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Carnival Makeup Tutorial

Carnival Makeup Tutorial

That’s right! I made my way up to Toronto, Canada to celebrate Caribana with my homegirl LaToya Forever. For those of you that don’t know who she is, you need to check her out; she is georgeous and crazy.

All in one. Caribana is the largest street festival in North America. And this street festival celebrates Caribbean culture. I love Caribana. It’s all about shameless self expression–you’re just purging, you’re just having fun, you’re just dancing.

Now if you want more information on how to take part in Caribana, I’m gonna have some links in the description box. So make sure you check that out. Yes, the costumes are fierce. And if you have a shameless and fierce costume, masquerading and palancing down Lakeshore Boulevard, you best believe you need to have a fierce and shameless face on.

So, in this video, I’m gonna break my look down. I posted photos on Facebook and Instagram, and all my boos were asking me, ‘how I do that right there?’ Let’s just jump right into it, okay? And I’m first gonna start of with a base.

If y’all don’t know how to put your base on, you need to watch my makeup video. First thing you wanna do is prime your eyes. This is the most important step because we’re gonna go fierce. So I’m using Sigma’s base, by persuade.

Also put some underneath here. There we go. Now I’m gonna use this dark purple. Why not? Go there. Go the mile. You can use pink, you can use red, you can use blue. My homegirl Mila inspired me to play with those eyebrows.

Okay, onto the eyes. Here’s the eyeshadow. So we’re gonna take this, and we use this pink right here. And just keep packing it on. Okay, done. And you get your scotch tape. Put it like so. I’m gonna get a fluffy brush.

So I’m gonna use this purple right here. Spread it out. The Sigma performance eye brush kit… this is handy. This is handy for intricate eyelid work. I like to, you know, carve out a bridge for myself.

And then bring it out. And then I’m gonna take the same purple and bring it into my eyebrow. And this would just make it blend well with this. Okay then I’m gonna use another purple. And then… start over here.

So I’m blending the colors. Then I’m gonna use this. Right here. And blend, trick! Blend! Pink. A light pink. And go on the brow bone. Take it off. So then you’re gonna take your Sigma brush… Any light color, whether it’s pink, on the bottom.

And then, maybe get a lighter white and put it in the corner. There we go. So you’ll notice the tape took my makeup off. There. Then we’re gonna get some eyeliner. I’m using Lancome. Then we wanna get some black mascara.

Cause there’s all this fall off from the eye shadow. And then you’re gonna get yourself some falsies. Yes, falsies. We need to get those jewels on. Lash adhesive–now, use a clear one. Okay, so I have all my jewels in here.

Just brush it on, like so. Boom! There we go. I’m gonna put some white ones here. Gold. Just put it up my nose, yo. We want intense. This is not intense enough, so I’m gonna use the Kiko. Lips. Let’s try this color, I just bought this.

Mascara on the bottom. You have to make that face. So you wanna give yourself a look over. Then what you wanna do is get some lotion. And you just put it on. This is fun times–you get your glitter. It’s all about the glitter, okay? That’s the look.

I wanna give a shoutout to Jay Ellyiot! Mr. Jay Ellyiot on the beats, he bringing it down–he bringing it down, he breaking it down! Boy, what you know about dat one boy! Your Filipino rass! All day long! LATOYA: Love her.

(Accent) LaToya Forever! Where ya bloody rass at? Shameless wants to know where ya at?! We break it down–we go, we go… break it down! Wind it up like so! Grind it! Wind it like so! Give em de tail feather! Oh gosh! I’m feelin’ the spirit! I’m catching the spirit! Oh gosh! Ya just slow whine fa dem in de slow motion.

Pon de river, pon de bank! You got to twerk it and work it and pop it and lock it! And… twerk it and pop it and lock it!


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