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Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Frog Makeup Tutorial

Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Frog Makeup Tutorial

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. Hi, everybody! My name is Kyle Cragle and I’m an artist at Cirque du Soleil. Now, if this is your first time here, I just want to take this time to welcome you. Thank you so much for joining us.

This is a series where we recreate some of my favorite Cirque du Soleil makeup looks weekly in a tutorial style that you guys can follow along and transform just as quickly and just as flawlessly, if you will, as I do.

Now, before we get this tutorial started, go ahead and check out the description box for all the tools and all the products that you are going to need to transform into our next character this week. I’m not going to tell you their name, we’re going to figure it out soon, but I’ll give you a little hint.

Ribbit, ribbit. It’s time to get the tutorial started. I’m excited, if you can’t tell! Hey, everybody! Happy to see you guys back and I hope that you’re ready to dive into today’s makeup tutorial.

This one is super fun! We are going to transform ourselves into a frog. These are the frogs from our touring show TOTEM. If you want to get colorful, shiny and transform into this creature with me, stick around and keep on watching.

Alright, the first step to becoming a frog is to apply a white cream in a circular shape around the eye. To do this, I’m going to take a small, cat tongue definer brush. I’m going to grab a white cream foundation and I’m going to start defining this shape.

The circle is going to completely surround the eye, and we actually wanna make sure that we feel this shape above the eyelid. In my case with my proportions, I’m actually going to stretch this circular shape above my eye almost to the point where it touches my eyebrows.

The bottom half of the circle that is under your lower lash line is actually going to be a little bit thinner on the top. One very important aspect of this step is to make sure that the circle does not go too far away from the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

If we apply too much product on those sides, we’re not gonna have room for the other shapes that we’re going to create around this later. So, just make sure that the outside edges of your circle finish really close to the outer and inner corners of the eye.

After you’re finished applying that circular shape with the white, we are going to go in with a synthetic brush and a yellow cream and create a circular shape around the white shape that we just established.

This shape should be about the width of the brush which is around 8 millimeters. You’ll be able to obviously have a visual reference as you see me create this shape. Once you’re pretty much done creating the shape that you want, the top edge of this circular shape in the yellow is actually going to finish above the eyebrow.

Since the shape is completed above the line of the eyebrow, we’re actually going to have to go in with some more product and make sure that the coverage on the eyebrow is as opaque as possible. In order to do so, I’m going to grab a mascara brush, load it up with more of that yellow cream and work it into the areas where I have defined the shape on the actual brow.

Next step, we are going to take the same type of synthetic brush and a dark blue cream and create yet another circle around the yellow that we just finished. Alright, now that we’re finished with the blue, we are going to go in with some white.

Same synthetic brush, just taking a white cream and creating yet another circle around the blue that we just finished up. Once we’re finished outlining the blue circle with the white, you’re actually going to go ahead and take that same white cream that you used, but this time on a sponge, and you’re going to cover the rest of your face in this white foundation.

That would mean everywhere even having some foundation come down onto the neck. I’m going to give you guys a little tip: as you’re buffing the white foundation color into your face, make sure that you use the edge of the sponge to get as close as possible to that white edge that you created around the blue to make sure that we have a nice, even and blended coverage with the white foundation.

Now that you’re looking super white, the next step is to move on to the lips. I’m going to take a small defining brush in the shape of a cat tongue with a green cream and I’m going to start creating the shape.

We want to create a sort of mountain shape and this mountain shape is going to peak just above the center of the cupid’s bow. I use the natural peaks of my lips as a reference. I’m actually gonna try and peak this little mountain shape a little bit higher than those and I also want to make sure that the peak of this mountain is pretty round.

In fact, I’m using the shape of the brush to ensure that the top is rounded and not too triangular. Taking the same brush and the same color, we’re going to create a mountain shape, but this time on the bottom lip.

One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that we have a little bit of white in-between the peak of the mountain on the bottom lip and the bottom of the mountain on the top lip. So, we wanna see two green, rounded, triangular shapes, but we wanna make sure that it’s separated by a little line of white.

