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cc)글리터가득💫눈이커보이는 메이크업ㅣGlitter Brown Makeupㅣ아랑

cc)글리터가득💫눈이커보이는 메이크업ㅣGlitter Brown Makeupㅣ아랑

Hi everyone. It’s Arang Now that end of the year is approaching, people are looking for more glam/glitter makeup looks I’m also getting into glittery makeup rather than matte makeup too. so I created a makeup look using my recent favorites and new products.

I have short, hooded eyes. I will tell you some eye makeup tips to make this type of eyes look big and extended. Should we go and watch the glitter makeup together? I’m going to start the makeup. This is what I’m using now Needly Daily Toner Pad.

Because it’s cloudy today, the sun is going in and out The light situation might change during the makeup but I’ll try my best to make it consistent. I’ve been enjoying Needly Toner Pad these days.

I discovered this brand as someone recommended this to me. so I tried the Toner Pad without much expectations but it’s so good. I ordered the pad from their website two days ago. Apparently it’s coming today.

The embossing is so soft. It naturally exfoliates your skin For your base makeup to apply better, there should be no dead skin cells or other waste left on the skin. But if I use a harsh peeling or scrub product, it makes my skin red and gives me skin troubles the next day.

so I take care of skin texture with a toner pad everyday. This removes the dead skin cells better and helps base makeup to apply better If you have thin skin like me, I recommend that you use a toner pad everyday, wipe little by little.

I can feel that doing this everyday makes my skin better. I’m happy with my skin these days! Numbuzin 2 Makeup Boosting Toner I have recommended Numbuzin #2 and #3 toner since last year I even ran a market as well.

I still love using them I use #2 toner all the time. I also like using #3 for night care. It’s definitely great for moisturizing or for light care. Numbuzin is so famous now. #2 toner helps your makeup to apply better.

I highly recommend it! It changes your skin condition. You guys constantly request Arang’s market for Numbuzin #2 and #3 toner Maybe I can bring the #3 toner when it gets colder in winter. I’m slipping a spoiler here Labiotte Hyalbiome Water Ampoule I also use Labiotte all the time.

I used up this much already. I can still get away with using Labiotte by itself I mainly focus on hydrating my skin in the morning. I love using it so much but honestly in cold winter around Jan and Feb, this might not be enough to be used on its own I want to use it as much as possible before it gets too cold so I’m using it generously.

I think I will finish this bottle soon. This definitely focuses on restoring hydration to the skin so it’s great for those whose skin feels dry inside. My skin feels so dry inside. Many of the skincare products I show are for attending inner dryness.

The one I just used is Hyalbiome Sunscreen is Dr.G I only focus on hydrating care in the morning and focus on nourishing at night. That’s it for the base. This is Etude Double Lasting Foundation in Ivory.

Lightly sweep it on with a brush and go over the brush marks with a puff. Normally, I’d have started using a glowy foundation or cushion by now. but because I have to wear a mask, I still reach for matte foundations even in autumn and winter.

This foundation leaves a matte finish so I will move on to the rest of the makeup without setting with powder. This is A.black Glam Change Multi Palette in Caramel Brown As we are heading into the end of the year, I was planning to do glam and bling makeup.

and A.black sent me this palette. The color scheme is beautiful. They are suitable for warm skin tone. I’m going to do full glam makeup. I filled them in with a shadow and added texture with Ebony pencil I filled them in with a shadow and added texture with Ebony pencil If you have sparse or light brows like me, this one is great I have sparse, light brows so I fill in the brows like you’d pour black powder on bald spots in the hair.

Ebony pencil is like that black powder. It always fills in the brows nicely. It’s often used on male actors but I use it on me. I will be contouring heavily today so I’m going to blend out the shadow up to the crease line, right below the brows.

Sometimes, we are not sure how far the first base color should be blended up to The easiest method is to check the hollow of the eyes. Adding depth to that crease makes your eyes bigger. Also, blending the shadow up to that point looks the most stable.

