brown [Smoky] eye in a while So I came up with this I know a lot of you are a fan of my neutral looks But I wanted to do something neutral just kicked up like eight notches [I] have to apologize in advance because my house is being torn apart out there So you might hear some? Hammering and sawing and some sounds that I can’t even identify so anyway I’m just going to jump right into the tutorial [alright] since this is a very Shadow Dark Shadow heavy look I’m going to start with the eyes first beginning with my primer So I’m just going to apply this with my finger Directly into my crease and then just blend it out into my lid and into my brow bone, so [the] Palette that I’m going to be using is from tarte, and this is part of their [holiday] [collection] It’s this bad boy right here, so this is a nice selection of neutrals some matte some shimmers and also a good Range of cool Tones down here, and if you appear, too But the colors I’m going to stick with mostly for this look are these right here the dark Brown the medium Transition color the [Bronzy] shimmer and also the black shadow you want to know something they? Were so quiet today like the first day that they weren’t making that much noise the minute I sat down to shoot this tutorial all of a sudden.

They’re drilling They’re sawing they’re just making all kinds of noise bear with me, please Now the first color that I’m going [to] go into is this right here. It’s like a nice transition color very Good neutral medium shade, and I’m using my morphe 441 brush.

I’ve got this weird Sideburn thing going on I don’t know where it came from but let’s just tuck that back, so this I’m going to start right at the Crease even though I’m going to apply a dark color to the actual lid for me It just makes it a lot easier to make everything [looked] nice and blended if I still begin with a transition color at my crease It’s just circle circle Circle circle everywhere Next up.

I’m taking a slightly shimmery color. It’s this bronze shade right here I’m just really going to load up my brush Because this is going to go onto the lid so I want a lot of it, so I’m going to start by just patting this onto my lids Starting at the center and then blending it out I don’t [want] to go past the crease and then just blend it out and sort of blend it in with [that] transition color So again pressing the color in just makes it show up a lot more rich Instead of like swiping it So now that I have my transition color and my lid color.

I’m going to move on to a darker shade Which is this matte dark brown color right down here? That’s the blush never mind I meant this [one] so for this I’m going to use a much smaller and more dense brush because I don’t want to cover a Lot of area with this so I’m just going to dot this all along my lash line and This is going to go just about halfway up toward my crease sort of creating a gradient effect because after this I’m going to add a Black color so that’s going to be the darkest and then the dark brown and then the shimmer Brown and then the transition color All right now with an even smaller brush.

I’m going to jump right into that matte black color so with this I’m pretty much doing the same exact thing as the matte brown, but I’m just not going up as far I’m going to keep it closer to the lash [line], so Starting at the lash line.

I’m just going to press that color in and Blend it up very slightly just about a quarter [of] the way up So continuing to add a little bit more black. Just really close to the lash line and [then] just blending up slightly, so [I’m] going to drag this up.

[just] a little bit more So it matches the other eye. I like how much darker this got so I’m just going [to] pat [that] up a little bit higher and then I’m going to go back to that brush the matte brown brush and Then just use that [to] blend it out Just blend that black and that brown together Now that I’m pretty much done with the [eye] shadow on the top lids I’m going to go ahead and clean my face because there’s shadow everywhere So I’m just using a makeup remover wipe to take any excess shadow I don’t know why it’s all the way down my chin But I’m just going to go ahead and clean that up and once I get to the outer corner of my eyes I don’t really want to create like [a] sharp line.

That’s just not my style I like it to be [a] little bit more diffused, so I’m just going to kind of dot the Makeup remover wipe around this area and [just] try to fade it out So we’re going to give the eyes a rest and move on to the face I’m going to start with my makeup forever nourishing primer.

This has kind of been my favorite lately It’s worked really well with pretty much every foundation. I’ve used it with So just going to dab that on For my foundation. I’m going to use one of my favorites the too faced born this way foundation I usually use sand, but this time I’m using warm beige so I’m just going to Put that on the back of my hand and use my [beauty] [blender] And just start stippling this into skin So once I’m done with the foundation.

Just using whatever is left on my sponge I’m just kind of going to lightly dab the outer edge of the eyeshadow just to make it look nice and blended Next we’re going to conceal with the Maybelline age rewind.

This is the dark circle eraser in medium. I’m just going to apply that directly first in that triangle formation under my eyes and Then get into a little bit into the forehead and now using this little brush from Tarte.

I’m just going to start blending this out This is really going to brighten up the area under my eyes Give it that nice contrast with the contour. I’m about to lay [down] And now this for me is a little bit extra bright, so I’m going to go back to my foundation And I’m not going to put any more foundation on it, but just with whatever’s on there.

