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Can We Keep Up With A JAMES CHARLES MAKEUP Tutorial?!

Can We Keep Up With A JAMES CHARLES MAKEUP Tutorial?!

– Were not putting concealer on. We’re not doing concealer. Whatever too late. It’s fine I’ll still look cute. – Oh my god. I, (laughs) I got the primer on my hands! I can’t get it off. – I gotta put glue on my damn eye.

– The more he compliments himself, the more I feel like garbage. (upbeat music) – [Woman Off Camera] Today you’re going to be doing a James Charles makeup tutorial. – Okay! I watch a lot of him. – [Woman Off Camera] You are going to be following a James Charles makeup tutorial.

– Okay! I’m confident! – Oh. Oh boy. – [Woman Off Camera] Have you followed tutorials before? – No, literally never in my life. I’ve tried to, um, I’ve started it. And then I’m like, don’t tell me what to do.

– I’ve watched them, okay, sometimes they’re just like fun to watch. But never have I tried it on myself. Actually. – I hope that I have a little bit of an advantage, but. (laughs) being that I’m a fan of him, and I spend a lot of time on my makeup.

– [Woman Off Camera] So you’ll be following this tutorial, but you only have until the end of the video to recreate his look. That means no pausing and no rewinding. – Oh, we only go through it once? – [Woman Off Camera] Mm hmm.

(laughs) – [Woman Off Camera] You said that you spend about an hour and a half on your makeup. – Yeah when I do like the whole works of my eye makeup and everything, yeah like an hour and a half. – [Woman Off Camera] You’re gonna have like 8 minutes.

– Crap. – [Woman Off Camera] There will be only one winner. And three losers. What do you have to say to your competitors. – I’m sorry that I’m gonna make you do this punishment, because obviously I’m gonna have the best look.

I always do. And you shouldn’t feel bad about that. – [Woman Off Camera] So this is the look you’re going to recreate. You ready for this? – Yeah. I got this, its here. – [James Charles] All right guys so I’m first gonna start off by priming my face using the.

.. – Okay! – Oh I got it. What the (bleep) is this texture? What the hell is this feeling? (laughing) – He doing everything like below camera. Okay. – [James Charles] Oh that’s a good match, thank god.

Of the Makeup Forever ultra HD stick. So its pretty hard at this point to ever beat that one… – I am a VIB Rouge member at Sephora. Which means I spend one thousand dollars a year. I’m really nervous about blending time here.

I did not get all my primer in. – How… I need like a hair tie. – [Woman Off Camera] You have headphones you can use as a headband. – Oh let’s try. I’m gonna try to use my headphones as a head band. I don’t know if that makes me look more ridiculous now.

– [James Charles] I don’t have any new concealer to try out today so I’m just gonna use my handy dandy shape tape. In the shade light. – Okay! – [James Charles] So actually, after laying the shape tape over top of the foundation, I like how this looks a lot more.

It layered over the top… – He didn’t even put it on! Come on! – (bleep) it we’re not putting concealer on. (bleep) it we’re not doing concealer. Whatever too late. It’s fine I’ll still look cute. – [James Charles] I know I don’t really like baking anymore.

.. – Oh my god. I got the primer on my hands! I can’t get it off. – [Woman Off Camera] He also, he did his whole contour. – Already? – Contour baby advantage! Yes! – He’s already setting! He’s setting.

He’s already.. he’s already set. He’s already (bleep) set. (laughing) – Were baking without concealer. This is dangerous, don’t do this at home. – This is impossible. This is literally impossible. So a little red.

– (bleep) brows. I have cute eyebrows its fine. I don’t need that. – My brows are slayed always. Were gonna, we can skip that part. – Oh my god, this is all I… how the hell am I supposed to fill all this in with just the pencil.

– [James Charles] That looks really really good! – Thank you. – [Person In Video] … and dip into the shade bomb diggity. And use it as a transition. Okay whoa. And next were gonna grab another M433 brush and dip into the shade.

. – I just went for a color. YOLO. – I’m mixing things I don’t know if I’m supposed to mix. No, no, no. – I’m missing everything. – [Woman Off Camera] I’m gonna tell you right now he doesn’t do both eyes on camera.

