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Camo/Army Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Olive Green Eyeshadow

Camo/Army Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Olive Green Eyeshadow

Have you been missing my makeup tutorial? Anyway, today’s tutorial is inspired from camo/army OOTD trend so the eyeshadow color is rather brownish and greenish This look is wearable so it’s also suitable for hanging out As always, like the video and let’s get started Start with bare face, prime your face first with primer in which case I use NYX PHOTOLOVING PRIMER to neutralize the redness on my face After that, don’t forget to prime your eyelids as well.

To get longer lasting eyeshadow, I use original URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION eyeshadow As I’m going to mess around with green eyeshadow, I’d use white eyeshadow in advance so that I’d get better looking green Well, here’s my favorite palette.

First, apply SAUCED color around the crease area for the contour color Next, apply the LOWBLOW color using the same brush around your inner and outer eyes, also blending it around the crease area For the green color, I use CATRICE ABSOLUTE EYE COLOR’ – 940, applying it upon the center area of my eyelids Layer the earlier green color using the PAC POWDER EYESHADOW – LEMON GRASS to get better and more shimmering green Next, apply the CAYENNE color around the same area to make the halo eyes gradient stand out even more Well, since army uniforms tend to have black color as well, I add smokey color upon my outer lids using CATRICE MATTE EYESHADOW 140 Pinch and apply mascara on your upper lashes using MAYBELLINE ‘THE FALSIES’ PUSH UP ANGEL Since I have small eyelids yet I want them to stand out still, I draw thin cateye on the edge and on the empty area between eyelashes to make it look thicker Now, it’s time for face makeup I’d like to try the latest foundation clinic, which is, BEYOND PERFECTING FOUNDATION + CONCEALER I’m curious about the formula which is said to be 2-in-1 with concealer, meaning it should have high coverage level, guys It comes with an applicator that looks like concealer’s but bigger, and I bought this foundation at PARKSON for 450 thousand Rupiahs Well, let’s try on one part of our face first so that we can tell the difference right away So, my first impression on the product is that I really like the very liquid texture, unlike the FENTY BEAUTY which is so solid and dries out very quickly This CLINIQUE product is not like that and it’s really nice while blending, especially if you use BEAUTY BLENDER This foundation has a medium coverage level, I think.

It covers fine and not cakey on the skin I don’t apply concealer anymore and yet the result I get is flawless, my redness and panda eye are well covered. The result is very natural so yup, worth to try Next, cover your entire face and neck with powder and here, I use CATRICE ‘ALL MATT PLUS’ POWDER – 05 Highlight your undereye, chin, nose and forehead using KAT VON D ‘SHADE AND LIGHT’ PALETTE and then contour your face using 2 darkest shade from the palette Moving to the eye makeup again, apply CAYENNE color around your outer and inner lower lashline, like the gradient color on your eyelid And then, use the 2 aforementioned green eyeshadows around your center lower lashline Apply mascara on your lower lashes For the blush-on, I use the EMINA ‘CHEEKLIT’ BLUSH – MARSHMALLOW LADY so that I get matte makeup result which is more in tune with our eyeshadow color Because the makeup tool is rather warm this time, I use the highlighter from GOBAN cosmetics, the GOLDEN SUN shade This is the first time I try gold color for a highlighter and it turns out just fine, guys To make my eyeshadow stand out even more, I add this highlighter on the inner corner and center of my eyelids Set all the makeup with setting spray and apply nude lipstick on your lips.

Here, I use my all-time fave, the MAC MATTE LIPSTICK – VELVET TEDDY and I overlap it with cayenne eyeshadow so that it looks more like the eyeshadow color And… we’re done! Thank you, guys, for watching this video, don’t forget to click ‘like’ if you like it and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so Please comment below on what tutorial you would like me to make next


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