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Christina Aguilera LADY MARMALADE Makeup Tutorial | MOULIN ROUGE

Christina Aguilera LADY MARMALADE Makeup Tutorial | MOULIN ROUGE

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel I am seriously sweating right now because I just spent the last two hours singing karaoke in my bathroom by myself of course I was singing Lady Marmalade as Christina Aguilera so I hope you guys enjoy this throwback recreation and if you do make sure to give this video a big thumbs up I had way too much fun with it like this is my favorite look I’ve ever done and I know it’s so out-there like when are you gonna wear something like this but I love doing iconic music videos or movie characters so let me know in the comments where your all-time favorite music video was growing up if there was a makeup look that just stood out to you because I can definitely do more throwback looks like this one if you’d like to see it thumbs up if you love it and let’s get started! starting with one of my Christmas presents I’m using Charlotte Tilbury magic cream to help prep my skin and I love the feel of this cream it’s so nourishing and a great base for makeup especially because this is a powdery look and we don’t want any dry patches to fill in blur pores I’m using benefits new a porefessional pearl primer I love using this everyday because it makes the skin feel silky smooth and the packaging is so cute and for foundation I’m gonna warm up the skin tone like Christina’s with Benefit hello flawless oxygen Wow in the shade honey I’m patting this onto the skin with my Beauty Blender, instead of concealer today I went with another foundation this is Maybelline superstay foundation in 102 fair porcelain and this is so pale which is perfect for highlighting it’s brighter than any of the concealers I have and they heard this tip from nikkietutorials that if you leave it to dry on the skin a little bit at gains coverage so I’m trying that out along the sides of my nose to snatch it in then I’m gonna blend out and I find this did work and it worked like a baking technique without an overload of powder also really brighten up the nose bridge and up the forehead to add tallness to the bridge and of course Urban Decay shapeshifting palette deepest contour to carve out the cheekbones and the way the bold blush sits on the cheek really flattens out this look so it’s okay to go a little stronger with the contour and this is such an extreme look anyway you might as well go for it I enhance the nose contour along the sides and the tip also set with powder this is a very matte look so on the skin I’m using a Mac powder and this does have some extra coverage to it under the eyes and setting with the new Patrick Starrr setting powder and I really like this one as well deepen up that cheekbone with an ashy bronzer this one’s my fave hourglass ambient bronzer and let’s move on to the brows I started by lightening up my brows with Maybelline Foundation and I’m not going to erase them you can do the whole Elmer’s glue and erase the brows and then draw on a very 20s brow like Christina had but this is how I’m going to raise my brows without the glue I really didn’t want to put glue in my brows but I’m accentuating the top arches of my brow and then I’m bringing the head a bit higher as you can see and then just keeping the arches still fairly strong keep the brows and ashy tone to match the wig a little better I’m fading the bottom of the brows into the more defined brow at the top and having them a bit more toned down and that’s how I chose to go about them and now for the best part the eyes bear with me for the eye makeup it looks crazy but I promise it all works out in the end so start with a very bright pink and create a V down to the apple of the cheek and then a half moon extend almost to the brow bone in the eye area fade this blush working in little motions and I had the shape a little too far in so if this happens just touch up with a bit of foundation her blush had a really peachy glow in the center the brightest shade I had was from my Too Faced sweet peach palette keep on blending we don’t want this to be patchy but really smooth and blend it out and let’s add depth to the eye with a red shadow I’m using a couple urban decay shadows today super easy to blend and take this in the inner and outer portion of the eye also smoke under the bottom lash line for the smudgy deep black lids I’m using my favorite liner that is so easy to use this is the body shop a kajall liner in black it easily blends over shadows but then it totally stays put, so just glide along the lash line and create an exaggerated lid shape again in a halfmoon shape super smudge in the inner corner and the outer corner of the eye still using Urban Decay I use the shade dream on and I’m gonna pat this over the black to give more of a similar texture add Mac’s a pro longwear Paint Pot in blackground you can skip right to this step but I did find that the mix of liner shadow and then the cream it gives a higher staying power and time to make the lines a little less perfect and more smudgy you can use a completely matte black but I’m going to use this one that has a bit more of a sparkle to it and I’m using this on a fluffy brush and I’m just gonna