– I’m just going with one eye right now. – The juxtaposition between him being like, this is gorgeous, and me looking at myself in the mirror is startling. – The more he compliments himself, the more I feel like garbage.

I wish he could see me right now. – [James Charles] That looks absolutely stunning. Just out of curiosity I’m also gonna grab a little bit of that on my finger. And try to put it that way on my face..

. – (whispers) oh my god. – Okay. Okay now we’re fingering it. – I am looking so good, is what’s going through my head right now. Also I still have tons of foundation on my hand. – I’m like four colors behind him I feel like, and I don’t know what he’s using! – [James Charles] To highlight the brow bone, I’m gonna grab the shade in scatter brain.

– Oh, ahhh! Oh, in the eye! – I’m starting to love how this is turning out. – [James Charles] Okay so I just went ahead and I did the other eye off camera super quickly. (sighs) – Ah damn it. (sighs) – Ew! These are so gross dude.

Ah! Oh (bleep). – I gotta put glue on my damn eye. – I’m shaking, oh. – I literally, I can’t even get them off of the… I pulled the eyelashes out. – Okay, and then highlighter. That’s the fun part. – I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.

I lost track of him long ago. – [James Charles] I’m gonna take my packing brush and dip it back into… – It’s this lipstick? – [James Charles] Adding that shadow was like literally the best idea ever.

This looks so, so pretty. And it was literally the easiest way to make a DIY metallic liquid lipstick. This look is now complete, so lets finish off… – Uh uh! – This is not my color. – [James Charles] Okay guys thank you so much for watching, I love you so much, and I will see you in the next video.

– No, no, no. I love you too but you’re really stressing me out. – [Woman Off Camera] Okay that’s time! (laughing) – I wanna cry. – Oh is that a picture of me? Is that my reflection currently? – Yeah I’m pretty close.

– [Woman Off Camera] How do you think you did? – Terrible. (laughing) I could not keep up because you need that blending time, you know, these aren’t my regular tools. He a very fast talker in general.

He only does like half his face in the video, I was like I can’t keep up. (sighs) – How’d I do? Be honest. – [Woman Off Camera] I think you look gorgeous. – Thank you. – Wait, can you see my eyelashes? Cause I look good.

– [Woman Off Camera] From here it looks good. – Well you should stay back there. – I think I just need a little blending time. I think all the pieces are there, just needs to be a little bit, you know, adjusted.

– [Woman Off Camera] If you had a little more blending time you think you’d do better? – Yeah I think, gimme like two minutes of blending time. And I’m ready to hit the runway. – [Woman Off Camera] Do you think it’s realistic to keep up with a makeup tutorial as you’re watching it? – Oh no way.

There’s no actual way you could do your makeup in that time. Like with that what, eight minutes he showed here, he probably had an hour of footage. You know, you just cut it down, show the little bits.

Like the highlights. And this is me trying to not.. (laughs) I missed like a million steps during that trying to keep up with one. – He seems very smart. Like he’s a very smart guy. You know, he talks really fast, and I think that’s why people watch it, even if they’re not doing their makeup.

Because its like very engaging. But also, absolutely not. If I were just putting that on in the morning, to get my makeup done, or to put my makeup on for the day, I would feel very stressed out. – [Woman Off Camera] What do you think James Charles’s look is saying? – I can do this, and you can’t.

– Oh he’s giving me… fall. – He looks like he is ready to like go walk a runway. Like he looks like he’s ready to get a million likes on the explore page on Instagram. I look like… a meme from Facebook in 2009.

– I feel like he’s saying, I know my (bleep). My look is saying, bat (bleep) crazy. – [Woman Off Camera] We’re gonna post these selfies on instagram and let the fan decide the winner. – This is so bad.

– [Woman Off Camera] From here it doesn’t look too bad. – Its the blending into my brow bone that’s happening. I’s like, I give up! Okay. – [Woman In Background] Work. (sighs) – There it is. (bleep) – Oh, it’s just me little hand.

– I’m doing some detail work here. Oh crap. (laughing) – I’m just gonna plop that one right back on. – [Woman Off Camera] Why do you think the fans should vote for you to win this competition? – I had a lot of heart.

And I wasn’t prepared for those steps, but I tired my best. And you know what? Its about the journey, not the end product. And I, I gave it my all during that journey. – I’m just.. I’m just a guy who tried his best.