I’m going to apply the first base color up to the hollow of the eyes. The most important part in my opinion, is the C zone that connects the top and button lids . Lightly apply it on the C zone to make the back of the eyes look more sunken! I’m going to mix two darker brown colors I applied the color past the crease line.

You can blend out the contour color more natural by almost closing your eyes like this. That way, the shadow can cover the eyes even when your eyes are open I’m going over the same C curl zone that I applied the base in rolling motion.

I filled in the bottom part of the C line thoroughly. It looks like the outer corner is smudged because of the shadow fall outs. You gotta keep wiping it with a Q tip to keep it clean. That’s it for the second shade.

The next one is Hot Tea color! It’s a brown color with golden shimmer. It’s from the palette But when applied, I felt like the gold shimmers don’t go on evenly. It does feel a bit patchy I feel like the gold shimmers fly away more when applied with brush than finger.

This can be used as an eyeliner. If you want the gold shimmer to show up more, apply with your finger. If you want to use it as an eye liner, I think brush is a better tool I’m going to put on some glitter now.

I’m like a crow. I can’t live without glitters. I decided to use this palette because the glitter in this palette swatches so beautiful It’s a beautiful rose gold champagne color. Isn’t this pretty? Grab it on a finger.

I used a brush at first but the fall out was so bad. I used a brush at first but the fall out was so bad. It sets so well when pressed down with a finger. Once it’s set, it doesn’t come off easily I want to be precise on the aegyosal so I’m going to press it down with a brush.

I’m using The Tool Lab 219 brush. I want to add more glitter on the top lid. Let’s grab Melting Bling. I’m going to add shimmery glitter on top of the base color to create a natural gradient effect with the champagne color on the center.

Blend it out lightly. For mascara, I’m going to use Innisfree Simple Label. I reach for Simple Label mascara often for no makeup makeup or for very natural makeup look. It applies neat and doesn’t clump.

That’s why I like it. Also, the applicator is thin so it doesn’t get on the eyelid even if you have hooded eyes. I always have this in my makeup bag but I’m showing this in a video for the first time, Apply with horizontal strokes to put on a lot on the lashes then brush it up with vertical strokes.

It will comb the lashes and get rid of the clumps. It doesn’t add dramatic volume or anything But I recommend it if you want to apply mascara neatly. The blush is Romand’s Pear Chip The color doesn’t show up strong.

It applies soft This formula is finely milled and soft. It works well as a setting powder too. I often use it when I want to have a natural flush of color on the face. I highly, highly recommend it if you have warm skin tone, for both spring and autumn You can’t go wrong with it.

Isn’t this beautiful? I contoured all the way up to the hollow of the eyes and added highlighting glitter on top of it. That adds volume to the eyes. Contour the top of the socket one more time to add more depth to the eyes, to make it look even more sunken.

A shadow – highlight – shadow formation makes the highlight past pop up even more. I’ve been using this a lot lately. It’s great as a lip base. My natural lip color isn’t very pigmented. When I want to overdraw my lips or blend out a lip color, Having this Dear Dahlia as a base helps other colors to blend out better on top.

I’ve been using it a lot lately This is Self Beauty’s Fig. Today, I created this glitter makeup that makes your eyes look bigger, which is good for end of the year parties. I thoroughly enjoyed A.

black palette today. When they first came out, I liked it and bought one for myself Then the brand sent me a palette as a PR sample after that. I thought about what to do with it, and decided to send this A.

black palette and the products that I use often to a subscriber as a gift. I’m always so thankful that you guys watch my videos and support my channel and I’m so thankful for those who leave me comments too.

I want to send out a gift to the people who always watch my tutorials but couldn’t get the same products and those who always left comments under my videos. I prepared this event myself. I’ll leave all the details in the description box and comment.

Everyone who came to watch my video, please win a gift. Have what day? Have an Arang day. Bye!


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