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Candice Swanepoel VOGUE Summer Makeup Tutorial

Candice Swanepoel VOGUE Summer Makeup Tutorial

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel for another summer makeup tutorial so many years ago now i recreated one of my favorite editorial shoots from vogue brazil of candice swanepoel this was the first thumbnail so if you’ve been watching that long wow let me know in the comments down below but hopefully i’ve done a better job this time i really love the look and i do a lot of like natural summer looks so i thought this one would be beachy and fun but still really smoky and sexy so thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and make sure you’re subscribed and i’m working with l’oreal paris in this video and if you remember a couple months ago i did a lilly collins look with really bold brows that looked really natural and i used the l’oreal paris micro ink pen and then the l’oreal paris bambi eye mascara for a wide-eyed look and i’m using those same products but i have them in different shades so i’m using the dark blonde micro ink pen for softer brows and then i have the bambi eye mascara in the shade black is black and i really build it up so hopefully you like seeing these products in a different way and you enjoy the video and let’s get into it i forgot to mention that you can find the l’oreal paris products i was just talking about link below as well as everything else used and i’ve started with my wig i have lighter contacts in and foundation on and let’s brighten up the skin with this born this way concealer by too faced i’m highlighting the chin making it a bit rounder and we’re going to lift up those cheekbones and brighten up the forehead with this lighter shade then just blending in before adding in a cream blush this one’s awesome it’s from nude sticks and the shade is beach babe so perfect for this look i love it when my skin is clear or i’m not wearing a lot of makeup it looks really natural on the skin and i’m adding this on the cheeks as well as on the nose and bronzer we’re doing the classic three shapes so you want to go on your forehead temples under your cheekbones and then under your jawline and then just lightly all over this is one of my all-time favorite bronzers and now moving to the brows i’m using the l’oreal paris micro ink pen and i love the applicator it’s really unique to get the best results you want to make sure that the comb is swept upwards so you get the hair like strokes rather than across i just find upwards or downwards makes the most natural and subtle brow definition with this product this is a great dark blonde shade i have darker brunette hair so usually i go with a deeper shade but sometimes blonde brow pencils in general can be too orangey and this one has the perfect amount of warmth and color that lasts all day to get the candice look i’m doing a similar nose contour you guys know i love to transform a little bit but keep it wearable i’m exaggerating my nose bridge to be slightly wider than i normally do and then i’m creating a small v shape at the tip lightly blending out really easy and then moving on to the eye shadow i am so obsessed with this palette for summer look at these warm desert shades and i’m taking the sunset orangey shade from the start of the nose contour to about above the middle of the crease there and then i’m picking up some of the deepest purpley brown on the brush as well and then fading this all over the lid and bringing this combo under the bottom lash line as well quickly shading in the other eye and with more of a deeper shade i’m adding this into the outer crease keeping it pretty heavy on the inner and outer portion in like a rounded shape and blending into the natural crease too i really liked in these photos that the shadows looked bold and slightly harsh but you can blend this to be softer if you want and then i took a becca highlighter and i added the highlight shade in the inner corner onto the lid as well as the brow bone and you can use any light shade or highlighter that has some reflex to it taking a black pencil liner add in some more depth and glamour through the bottom lash line and the water line and i took a tiny bit and brought down the top lash line to extend the eye and balance that top portion of the look and one of my favorite mascaras ever is the l’oreal paris bambi eye mascara this time i have the shade blackest black i’m going for lots of lash separation here i love the short and long plastic bristles i’m wiggling the wide-eyed brush outwards from more of an almond shape to my round eyes and we get this instant wide-eyed effect the formula is very black and velvety so i let the first coat dry and then i’m adding it in more to the outer corner lashes so they are as elongated as possible and the bold black mascara really brings the liner and shadows all together and for lips i’m over lining my top lip in a rounded shape and i’m also over lining my bottom lip so going really pouty and this is my go-to lip liner with the beach babe nude sticks i’m patting this over my lips to blend in the lip liner bring in some color and then to get that dimensional look i’m gonna bring in the tones from the eye into the lips with the lightest matte shade from the palette i’m putting this to the center of my bottom lip for a matte finish and this will make the whole lip look larger you can use a nude lipstick i just find that powders are easier to make um like dimension and it look distinct rather than mixing lip shades together and then with the deepest shade i’m fading this on the outer and inner corners this really makes the lip pop and then i’m blending out adding in a bit more of a lighter concealer plus highlight mixed in there especially to the cheekbones and the tip and bridge of the nose and there we have the summery beach goddess look inspired by the gorgeous candace swanepool totally reminds me styling wise of the brook shields blue lagoon tutorial i did last year i love this free people shirt super worn in i got it thrifting and then i layered some of my favorite necklaces from maui these are from sophie grace maui so i’ll have everything linked below and this wig was a nightmare if you can tell um i have cut the top of my head off in this video because usually i blend blonde extensions through my hair but um i bought the wrong ones so anyways it’s a wig i’m not the best with blonde wigs because it’s hard to make the part look very natural but i hope you like the look hopefully i camouflage that well and i can’t wait to see you guys at trying it out as well if you want to check out the l’oreal paris products i really recommend them i just picked up a new dark brunette because i really like it for the head of the brow i of course use the blonde shade today just to get a different look this is the one i normally go for and what else could i talk about well i’m going to show you some bloopers because it has been torture to film this today especially for summer because this was my first version and i don’t even that dog needs to stop i have my groovy girl to keep me sane right now and i love it when you guys tag me in your photos so i can feature you in my videos so keep on tagging me and i’ll see you in my next summer video


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