wiggle it back and forth to give us some imperfect smudge and back with a splash of red in the inner lid followed by a bit of silver just to the center of the lid as well I took some mac fix+ to my brush and took the silver in the center of the waterline you could also use a silver liner and that will probably show up a little better and keep the contrast from the red in the pink to the black quite strong because when we add the rhinestones and the lashes it will really come together amazing I found these rhinestones at Michaels and they already come with a sticker on their but if you do have oily eyelids that you might want to glue in each one which would take forever but you could use duo glue mine stayed put for hours that like I danced around I sweat and they stayed put and I just copied the pattern of her gems that focused on the lid tapering outwards and the lashes we need them to be big balance out all the drama these are kiss lashes and they are faux mink in the design Gala, I’m gluing them on before mascara I picked out Urban Decay troublemaker this is a great mascara and super fun packaging I thought it was just perfect for the look so I’m separating it the lashes and I’m using mascara to push them down a bit to make sure that they don’t cover up all the makeup we did and then also adding some mascara to the bottom lashes and we are on to the lips start with the deep lip liner and make sure you keep the Cupid’s bow in a V fade the liner in on the sides and out of red throughout the center I went with patrick starrr’s red lip gloss it called patrick woo lip gloss to blend together I used a valiant lip stick and it’s already super glossy but I wanted MORE so I added a clear gloss over top for an extra layer of shine add a couple more flecks into the lashes another reason why we need them big and sturdy and I’m recreating that nose ring with a couple of the same gems that I just layered up at a beauty mark with a brown liner, setting spray this one is by Rimmel London it’s called insta fix & go and we are good to go! let’s take a look at everything together so in a lot of close-ups in the music video the lighting had her skin looked quite orangie so i used this as my recreation picture so that I wouldn’t have comments telling me that I made myself super orange but if I could redo this look I think I would have gone with just Ruby woo lipstick in the center I wanted to show you guys a new products and go with Patrick Starrr but it wasn’t quite as pigmented as Christina’s so if you want to get the exact look I’d go with a lipstick first and then just add the clear gloss and this wig is amazing I got it off KeKeWigs and I added little Dutch braids going backwards and then added pink gems in the center of them from Michael’s this veil I got from a fabric store and then I actually rolled extra veil and wedged it in between the braids so that is how I recreated her little headpiece there and the fragrance I decided to go with is by YSL it’s called a black opium and the scent is described as free and self-confident like a burlesque performer finally for the wig I noticed Christina had some color throughout the hair I didn’t want to go full-out with the colors because I’ll probably use this wick again but I tested out the L’Oreal color rista sprays in the pink and purple shade and I love how this turned out they were super easy to use and obviously on really light hair the colors gonna come out really true and beautiful and of course I went all out with the costume I decided to go with her purple look when she’s prepping at the vanity over the red because I just found a similar replica so I will have a links down below to everything I’m wearing in case you have a costume party or want to recreate this look for Halloween next year because you can never prep too early thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this lady Marmalade look and if you did make sure to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more beauty videos every week also please comment your favorite music video in terms of looks so that I can recreate it and now on to my story about this song in my life so in high school grade 10 I was in a musical theater class and I loved it it was not a professional class like just a low-key high school and me and three friends decided at the recital that we were gonna do Lady Marmalade at this version and it was so bad like I was singing Christina Aguilera and I can’t sing like that like I don’t know what I did I can’t hit those notes I must a whisper saying no idea we also chair danced and our teacher somehow was cool with this so it’s just a really funny memory to look back on because in our heads we were like yes this is so hot this is so good but this was like my prime awkward stage and it must have just been the most awkward thing but I smile looking back because we had so much fun doing it and like all of my really happy memories from growing up is me dancing to provocative songs so that’s a little something about me but I hope you guys enjoyed this video again and if you want to keep updated with me check me out on Instagram I’m always posting lives and keep you guys updated so I’ll see you over there and see you in my next video


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