I’m just going [to] give it one Little Pat over that concealer Something smells really good, and I [don’t] know what it is To set my under eyes in the concealer. I’m going to use my favorite [-] the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush powder this is just going to go under my eyes and Set that concealer for that dark circle eraser And you guys know my go-to contour product is the motives sculpt series contour palette.

I usually mix up the last two colors Just going to apply with my finger This [is] just going in the usual. Spots. Maybe a little bit more dramatic this time because it [is] a smoky eye look of course the Schnoz and Then going back to the beauty blender.

I’m just going to use the same foundation side To blend this all out There goes that hammering The contour just makes all the difference in the world look at how much it warmed up my face and just Kind of brought it on the obvious.

I’m not done yet, but it just kind of brought everything Together now for my bronzer blush and highlight I’m going to use pretty much just this one brush This is from the tarte holiday collection, and I just kind of wipe it off before I use the next product but it’s such a good brush for Everything for the blush the highlight and the bronzer so [the] first we’re going to start off with is the blush Which I’m going to try to dip into without touching that black [eyeshadow] So I’m just going to dust that on It’s a good neutral color for a smoky eye.

It’s not going to compete [with] the eye makeup Now I’m going into my betty loumanizer, and I’m just going to use this to add an all-over glow to my face I don’t want this to be Concentrated in any one area.

That’s why I’m using this brush It’s like nice and feathery so this is just going to kind of go all [over] In my eye too, so again just adding a nice Bronze glow all over And in fact, I think I’m just gonna skip the highlighter altogether.

I don’t want this to be too Glowy of a look so I think that betty loumanizer was just enough low for me now I want to finish up the eyes including the bottom Lashline and some liner and Mascara and lashes obviously so hitting that bottom lash [line] I’m going to take a smudge brush first and dip into that transition color a very first color we used And make sure to give it a tap, so it doesn’t fall [under] your cheeks again So I’m going to apply that just under my lash line, so We can build some darkness over it So now with that same brush.

I’m [just] going to dip into the dark Brown the matte Dark brown shade so again this is just going to go over that first color and just darken up the Lash line Now going in with my favorite eyeliner pencil ever this is truly the best.

It’s by hourglass. It’s their 1.5 millimeter Pencil in black. I’m just going to start darkening up the inner rim of my top lash line first And I’m also going to line my waterline with this so going into the center first just Kind of darkening up that [Lashline] So first, I’m just going to give my lashes Just one coat of Mascara just to darken them up.

I’m not really going to care about making them Really long and full. Just because I’m putting lashes on anyway now [the] Falsies that I’m using for this look are the house of lashes noir fairy? These have been one [of] my favorites for a couple years now, but I tend to cut them pretty short I mean, they come really long But I can’t put them onto [my] eyes just that way because I don’t have super wide set eyes, so if I put them on Just the length that they are it comes all the way to the inner corner of my eye And it makes my eyes [look] like really narrow it creates like a weird illusion So if you have wide set eyes totally do that, but me I like to make my eyes appear Like that nice cat eye shape, so I cut them pretty short and I put them on the outer part of my lash line So it just creates that upturned illusion as opposed to making them look closer together So I’m just going to carefully lower that onto my lash line make sure I get it exactly where I want it and The goal for [me] is to feel that wet glue on my lash line, so I know I’ve put it exactly Where it’s supposed to go? Now onto the brows I’m using the brow wiz in soft Brown Just to really lightly fill in my brows nothing too intense because this is already an intense look Moving on to my favorite part of this look the lips I’m [going] to use a combination of liner lipstick and gloss Which I don’t normally do I’m starting out with tootsie by color pop.

It’s a nice creamy lip liner And I’m just going to use this to contour my lips first Now for the lipstick and the lip gloss I’m using this combo. This is the 20th [anniversary] special lipstick and lip gloss by lorac these are corresponding Lipstick and lip glosses, so [they’re] they both have the same name It’s basically the same Color just in lipstick form and then in gloss form so I’m just going to use both because they’re both pretty awesome This color is without a doubt the best nude I’ve ever used and the color is called Visionary so now to finish it off.

I’m just going to go over it with the gloss and [that] is it for [this] look. I really think this might [be] my favorite Dramatic makeup look that. I’ve ever done. I just think the colors. There’s such a harmony about them everything goes so nicely together I’m looking myself down here in the monitor [I] really hope you guys love it as much as I do if you do give it a thumbs up and of course leave me A comment down below and let me know what you think


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