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Chibiusa/Chibi Moon Anime Makeup Tutorial for Halloween!

Chibiusa/Chibi Moon Anime Makeup Tutorial for Halloween!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Halloween is approaching. Today I’m dressed up as Chibi Moon who is this character in the Sailor Moon series. Sailor Moon is a big part of my childhood and I’ve always wanted to dress up as Sailor Moon for Halloween.

The reason why I chose this look is because I was surfing Tao Bao for Halloween costumes and the Sailor Moon costume is one of the cheapest there is. I think it was only nine dollars. So I’ve also actually included an ezbuy link for the costume that I bought.

When I was choosing among all the Sailor Moon characters I just thought Chibi Moon would be the least effort because she already has pink hair. So today I did this look. Let’s get started! Okay, so the first thing I’m gonna do is to wear my contact lenses.

I think her eyes are like red actually, but red is abit scary lah. So there’s no way anyone can look good with red eyes. You’ll just look like a zombie. Let’s just use pink instead. Yay! Very anime. So the next thing I’m gonna do is to put my foundation on.

And I have with me here the new Urban Decay Cushion Compact. I’ve used it like one time before and I really like it. The packaging is really nice cause it’s like got holographic one. The good thing about cushion compacts right is that they’re like kind of really light and it gives you this dewy dewy look lah.

But, the bad thing about it is that it takes a really long time to apply. Alright, got my base done. Ah shit, I wanted to use a Primer but I forgot about it. You know what, I’m gonna try Primer after Foundation.

See whether it works. Because I have the new Fenty Beauty Primer here and it’s supposed to be really good. Hey! It’s not bad. I feel like it’s like smoothing out my skin. So I’m gonna apply my second layer of foundation and I’m gonna be using the Fenty Beauty.

They just gave it to me, and it’s in colour #100. It’s their Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation. And I’m just gonna apply this where you usually would see a highlight, which is here. Even like a really small amount can cover quite a big area.

So, quite good. So she has this like crown thingy that’s here. Oh my god, this eyeliner is really really good. Their new formula or something, it’s just really good. I don’t know how they did it. But it’s very very opaque and super difficult to come off.

So next I’m gonna draw a little moon in the center of it. Now I’m gonna fill up this area with a gold colour. And then the center of it is white. For the gold colour I am going to be using the Too faced Glitter Bomb palette.

So they have this like really nice gold that I think is a good suitable colour. I don’t know what I’ll be doing this Halloween but for the last few Halloweens, I think I just stayed home and like spend it with Dash.

Like very few people organise Halloween parties. And it’s like I don’t really know what the kids do. Because I know the adults go to like, Zouk. Where are the kids supposed to dress up? Are they supposed to go like Trick or Treating? Because it’s not really a tradition in Singapore.

So, it’s kind of weird if you go and knock on people’s houses. Like sure everyone think you damn weird lah. So, I think that this colour is a little bit too Rose Gold. So I’m gonna add abit of Trophy Wife from Fenty Beauty.

So it’s this really really nice shade of Gold. See whether it’s more shiny. Ooh, it is! Okay, very nice. Okay, so now it’s pretty shiny. That’s nice, I should tattoo this on my head. So next I’m gonna fill up the moon with a white colour and I’m using NYX White Liquid Liner.

Next thing I’m gonna do is my eyebrows! In the anime she actually just has like eyebrows that are just one line black colour which will look awful. So today I’m just gonna try to have eyebrows that match my hair.

I’m just gonna do like pink colour eyebrows. First thing is to actually put pink mascara on my eyebrows! And I’m using this Hard Candy pink colour mascara that I had with me ever since like I don’t know, 2009 or something.

It’s been around for a really long time. So it’s almost dried out by now. If you don’t have pink mascara or you don’t want to have pink eyebrows you can just go with like brown I guess? I have with me this I think it’s a lip liner.

The brand is called like Elegance. I don’t know where you can find it. I think I bought it long long long long ago from some like cheapo shop. And I also have with me another lip liner in a lighter pink shade.

The inner parts I’m gonna use the lighter pink/ And then I’m gonna use Elegance at the back. Next I am just gonna do my eye shadow. I just wanna focus on making the eyes look as big as possible. So I’m just gonna keep the shadow kind of simple.

