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Challenge QUEEN – Navratri Special Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial | Episode 4 | DIYQueen

Challenge QUEEN – Navratri Special Makeup | Step By Step Tutorial | Episode 4 | DIYQueen

Wait, wait what happened? where are you going? navratri is going on so i’m going in nearby society for worship If you go in pandal like this then along with people god will ran out, what? take so navratri getup You are saying right let me do one thing the makeup that you did on puja’s wedding i’ll do that Don’t be no.

1 fool every occasion has different get up, but i don’t know how to do that get up? I knew that you will say this come i’ll tell you how to take navratri get up So if you also wants to know that how we did this easy navratri makeup look? so fast hit 50,000 LIKES and SUBSCRIBE the channel So it is most important to prime the skin here she applied the oil because her skin is dry She is becoming smart she did eye makeup first because if it is fall out then it will get clean Here priyanka filled the eye brow and set with spooly If you want you can also conceal the eye brow and shape just like here priyanka did Just now conceal the whole eyelid so that you will get a good base for eyeshadow So it’s navratri time you will take care of your lehenga or makeup that’s why here we keep the eye makeup simple Then set the base with powder very well Now take light eyeshadow and blend well on crease area To create some depth in eyes we took the little dark eyeshadow and place it just down to first eyeshadow and blend it well She wants to make sexy look that’s why she applied black eyeshadow To make smoky eye blend black eyeshadow on lid so well Don’t forget the lower lash line because if you don’t apply the eyeshadow there look will look incomplete Now take the first transition colour and blend it on lower lash line then taking the same eyeshadow colour blend with transition colour So take the kajal and apply on water line well Applying lashes is optional if you want you can also complete the look with mascara only Now we are quite extra so we applied the lashes and mascara too Now nicely conceal the under eyes area and face highlighted area And apply foundation on whole face and blend it so well remember blending is key the more you blend foundation look more seamless If you are blending the foundation with beauty blender in place of brush it will look more skin like Now set the complete face or concealed area with powder Now just contour your chubby cheeks and give lovely reddish Now its dandiya night and we have highlight more so don’t forget to apply highlighter If you want you can apply any lipstick of your choice See i’m looking more beautiful than you, i told you and you are saying this to me By the way this will all go on but please let us know by comments that how much you like this look? And yes surely try this look at this navratri


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