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Car Trouble, New Foundation, Late for Appointment, Life Update Mukbang ūüėč

Car Trouble, New Foundation, Late for Appointment, Life Update Mukbang ūüėč

subscribe to see all the¬† videos live clothing halls have welcome back to my channel if you’re new i’m desi¬† hit that subscribe button down below if you would like¬†¬† to see more videos from me i need to get in the¬† car because it’s time to go to kennedy’s checkup¬†¬† appointment we’re having difficulties with this¬† car because for whatever reason is saying that¬†¬† there’s no key fob inside the car when¬† clearly there’s a key fob in the car¬†¬† and it’s not starting or even acknowledging¬† that there’s a key fob in the car so¬†¬† that’s what we’re dealing with right now hey we just changed the battery out and now it¬† works but we’re going to keep that battery because¬†¬† that was a brand new battery so it shouldn’t¬† have like died so suddenly look at this idiot¬†¬† like why are you driving that fast over a bin like¬† come on dude guys i used a new foundation today¬†¬† so the bx was having a sale on becca foundation¬† i always use becca skin like primers and stuff¬†¬† like that but i’ve never tried their foundation¬† and i don’t know let me know this is my hand and that’s my face it is darker than the¬† foundation i normally use i normally use the¬†¬† norris foundation and i love norris that’s fake¬† normally use nars sometimes i use fancy but like¬†¬† fancy girl she’d be giving me problems i love¬† you riri but i use fenty when i know it’s only¬†¬† going to be for like maybe a video or like¬† a picture but like every day i’ll use noise¬†¬† norris is my go-to foundation but this foundation¬† is a little it’s darker than what i it’s like it’s¬†¬† a huge darker than i actually am you can see that¬† there and the undertones are red my undertones¬†¬† clearly not red but i’m gonna wear it today to see¬† how i like it or whatever and if i like it honey¬†¬† i’m gonna go back to the bx and get¬† more because they’re on sale right now¬†¬† for nine dollars they’re virtually 45¬† so 45 tonight maybe that’s a win to me y’all we drove all the way to lawn stool that’s¬† like 30 minutes from where we live right just to¬†¬† get here and then to not see her we’re late¬† and they’re sticking to their 10 minutes um¬†¬† late policy or whatever they already left for a¬† mercy lunch or whatever the case was the doctor’s¬†¬† not there anymore they were gonna give her her¬† shots the man was like there’s no shot record of¬†¬† her ever getting shot so we need her record which¬† i had to record but it’s on my cell phone and he’s¬†¬† like oh well we can’t take that or whatever¬† the case was and now we gotta come back so¬†¬† she’s happy she’s back there with her ball and¬† her little nasty cookie i’ve been giving her these¬†¬† it’s like a breakfast biscuit i’m hungry so¬† we’re just going to go get some cantina mesticata¬†¬† their burritos are fire to me i was so¬† a little annoyed a little bit because we¬†¬† passed another burrito spot that i want to try¬† so i’m probably going to try that this weekend¬†¬† there’s so many food places out here i want to try¬† and they’re not even german they’re probably like¬†¬† american or something i don’t know i’m gonna¬† do a little sit-down book bang with you guys¬†¬† and let you guys know what’s been up with me¬† because it’s not much to do today it’s raining¬†¬† i’m hungry i’m probably gonna¬† take a picture for the gram and kennedy what’s up ma what you got to say what you got to say you was talking¬† all that noise what you got to say oh okay exactly nothing you want to fight or something you were the fighters out there why you took¬† them socks off why you took them socks off girl you too much you too much let me¬† see them toes let’s do the toes poop say bye bye say bye bye girl they don’t want to see your feet¬† say bye bye bye oh my gosh i don’t know bye are you here for pick up yes um crap i don’t¬† buy it’s the burritos yes one with no beans no¬†¬† tomatoes we’re just on the way home now oh boy¬† i looked down and looked up at the wrong time¬†¬† because i looked down and i thought that¬† truck was coming over but obviously it wasn’t somebody said if my eyes gotta be¬† sprayed baby you can keep the lashes of course it’s not gonna focus maybe if my eyes¬† gotta be that red you can keep them lashes girl¬†¬† what and then they’re not even¬† that cute like i hate those lashes it looks like she even smoked a badass blood maybe my scripts they never did nothing see this is why i need to be in texas man that’s how you know your alcoholic are you you¬† like alcohol a little too much so i don’t know¬†¬† if you remember but a while back i was saying that¬† i wanted to go to texas uh to go to the turkey leg they had like crawfish crab legs turkey¬† legs honey apparently they got this frozen¬†¬† done julio drink and they look bomb¬† like you drive don’t that look long it looks so good you want to see it look like this kitty yeah you got no spoon no fork no nothing um who are you put your feet your¬† hand in my food hey what you hungry uh-uh making a mess sit down sit down booty here eat your food this is like our fourth or fifth time eating this¬†¬† from here so i know i’m mad that i don’t have a¬† utensil normally they put um forks in the bag but i don’t have any i don’t want any sour cream today some sour cream that i’m not gonna use¬† in some salsa so this burrito consists of¬†¬† just meat and cheese because i didn’t¬† want all of the extra stuff in there y’all i’m so hungry i’m sitting at these people eating money okay baby i’ve been missing the action on youtube i’ve been¬† very active on instagram ready you guys should¬†¬† follow me on instagram you won’t