And I’m gonna go into my Too faced Glitter Bomb Palette again. And they have a variety of pink colours here so I’m just gonna, kind of mix it. For the top lids here I will use the colour Fairy Dust. I am gonna put double eyelid sticker.

Because it will make my eyes look a little bit bigger, more anime. I don’t know this brand, this 3M. Yeah it definitely makes your eyes look a little bit bigger. Next I’m gonna use this colour called Confetti.

Next I’m gonna use this colour called Hot Damn. The bottom eyelids I am just gonna use my same Fenty Beauty in Trophy Wife again. I’m gonna contour my face. I have with me here the newest Kat Von D contour which they just gave to me.

It’s brand new I haven’t tried it yet. It’s actually their famous contour palette but in cream. So I’m a little bit apprehensive because creme is a little bit more difficult to control than powder. But, let’s try it Because they gave me a special brush to use it with.

Mm, okay lah not bad. Wah, this brush is damn good eh. It’s like super dense and stuff. Wow! Actually this creme contour is like quite easy to use. Gonna do my usual nose contouring. I am going to apply eyeliner.

Next is for eyelashes. And I have with me here eyelashes that I got from Tao Bao that are like ridiculously thick. With and without is ridiculous. I think if you’re trying to do an anime look for Halloween It’s important to choose lashes that are kind of longer in the middle because they have this like really round eyes.

and you wanna have the more round kind of shape lah. Don’t choose lashes that are just kind of really short in the middle and then really long at the end. For that like, cat eye look The bottom lashes is where it gets a little bit more interesting.

Because mostly when people do anime makeup They always have white eyeliner at the bottom to make your eyes look really really big and then after that apply lower eyelashes. I’m gonna use DollyWink. Yeah, their lower eyelashes are the best lah.

I’m going to draw my lower lash line with a black liner. I’m just gonna put a fake lash here, add some more. So I’m gonna put some mascara on my lower eyelashes. I’m using Tarte in Lights Camera Lashes.

Let’s do the same for the other side. The last thing I kind of wanna do is to add a little like eye bag. That kind of makes you look more cute and innocent. I think that eye bags actually look pretty nice.

Like if they are tight and close to your eye. You can tell that this eye actually looks bigger than the other eye because of the eye bags. Next I am going to apply my blusher And, I think I’m just gonna use my trusty Candy Doll neon pink blusher which I always use.

Chibi Moon has these two dots on her face. That looks like that so I’m gonna draw that right now. So I think the only thing left right now is for lips. I’m gonna be using the Too Faced Melted Matte in Holy Chic.

Actually this is one of my favourite all time colours. So it’s a really really pale pink. So I’m just gonna put some like foundation or concealer at the side of the lips. So that the lips actually appear more narrow which is more anime.

I’m just gonna put a spot of darker pink gloss in the middle. So I’m using Urban Decay’s Lip Gloss in the colour Savage. Okay, so apparently this colour I think is a little bit too light. So I’m gonna try using my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in.

. Wah I don’t even know how to pronounce this country. Addis Ababa. Alright, so I’m done with my makeup. I’m gonna start with my fringe now. And what I’m gonna do is to just take a section of fringe. Just kind of roll it with my hands.

It’s just like rolling a popiah (spring roll) Hey! You’re a bad person. I’m talking to my hair I’ve gone insane. Okay, I got a cute fringe. It’s just that you can see all the bobby pins. But other than that, A for effort.

Now I’ve to do the two stupid things! Oh my god. You know what? I’m not even gonna bother to try to do that. I’m just gonna try to like do this. Just an antenna. And then I am going to pin it so that it’s more in front.

This look is ultra childish lah, but nevermind lah. I am like overcompensating for my lost childhood where I never do this when I was younger so.. It’s alright. So this is how Chibi Moon’s hair looks like.

Um, all things considered I think I did not a bad job. Considering that most people who do this look actually use a wig. And I just use my own hair and style it by myself. So I’ve got my gloves and my choker on and I’ve completed the look.

And now I’m just gonna go home with like nowhere to go because it’s not Halloween yet! I’ll just drive home like that and when the other passengers look at me I’m just gonna be like Okay, so we’ve come to the end of the episode.

Remember to hit the Like button and the Subscribe button and I hope you guys have a Happy Halloween! See you guys next time! Bye!


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