– I think you should vote for me because I first of all, clearly did the best. Haven’t seen the other ones but, I feel it in my heart and soul. And also secondly, I didn’t just copy what a person on a screen was saying.

I kinda did my own thing. Did that subvert what I was supposed to be doing? Yes, but isn’t that kinda fun? Yes. – I think the fans should vote for me because I have the most heart. I think I have the most unique voice, on my face right now.

No one else looks like this. Go out on the street, you don’t see anyone looking like this. And I think that’s for a reason. (funky music) – [Woman Off Camera] You remember your makeup tutorial? – Oh how could I forget? – Ill be honest, I wasn’t very good at it.

– [Woman Off Camera] You want a little refresher of what you looked like? – Yes, its been a little while. Ah, you know what? Actually ill take that back. I look pretty good. – Oh. – [Woman Off Camera] There you are.

– Oh yeah, that was, uh, probably not my finest hour of blending, but… (laughs) – You kinda forget how bad it is, until you stare it down again. – [Woman Off Camera] So I’m gonna show you how your competitors did.

– Okay, I’m ready. That color looks really good on Brandon’s lips. – He’s clean, he’s pretty, I like those lips, he’s got a good pout going on, – Like a little child in the 1800’s. You know who used to pinch their cheeks to get rosey and stuff.

– Uh, I fear I fear Micaela. – What am I supposed to do with this? I’m supposed to, uh, compete with Micaela? – She did exactly as we would expect. Very solid. – See her hair looks great with those colors too! Great advantage.

– Rachel also killed it. The hand, its very… – Okay, Rachel seems to have gone in a similar direction as me, in terms of like, you know, straying off the path a little bit. But it looks pretty good.

(laughing) – Its actually alarming. Stephen! I was just at a meeting with him, like looking into his eyes. If I had known that this was inside of him the whole time. – Just like, the embodiment of what it means to be beautiful.

– See that is some contemporary art, is what happened. (laughing) Stephen came to serve his looks. – [Woman Off Camera] So we put your pictures on Instagram, and we let the fans decide kept up with this tutorial best.

– Yes. – [Woman Off Camera] With twenty three votes, Rachel, you are the big loser. – I know! (laughing) I know! Oh I was the biggest loser. I did the worst, I did worse than Steven they’re telling me.

– [Woman Off Camera] With thirty nine votes you came in third. – Wow. – [Woman Off Camera] So now its between you and Stephen. – I’m , uh, like the final runners right here. (laughing) I’m honored. – [Woman Off Camera] And with a whopping one hundred ninety four votes, Stephen you are the winner.

– No freaking way. It goes to show that I am a man of the people. – Sister Stephen, you brought it. – I knew it. I knew it. Incredible, like I said, embodiment of beauty. – If I had known, that all I had to do was be terrible.

– [Woman Off Camera] All right, do you wanna know what your prize is? – Yeah! – [Woman Off Camera] All right, set up his prize. – Oh my god, oh my god. This is a prize? This is like a punishment. – [Woman Off Camera] We wanna display your beauty! – Oh god.

– [Woman Off Camera] Now that were here with your prize, you wanna read some of the comment that you got? – Yes! Do you wanna know how Stephen got those scars? That is the best comment. I’m sorry but Stephen looks like he fell face first into a plate of chef boyardee.

Stephen’s is nightmare fuel. It really is. All I can say is to everyone who voted for me, this would not have been possible without your votes. And so I don’t really know if I should thank you, because this frankly is really upsetting.

Every time I look back, I lose a little bit of my soul. My friend. Thanks for watching “Can We Keep Up” on FBE two. – See if you can keep up with a James Charles tutorial. Leave us a link to your video and you might be in the next episode.

– If you wanna help decide the next winner, make sure to follow FBE on Instagram. – Subscribe to our channel, we put out new shows and live streams every week. And turn on the bell for notifications so you know when we’re live.

– Hi guys, I’m Madeline, the producer of this episode. I hope you enjoyed everyone fail at following along to this James Charles makeup tutorial. If you have other ideas for tutorials you want us to try, let us know in the comments! There’s cooking, baking, painting.

There’s so much to do! See ya!


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