Home Makeup Tutorials cảm giác khi có người yêu điệu thích makeup 😂?!!!!

cảm giác khi có người yêu điệu thích makeup 😂?!!!! [CC Engsub]

cảm giác khi có người yêu điệu thích makeup 😂?!!!! [CC Engsub]

Baby, let’s go Thank you guys for watching this video 😀😀😀 I think that’s quite enough… (Lower voice) thank you BUYS for watching this video 😇😇😇 It’s GUYS… you said BUYS…. *Why you are being tough on me* Thank you GUYS for watching this video Why are you holding napkin.

.. Ok, can you repeat? (tiring voice) thank you guys for watching this video *Are we done now…* All set Now I’m gonna use this toner to moisturize your skin what are you laughing at ? why… clean dirt on your face turn this way that’s right this is the first time I’m doing your makeup? ahhh no, we’ve done it once you have oily skin so I don’t want to use moisturizer or it’ll get too sticky ewww, so dirtyyy actually, not that bad 😀 Next! concealing~ ah, let’s go with lip balm first to moisturize your lips can you turn that way that’s right purse your lips together next step is to conceal your under eye circles today, you have quite bad under eye circles so we’ll try to cover it with.

.. *so hungry* we’ll moisturize your under eye first with Clinique eye cream very fancy~ just a little not too much can you look up ? can you turn around? easier for me under eye circle will be moister look up keep your face like this (back to serious voice) Today I’ll try cover your dark circles with orange creamy lipstick just a little can you turn that way look up please? orange will neutralize blue area under your eyes at least that’s what I think *you think so?* *nod nod* *I’m not quite sure* *You’re not quite sure???* *blink blink* Whose tummy is that? mine are you hungry? nah, this pants are just tight *excusing* yeah? *seems like I’ve gained some kgs lately?* I’ll use foundation this is the darkest color that they have but your skin is actually darker *you mean I’m way too dark???* well, their foundation is claimed to be dark, but it’s not dark enough.

.. I need a new makeup sponge because my current one is too dirty *he cares about makeup lol* I’ll get you a new one but did you wash it? yep but it’s been a long time and my eyes are very weak *very fragile* okay, I’ll get you a new one see? very niceee *he stands so still while I’m playing around with makeup* okay, let’s go to eyebrow *very happy with the look* the final step! *finally it’s ending* it’s contouring! *happy again xD* *still very focused* you can open your eyes if you want to Do you want to look at the mirror? Let’s see the difference give me!! *me look better?* *wao* what do you think? it’s nice what do you think is different? *hard question lol* to see if you know what I’ve done *even harder lol* Bold eyebrow? Erase spots? make it blurrer? yeah, just blurrer because I don’t want you too look too pale while your natural skin is tan.

It will look funny what about under eye dark circles? it’s nice Amazing! any other difference? yeah, borders? BORDERs? LOL What are those for? to bring out face angles? *well he’s pretty good* what about nose? very good kay, you can pick your phone up RIGHT ON TIME Can you pose? naturally.

.. *so stressful* pose… what kind of pose is that? *Thank you guys for watching ♥* *Please heart us ♥♥ *1000000000000 virtual hugs*


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