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Bruise Makeup Tutorial | Special FX Series

Bruise Makeup Tutorial | Special FX Series

good evening black spots where we going over some pretty ridiculous bruises and I’m doing this all using the skin illustrator effects palettes now as you guys can see as I was right on the front for blood bruises burns and I think it says illnesses I’m trying to read this upside down and just like in the vein video this is an alcohol-based Palance so that means in order to activate this palette just like the water-based colors you’re going to need a bottle of 99% alcohol without sparing these colors with alcohol they simply will not go anywhere you guys definitely can’t use this video and just use different like me cream colors from the Halloween store and just use the same colors in the same application to make these bruise of facts but it’ll just look like it’s sitting more on top of your skin instead of underneath your skin the skin illustrator palettes come in multiple different palettes but this is definitely the best one for bruising effects and you guys can find the vein video also using a different skin oil share palette right here now in my vein video I was also asked about how to do this on dark skin these skin illustrator palettes are made for all skin types because they’re meant to be made to look realistic as well as all the water-based paints that I use all the time they can go on any skin color when creating bruises you’re gonna want to have these like cosmetics sponges you guys can get these at like Walgreens I also just got my nails done nice and Halloween like what if you guys do have these kinds of nails are actually beneficial for making any little holes and the sponges that you’re going to have to make and just you guys can really see what’s going on just tearing out these little tiny holes in the bottom of this sponge I feel like I’ve got a little bit of Freddy Krueger going on with these nails and these sponges like see you in your nightmares sponges but the reason you want to make all these holes in the sponges is because the makeup is not going to necessarily sit in all these holes that you just made but it’s going to go along all these lines that you’ve now created which are going to make veins so as you guys can see when I was making a bruise with this sponge the color is more concentrated in these lines than it is in the holes so these lines actually ultimately make your capillaries while these other holes that don’t have as much color in them and more alcohol or making kind of like the background of your bruise to start off with a really fresh bruise I’m using a lot of alcohol in the color bruise tone and just kind of mapping out where that bruise is going to go when I make bruises I like to make them more irregular not really gonna have like a perfectly shaped bruise I mean I guess you could depending on like what you hit like a doorknob but generally bruises are a little bit more irregular I’m then going to be going in with a little bit more of the color and less alcohol and just making it more concentrated on where the impact actually happened and you guys can see just with one color alone how much the little holes in the sponges make it look like a lot of little broken capillaries it really helps just generally break up the color and really if it’s a super fresh bruise you could probably just go in with bruised tone alone and just layer it with less and less alcohol or you can also go in with ultra blue and layer it more in the impact area I also like to go in with just a lot of alcohol on my sponge and kind of create like a weird little hole in the middle of all this happening because I know whenever I get a bruise I always have like this really strange kind of like hole it also helps to break up the colors I think adding this hole in the middle of your bruise also helps it a little bit of like a swelling effect so it’s almost like a highlight and then a ring of contouring around it so just using those two colors alone that’s how you guys can do a really really super simple very very effective super fresh obviously I don’t know what you did here but you really mess yourself up somehow type of bruise we’re done freaking out your friends and tricking them into thing you have the most ridiculous bruise ever you can always remember you could just take it right off with some alcohol and confuse them even further if you’re going for more of a I’m half way healed kind of bruise I’m going to start out with prime yellow and a lot of alcohol I’m once again just making an irregular shape once that dries I’m going to go in with even less alcohol a little bit more of the actual color and then going to go in using green and a lot of alcohol and concentrating it more around the impact point just like the other bruises I’m then going in with bruise tone and a lot of alcohol and concentrating it solely on the impact point and then going in with a little bit less alcohol a little bit of alcohol by itself the partially healed bruises in my opinion are the grossest because they’ve got a lot of colors going on I’m not going in with even less alcohol and the same bruised tone it is concentrating this mostly in one little spot just like the previous bruise I’m then going in with ultra blue and a lots of alcohol and then I’m just going in and adding some more yellow around that make it a little bit more gross looking this is obviously the most intense bruise you have ever had in your entire life hopefully I don’t know what you guys do in your free time I’m not gonna spray this with a little bit of alcohol and just go over it with a sponge with almost no color in it just to blend these out a little bit more and because this is Halloween of course we’re gonna stay with a little bit more of a dramatic effect this type of half filled bruise is really going to help you with zombie bites and infections the last rows I’m gonna show you guys is going to be a almost completely healed bruise and I’m going right in with prime yellow and a lot of alcohol taking less alcohol in the same prime yellow I’m going in with another layer I’m then going in with green and a lot of alcohol and concentrating that more around the impact points and then I’m just spraying this with the alcohol and breaking it up I’ve also gained a little bit of bruise tone in there as well just for a little bit more of an impact and just like the fresh Bruzzi almost healed bruised is pretty much like super easy to do


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