regret it i don’t¬† know how they just sit here and here they talk and eat i’m hungry baby this rice is blessing¬† okay there’s the boston my sister had her baby¬†¬† which i’m so annoyed and kind of sad a little¬† low-key jealous that i can’t be there and um i¬†¬† can’t be there and like love on him because he’s¬† so cute like he’s so cute he’s like a chocolate¬†¬† baby i love him the lockdown is finally over¬† we’re able to like go out shopping and stuff so do you no um so that’s always¬† fun so i’m probably gonna go¬†¬† to the mall this weekend and¬† check out what they got over there¬†¬† spend a little money i’m looking for um some boxes¬† with a house and like a fake plant real plant¬†¬† whatever i want some greenery around the house i¬† have some big things in store that i’m working on¬†¬† but i’m gonna keep them to myself because i find¬† that when you tell people like some stuff that¬†¬† you’re really excited about they’re kind of¬† they kind of just get in their feelings and¬†¬† be hate and hating for no reason like¬†¬† since if i win you win because once i get big¬† i’m gonna bring you with me duh but i don’t¬†¬† know i just find that a lot of people only care¬† about what you got going on when it benefits them¬†¬† and i don’t like that i don’t like nothing¬† about it okay there’s a freaking bug in here and i gotta kill it oh my god come on candy¬† get up and it’s a flying bug bro look at this¬†¬† oh my goodness it must you see it yeah i don’t know why is it not focusing¬† in this man sleep kennedy stop¬†¬† i don’t i don’t never remember killing no bug¬† before in my life y’all y’all see it y’all¬†¬† can’t even see but i like spikes and [ __ ] on¬† it oh my gosh i’m scared i’m scared oh my god¬†¬† what if it’s like a poison bug or something¬† oh that was so nasty i burped y’all excuse me oh god sorry i’m sorry y’all i’m so scared i hate¬† bugs oh no you came into the wrong house sir¬†¬† he came in the wrong house pootie yo i don’t like¬† bugs like i’m sorry if you don’t like bugs and you¬†¬† have to go through that i apologize too that¬† was the first time i ever killed the bug booty that’s the first time i ever killed the¬† bug i always make ryan kill them excuse me no i’ve been trying to potty train her and¬† she was doing really good and then last week¬†¬† she had just a horrible week where she didn’t¬† pee on the pot one time like not even once so¬†¬† normally we wake up i put her in the pot she pee¬†¬† her diaper is dry meaning through the whole night¬† she didn’t pee one time so i put her i put her¬†¬† in the pot and normally she peed just fine but¬† last week she started having like more accidents what’s wrong pick it up you¬† want to sit down yeah go ahead¬†¬† she’ll start having more accidents during night¬† time so uh we’re waking up and her diapers¬†¬† wet so i put her on the pot and she wouldn’t¬† pee like i mean homegirl was sitting on the¬†¬† pot for a good 15 minutes and would not¬† pee so i’m thinking maybe she just peed um like already like i i didn’t make it to¬† the toilet in time or whatever so yeah¬†¬† she just kept peeing on the floor like i’ll let¬† her run around naked because i don’t like her¬†¬† with the diaper on her all the time so i normally¬† just let her run around run around with no clothes¬†¬† on just to like give her some air you know¬† air it out a little bit and don’t you do that¬†¬† all right give it here go give it here so yeah she just peed on the floor¬†¬† and if i put her in the pot and she¬† didn’t pee i’ll put her pull-up on¬†¬† i’m talking i put her pull-up on and immediately¬† when the pull-up get on but then she pulled her¬†¬† pull-up down for because there’s pee in¬† it so that’s what we’ve been dealing with¬†¬† with her she’s teething the rest of her molars¬† are coming in and she’s not enjoying it at all¬†¬† so that’s the update on kennedy i’ve¬† been mentally drained honey like¬†¬† it seems like everybody that i talk to only¬† talk to me when it’s convenient for them and¬†¬† like i just needed something come¬† here baby let me see let me see i just needed someone to talk to but i don’t¬† want to be a burden to people so i don’t really¬†¬† let them know fully what’s going on with me so i¬† know that has to be a me problem because how can¬†¬† somebody help you if they don’t know you need help¬† you know what i mean but instead of being like yo¬†¬† what’s good you good or something like that it’s¬† always you got a problem like girl i don’t have a¬†¬† problem maybe you should here i don’t know i just¬† know when some people when people i know i talk to¬†¬† like more frequent than others and i noticed¬† that they’re like missing on social media like¬†¬† not giving me the normal responses¬† they would normally give me i just¬†¬† check in with them to make¬† sure they’re mentally okay um¬†¬† i don’t know that’s it i’ve been through my¬† thoughts a little grinding profile like i¬†¬† just been doing my thoughts though i normally¬† rock by myself it’s a little weird wait here i just been chilling like being the best mom¬† i could be no i talked to maybe one person¬†¬† not including ryan of course one person¬† and i’m perfectly okay with that like how i feel is how i feel there’s water off a dog’s¬† back if somebody got a problem with me they got a¬†¬† problem with their self because i don’t have a¬† problem with nobody like it just is what it is girl see what i mean why would you do this watch out watch yourself now i’m¬† about to finish eating my food¬†¬† and get her together put on some cocoa¬† melon or something because jesus what okay¬†¬† put on some cocoa melon um let her¬† rest down because it’s almost nap time¬†¬† and i’ll just see you guys in the next video peace¬†¬† so you


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