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Chucky – Child’s Play! – Makeup Tutorial!

Chucky – Child’s Play! – Makeup Tutorial!

allô okay next tutorial this look is meant to be Chucky from the child play movie series probably more the second and third onwards because he doesn’t really look like this in the first few films he looks similar but obviously doesn’t have these cuts in his face until the third on her film onwards I think but yeah this is what is more iconic Lee remembered for isn’t it and today this is my most requested look of all time more than my kisses look by far this is I get this requested at least three or four times a day all the time so I fall right I best do it so you guys can see my interpretation of it and it obviously I can’t make it look exactly like Chucky the doll because his face is very squashed and small but this is my I guess interpretation or version of it I hope it’s okay and I’ll flash on the screen now the different people that request this look talked about 20 or failure people because if I listed everyone it had gone forever but after that the actual the first person to have requesters look was Bermuda penguin oh seven I’ll pop their name here so thank you in the first person thank you everyone that requested this look but they were the first person so yay but yeah I hope you guys like this look and if you’d like to see how to recreate it stay tuned so as usual the first things I’m going to do is apply a bald cap and lock up my eyebrows I’ll pop a couple links here and here to previous tutorials to teach you guys how to do that just so I can save some time up in this video and the reason I’m gonna be using a bald cap is because I need I mean I need to make it look like my hairline is a lot for crying my hairline is quite far back anyway but needs to be probably yeah all about here but it needs to give this em show so I’m gonna apply a bald cap and start pulling random hairs through and then color it and add some more hair stuck to the side was a staple effect that kind of thing just so it looks more like the broken doll that he is so there we are so once I’ve got my ball cap on I can take a sponge and some liquid latex and I can start coating my I’m gonna do my entire face in the quad latex I need to apply probably a few layers on the edge of the book I’ve just so when I run my finger down it’s completely smoke weed on an edge now the reason I’m covering my entire face liquidate is this was I’m gonna be cutting into it to make all the scars he has because he has so many there’s no point in me using wax because realistically using a wheezing wax on the face if that much it’s not gonna last if you were to wear it out and plus it’s gonna be so fiddly that it’s the easiest and most sensible way I can think of doing it really I started from using actual prosthetics so yes I’m gonna coat my entire face neck with latex make sure you when you plot two eyebrows like you’ve used another like layer say spirit gum then wax then another layer of spirit gum just so completely secured just so we know when we apply wax to it it’s gonna be safe right it is perfectly safe to apply you know the latex over the eyebrows as long as they’re blocked out so don’t worry about that so yeah so now I’m gonna start applying this and we shall go from there so we’re gonna need to do about probably about seven coats so about a Snickers I’ll make my bald caps really that kind of thing so when we cut into it it’s gonna have enough of a flap that we can slightly pull apart and then glue back down again so we can have these cuts in I wasn’t used tissue lucky usually do but is there so many cars I would be covering my entire face and issue and it’ll just look too thick I think so I’m gonna do it just with about seven or eight cups of liquid latex so keep doing it let it dry in between and we’ll go from there so there we are my face is officially paralyzed so now I know it’s a lot of latex but trust me on this when I apply the foundation this smooth surface and the fact that look the face look so fake and twin like that’s what we’re going for and it will give that depth when we cut into it so yeah now I’m going to take some rigid collodion by Kryolan so that’s collodion which when you apply it to your skin basically parker’s the area to make it look like scarring now I’m gonna use this on around my eye now this is completely up to you guys you want to do it I’ve done it before in the past I’ve done it for my Bride of Frankenstein tutorial the idea the idea is I’ve left a gap of latex around this eye here so I can just just about see my skin so I’ll be applying one line of collodion just underneath this side not touch my lashes not touch my eye and the idea is that I’m gonna pull my eyelid down ever so slightly and let it dry now that will dry it and pull it down so it’s gonna be like this not stupidly low but it’s still enough that I can blink but it will give that effect it will just pull my waterline out a little bit more so that when I color it it’ll make that eye look a lot more gangly and gross so it’s completely I do you guys want to do that it is safe I’ve done it before but just do not go too close to your eye so there we are so not obviously ridiculously low just enough that you know it’s different than this sign is enough for the water line show and I did a slight 1-lakh coat of latex just around the eye after I applied the cloud um let it dry just so it holds all in place yeah so I can still blink naturally it doesn’t affect my vision in any way yeah just try not to put it down too low because that’s when it starts getting well dangerous to be honest so yeah then I can start on the next step which is going to be cutting into the latex so speaking of dangerous please please please be super careful with this go take it really slow I’m using scissors you can use like the spatula I’ve got huge this kind of a scratch or not the sharp edge just enough that you can pull apart the latex and because this is going to be for this cuts that he has across his face for the one going across here and then up one iron all out here so yeah so take it really really slow just pinch the areas that you want to raise and then start cutting along you’ll see as I do it doesn’t matter if the area starts flapping up because it’s probably going to dis not realistic to the skin so that’s why I might use some spirit gum afterwards just stick those down but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it so there we are so don’t worry if it looks rough that’s when we take spirit gum and we start sticking down all the flaps that have come unstuck because we’ve kind to them now we are so once all the flaps are stuck down completely we can start on the coloring don’t worry that I’ve not gone too far back with the cars I don’t want to cut too far into my bald cap because I was eluded elasticity and it was probably break so I’m gonna stop the cuts when