hello bris kitties Selina Kyle here to show you how to get that perfect smokey cat eye for all your nighttime cat Bergling needs let’s get started first step since unfortunately you don’t have a fur coat to cover it up use a liquid foundation to even out your skin tone then blend it in with a Beauty Blender until your looking as flawless as an unrealistic female video game character don’t forget to throw some on your neck as well just to make sure the to match next carve out your cheekbones rather dramatically using a dog bronzer and a slight curving motion buff out those harsh lines a bit with a fluffy brush and then go in with a lighter bronzer and a dab of blush just to lighten things up a little and give you a little color these colors should blend out a bit further than your first layer of bronzer next your going to attempt to contour your little kitty nose using bronzer draw lines down either side of your nose and between your nostrils then gently blend those lines down using a highlighter or in my cheap case of shimmery eyeshadow light up the bridge of your nose and put a little dot on the tip next use that I shad I mean highlighter to brighten up your cheekbones and you’re philtrum now we’re going to set all that in with a bit of powder foundation simple stuff really now we’re going to use a purple or brown eyeshadow I mean lip liner to line your lips now also fill in the corners of your lips with the same color now cover all that with a reddish pink and fill in more purple as needed use a black eyeshadow to make sure your eyebrows are as black as your heart now for the eyes cover your eyelids with a shimmery gray sometimes referred to as silver cover the outer corner and crease of your eyelid with a dark purple in a little v-shape next take the blackest black and just smudge it all around the outer corner of your eyelid and along the lash line don’t forget to smudge it around your lower lash line as well and make sure you’re making really attractive faces while doing it then just take a fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines now finally for the eyeliner draw an arrow triangle at the corner of your eye fill it in and thickly line your lashes extend the line slightly past the corner of your eye for that extra kitty effect now use some black liquid liner to really sharpen those edges then just fill in your lower lash line with a black eyeliner and throw on some fake lashes if you want now apply plenty of mascara to your upper lashes as well as your lower lashes throw on a collar and some gloves and you’re done now the world is your oyster so get out there and show what you got


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