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CHUNKY GLITTER FESTIVAL Makeup Tutorial | JCharlesBeauty

CHUNKY GLITTER FESTIVAL Makeup Tutorial | JCharlesBeauty

“you in the middle” Hi guys, it’s James Charles welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to show you guys how I created this makeup look I want with a red cut crease on the top and a very dark and greeny blue chunky glitter look on the bottom I absolutely love this look it’s perfect for any event or festival season [now] this look is inspired by bybrookelle.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram Oh my God, you really need to her looks are phenomenal and they’re really something else But full credit goes to her for this look idea. If you want to learn how to recreate this look for yourself make sure [to] keep on watching [so] [I] already went ahead and did My base and eyebrows off camera just because this look is really focused on the eyes and the lips so I wanted to make that the Main part of the video and you guys have seen me do my base several times and my routine is still exactly the same So let’s just skip it and move right along.

For the upper eyelid I’m gonna be using the Anastasia of Modern Renaissance palette I’m starting out by taking tempera and a morphe M513 brush and just dusting this in the crease and over the upper Eyelid This is just kind of your like my base card set my eyelid primer in place just to make sure everything blends really really nicely Then on the same brush I will be taking the burnt orange and just dusting a little bit of it in my crease [to] begin the transition color For a little bit more definition I’m going to dip into Rio gar in my morphe M4-3-3 brush And I’m going to further define at the crease.

[oh], [Jesus] that was a lot I’m going to further define the crease [just] a little bit apparently a lot a bit Now normally when we do smokey eyes obviously we’re not very concerned about getting it on the lid but with this I’m trying to blend upwards with that color because we are going to be kind of cutting The lid with a little bit of a champagne eyeshadow Once I have all of rio gar on there I’m going to go back in with my M513 and just buff out those edges We recently hit 40,000 subscribers on this channel.

Which is really freaking cool considering I have six videos and I’m probably the shittiest most inactive YouTuber ever so Thanks for that. I promise maybe in the future there is a chance Slightly that I will make more videos, who knows.

You really want to make sure the blue in the orange will blend well together and nothing looks like really defined and harsh so I am just trying a little bit of that excess product into this inner corner nose region.

I’m now taking my morphe M562 and red ochre, and I’m just going to deepen up the crease a little bit. If you guys are interested in testing out any morphe products you can use the code James for 10% off all orders.

I would seriously recommend them, they’re really affordable and super great quality. Once we have red ochre placed in the crease I’m going to go back into my M433 and just blend that out a little bit.

I’m now just taking that same M562 brush and dipping into cypress umber and real gar and mixing it together to create a warm brown shade just to define the crease a little bit more. Once again, just taking the M4 33 and blending it out With these types of really blown out colorful looks like this It’s always important to really really blend blend blend blend blend I always say that obviously it’s like number one rule of makeup, duh But when you have colors that are going to be going everywhere, it’s so important that There are no harsh lines that everything is really blended out or else you will not get the effect that you’re [looking] for I’m going to use this flat tail brush for my [fink] bh cosmetics.

I really have no idea the name rubbed off So that’s going to be my guest first today. I’m going to dampen my brush just using my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, usually I could we use like [fix+] or make up forever mist and fix But I can’t find either so I just dipped my brush into a primavera and vermeer mixing it together to create like a goldy champagne type color and I’m now going to Cut my lid using this brush And I’m also going to take a mix of those two and pop it under my brow bones to give a nice little highlight Once I have that color place on there I’m just going back into my morphe M433 and I’m just going to lightly diffuse that outer edge of the Lid just [so] It kind of blends into the crease a little bit And that is the upper Lid all completely let’s go ahead and move on to the fun pop of color on the bottom So for the pop of color under my eyes today.

I’m going to using my morphe 35B as usual You guys know this is my holy [grail] for all my colored looks And I’m going to using these two shades Right there to start off with the pop of [color] I’m going to go in with my M330 brush from Morphe which is a fluffy crease brush and just begin to place that color down there When you’re doing looks like this is really important to start lightly and kind of build up the color you don’t want too much pigmentation right away just because when you’re doing a really blown out things you want the edges [to] be nice and like faded and Smoothly transition into your skin tone if that makes any sense [so] I’m just going in really lightly And I’m going to build up using some darker colors in a second and I am blending these shadows much lower than I usually would Now taking that same brush and dipping into a little bit more color and now I’m going to start to color in the inner corner Once again, just placing that color on there lightly and building up And I’m going to kind of drag this upwards into the red like I said before I’m now going to take my sigma E35 and a little bit of that navy blue shade and start to Define this area a little bit more under the lash [line] to Define my lower lash line I went in with my Morphe M149 brush and I mixed together the black and Navy Blue and really dark Green colors from the Palette and Pop them right under the lash line to balance out the champagne and the brow Bone [Holly] I’m going to go to the little bit of artists Couture highlight and mermaid fantasy to highlight the inner corner I’m just going to quickly get up on some Mascara onto the upper lashes and you guessed it I’m using benefit roller lash and that completes the shadow portion of the eye.

I just popped on Gigi lashes from Lena lashes I’m going to go ahead now and do the other eye off-camera, and we can finish off with the glitter highlighter and lips now I’m going to want to get my skin a little bit of glow using my morphe M501 brush and Anastasia so hollywood I’m just doing kind of like a stubble [some] Subtle Subtle understand a more subtle look today because obviously the focus is on the eyes I don’t want to take [away] from that.

For lips today I’m going to be using oprah the Bronze liquid lipstick This is just a matte black Liquid lip you can use any matte black that you like But I’m going to layer over this with a highlighter so you can get that metallic blue green type pigment now that we have the lipstick all on I’m going to go to the artist couture mermaid fantasy highlighter just to add a metallic duochrome sheen to the lips And there we go that is the look mostly complete you could totally stop here if you wanted to just wear this colorful look out But this is a chunky glitter tutorial.

So y’all know I can’t forget my chunky glitter today I’m gonna be using these recollections glitter that I found it Michaels the crafts store, this is peacock mix and bling I’m just going to be mixing the two different shades [of] Glitter together to apply the glitter I’m just going to be using a [Skeeto] Lash Glue And I’m going to make some dots all under my eye when I’m going to put the glitter and then I’m just going to press It all on with my fingers If there are any glitters that you really want and you can’t get your finger in there You can always just use a pair of tweezers.

[I’m] just placing the glue dots completely randomly I don’t want any of them to be symmetrical to the other side, same thing just taking glitter on my fingers I’m going to press it right [onto] the eye And it will stick to wherever we put the glue and now that we have half the damn bottle under our eyes I’m going to go back in with a pair of tweezers and just pick off any glitters that are like too crowded or just I Feel like are in the wrong area Alright guys, that completes this Dark Chunky glitter makeups tutorial.

I really hope you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to give [it] a big Thumbs up down below and subscribe if you haven’t already [I] make videos every once in a while But I’m going to try to stop being a stupid piece of shit and be more consistent and get videos up every week But not making any promises if you recreate this look don’t forget to tag me on the Insta and Twitter They’re both Jay Charles beauty as well as my snapchat.

Which is James Charles with an extra s [alright] guys I’ll see you next time and thanks for watching [bye]


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