my ball cap ends so that I can run to pull my hair for and that I can draw the cuts on further it’s just the initial depth there’s gonna be on the face and the rest of it I can do a shading so for the foundation I’m gonna use a Kryolan TV paint stick in 1w and I’m gonna apply that all over my face obviously not going in the cuts because I’m gonna be covering them with compute different color afterwards so I’m gonna take a smaller brush to apply this and go really slowly don’t try and dab it if you can don’t smoke it because we don’t even lift up any of these edges so there we are so I’ve only covered the foundation up to about there because my hairline I think I’m gonna start putting every there but I’m gonna do that last I think but I’ll Sarah goes so once I’ve done that I can start coloring in all of these cuts so I’m gonna take my Crowell and Brees will and I’m gonna take if I’m got it open yeah that really nice deep red and the idea is I’m gonna color this all over the eye and I’m gonna follow the color out all along these lines and I’m gonna extend them I think up yeah quite happened to my head I’ll just stop it at some point and I’ll just pull my hair out and cover the edge you so there we are so once we’ve got the rough shapes drawn in I can take the darkest color from the coral and Brousseau I wanna do is I’m gonna go over every single edge of these cuts even the fake ones I’ve run up here just to give the illusion of depth just ever so slightly brush the outside of the edge and I’m also going to go over the eye area again as well with this black just sort of mix it together to make it a little bit darker then I’m just going to take some grimace black cream in 1:01 and I really really really fine brush and I’m just going to start tracing on a few little lines going across some of these cats just to look at the effect the head of stitching you I can then take that red cream again dab this around the area of each car just to make it give look a bit more like it’s bled and bruised outwards okay so I think I’ll do for now I think I’ll do the rest of the coloring on the face last I kind of just want to pull the hair through now because it’s bugging me seeing a bald Chucky so so what I’m gonna do is the hairline needs to be this big M shape so I’m gonna you could probably use a wig for this if you wanted to but if your hair is as long as mine which is almost as long as Chucky’s is I think this will work better and I could allow the hairs actually punched in really crudely so I’m gonna do from about here I think I’m gonna make tiny little holes in the ball cap tiny tiny little holes and the idea is that I’m gonna pull hair through a few not a few strands but probably a bunch at a time so I’ll just do that and I can color it afterwards yeah no more than that I’m okay so I’m gonna work in this pattern in the M shape so it’s gonna start looking eventually a lot like that and I just had that horrible realization that I don’t have enough hair Oh dearie me so it’s these two that sent and Parton is to go across and I was gonna spray it Orange but thinking about it I don’t think my hair is that long as long as I thought it’d be so I’m going to have to cheat I’m gonna have to use some crepe hair I think some synthetic crepe hair and I’ll just yeah I’ll stick that down with some spirit gum and spray that as well I’m gonna skip this step because you guys out there probably might not need to do that if your hair’s long enough I’m just gonna get some crepe hair and just stick it down in the M shape along with my real hair and then spray that all orange I think so there we are sorry for skipping ahead so much I literally just stuck loads of crepe hair together in small bunches like this here and here like almost like braids because after he’s got his natural hair all pulled back he’s just like they’ve just grabbed whatever hairs left and staple gunned it to the head so what I’ve done is I’ve stuck these down here then I’ll take some regular tinfoil I’m gonna cut it in tiny little strips and I’m just gonna put a strip over each little plat I’ve just stuck down just to make it like these ones here are stapled in so I’m gonna take some spirit gum and I just do a line across the weft with hair like that take my little tiny tin foil clip and just and just press it down and make sure it’s completely stuck so that we’ve got his little like staple in the side of the head yeah so when you’ve done all of them it should look like that then I’m just going to take my sleek contouring palette in free 7-4 which has this nice dark brown like powder type shadow and contour generally and I’m gonna just apply that in areas I want to contour so around my nose and my nasal labial folds etc so I’m just gonna go ever so slightly like in the crease of the eye just to make the brow look a little bit more angry and then I can go she’s done nasolabial folds yes sir just sow little lines little wrinkles just to just it doesn’t look as plain and then just going to take a light pink blush from my sleek blush palette in 366 this is pink parfait and I’m just gonna not too heavily just go over my eye there isn’t obviously that creepy eye and I’m just gonna buff it in just to make it look not sore but bit less plain and I’m gonna pull the color out around the eye as well for the lips I’m just gonna take that dark dark color again that dark blue from the grimace from the coral in bruges Ville and I’m just gonna brush that ever so slightly on the inside of my lip and just blend that out when so not like a little not like a lipstick just more of a slight hint as if he’s lost the color in his lips that kind of thing and then just as always gonna take some fake blood I’ll probably in here to my previous tutorial to teach you guys how to make fake gloves if you like and I’m just gonna lightly coat that in the inside of all of these wounds and around the eye and yeah that’s it so I finished up a look by applying two really super bright blue contact lenses and just because they look more dull light and that’s kind of lengthy as in the film and the costume I did start making my own Chucky costume but then I came to the problem of finding a shirt underneath that would be this type of fabric and in the end it just I couldn’t find one so I thought you know I’m just must buy a Chucky outfit so yeah this is a regular store-bought Chucky outfit sorry I wish I could Burton make my own but hey oh yeah this is good guys obviously you need your trademark knife because that’s his is his weapon off twist just please be careful in fact to get a plastic knife not a kitchen knife like I have yeah makes me look like less of a psycho yeah so that’s my Chucky look I really hope you guys enjoyed it thanks everyone so much for watching and requesting this look and yeah so if you liked it make sure you know rate comment subscribe as usual and yeah so until next time


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