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Chucky Makeup Tutorial (Clothes ALSO Painted on!)

Chucky Makeup Tutorial (Clothes ALSO Painted on!)

you guys like my knife it’s actually scary because it’s glowing dark good evening this is where other going over me in my natural state if I were a doll and a boy and a psychopath but I am naturally a redhead I’m gonna going over Chucky in two different state three dying a million times and also after he’s been killed a bunch of times but dolls never and it was a lot of like girly truck he’s Charles out there I know there’s a lot of sliced up Chucky tutorials out there but I haven’t seen a lot in which he’s in like his previous murdered a bunch of times miss or was an outfit painted on obviously it’s a lot easier to buy an outfit but if you’re feeling creative Oh rock zoo stimulus it’s somewhere around the video also we’re gonna subscribe to my youtube channel give any questions comments concerns feel free to contact start off by heavily applying foundation to your face neck and chest pretty much any skin area that’s going to be showing to make my skin look more plastic I’m using benefit highlighter and applying that to the tops of my cheeks in between my nose on my nose on my lip on my forehead and pretty much everywhere no in the original doll he actually had freckles and I’m applying those using a NYX eyebrow marker to round out my cheeks I’m using brown shadow and I’m also adding this brown shadow on my forehead to give that wrinkle that weird wrinkle has got going on going back to the eyebrow marker I’m adding the furrow in between my brows as well as connecting that point to the top of my eyebrows I’m also adding some more curves to my temples as well as on my chin apply it Tarte blush around your eyes as well as on your cheeks for my brows I’m using brown body paint and just drawing on the lines like a doll to start off on his overalls I’m using a light blue body paint and laying down the base for the overalls and then filling in the buttons using red body paint dan more wrinkles and life these overalls I’m adding a navy blue eyeshadow to create these wrinkles and to create some depth you can then add some very tedious stitches using white body paints go into black shadow deep it up where the straps can act as balls around the buttons of course to make your buttons pop at a high light using white body pain because I am a female filming videos on YouTube I don’t exactly have that much room to go down to paint so I’m painting on my good guys pocket a little higher than I normally would remember if you’re painting this on yourself and you’re paying it Namir you’re going to have to write good guys backwards for it to read forward normally you can then fill in the stripes on your shirt for this it’s easiest to use a reference photo that way you guys can kind of tell what order the colors go in and I’m filling in my stripes using all body paint and eye shadow brush using light blue regular blue red and green on each stripe there’s also two white stripes and applying that using white body paint and then going in using black body paint to create the shadow from the overalls onto the shirt as well as taking a fluffy brush to create the wrinkles within the shirt now as Chucky seemingly aged he lost his freckles as well as losing the paint on his eyebrows to create his many times of death in the Chucky that is most known I’m using red body paint to fill in all of his open cracks to create more depth around the eye and then going and using dark red eye shadow and to create more depth in the COTS I’m going and using black body paint and just adding it to certain areas I also later on found a photo of Chucky from all angles and have been adding little slices here and there throughout the video using brown eyeshadow and then going around and shading around each cut be sure to keep the shading a smidgen away from the cut that way it’ll also create a highlight and on some stitches using black body paints to make all these cuts pop even more you can go back in using a light highlighter if you’re going to be adding hair to the side of your face apply spirit gum do not forget to tap the spirit gum tapping the spirit gum will make it more sticky and also make things adhere better apply your fake hair and cut it you can also add some Nunn sharp flat staples to the side of your head Gore’s everybody and mines favorites adding blood and I’m just dabbing on using red body paint and also splattering it on


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