Once you’re done making the mountain shape, you can go ahead and define the rest of the lower line of the bottom lip until the corners. Once you reach the corners, we’re going to add a little line that flicks off of the corner of the lip, curving up.

As you can see on the video, it’s almost as if these guys were kind of smiling, but we do want to feel a little dip from the line of the corner of the mouth before we flick back up. Don’t overexaggerate this angle.

The goal is to extend the lines of the mouth outwards, but we just to finish those lines with a slight upward angle. Next, I’m going to take a medium-sized natural hair flat brush and I’m actually going to blend that green line that we have on the bottom lip down into the white.

Remember that one of the keys to blending is using a light hand. So, you just want to make light tapping and light back-and-forth motions, and then I’m actually going to go back in with my white sponge and lightly tap over just to really blend those two colors together.

Next, we’re going to go in with the same shaped brush as we were using before, but this time with the blue cream that we previously used, and we’re just going to define the upper edges of those green shapes that we already made.

As I’m defining the shapes with the blue, I’m making sure that I’m just blending as needed, as I go along. Okay guys, we’re actually pretty far into this makeup already. The next step is going to be the powdering step.

I’m going to take a powder puff and a translucent setting powder and we’re gonna set down this cream base that we just worked on. Once you have applied a generous layer of the setting powder and really set those creams in, I’m going to take a fluffy brush and brush off the excess.

Okay, next step, I’m gonna go in with a yellow eyeshadow. This one is not quite matte, it has a bit of a sheen to it. I’m going to take a big brush and I’m going to start buffing that color into my forehead.

I wanna make sure that I have a nice, even layer of this color and we are going to take this color all the way down passed the nose. We’re going to generously apply this color around most of the face.

However, we need to keep the upper lip white and we also need to keep the area around the chin white. So basically, we’re covering the forehead, around the eyes, the nose and the outsides of the jaw with this yellow.

We wanna make sure that the outside edges of this yellow are nice and blended, so go in with whichever brushes you would need to do so. Remember that keeping a light pressure is going to give you a better blend, so as you near the areas where they’re going to become light, go ahead and lighten up on that pressure.

Once you’re finished up applying that yellow to the face, grab a smaller brush and go ahead and apply the same yellow shadow to the circle that we have defined around the eyes. Alright, taking the same style of big, dense brush that we used to apply the yellow all over the face, we are going to apply a green shadow around the edges of the face.

So, we’re really gonna follow hairline and we’re gonna blend it down softly towards the corner of the jaw. We want to feel a nice blend between the green and the yellow, so don’t be afraid to go back-and-forth with these colors to achieve the kind of gradient that you’re looking for.

Alright, once you’re done blending in that green, you’re going to go in with the same style of dense brush, but this time with a white shimmery pigment and you are going to cover the areas that we have kept white with this pigment.

I know it doesn’t show up very well on camera, but in person it gives a kind of soft, dewy effect. So at home, find whatever pigment you would maybe have that would replicate this effect. We’re gonna work it in on the upper lip, on the chin and on the neck.

Once you’re done generally applying over these areas, make sure that you blend a nice soft edge with that white pigment around where it meets the yellow. Okay, the next step will definitely be an interesting one.

We need to apply an equal pattern of green dots all over the face, except for on the chin. On our shows, we use an airbrush machine and a custom-made mask to achieve this texture. Since at home you won’t have these custom masks, the best way to replicate this is by using a Q-tip to individually add dots over the face.

I use this method in the video to cleanup some messier spots on my forehead, so follow along with the technique that I’m using. This step will take some time, but I promise it is worth it. Once you got all your green dots laid down, we are going to go in with a small defining brush and we’re just gonna bring some intensity back from that circle that we have drawn around our eyes.

Next step, we’re going to go and intensify the white that is directly around our eyes. In order to do so, I’m going to grab a very small defining brush and a water-based face paint, and I’m going to apply that on the entire area where we previously applied the white cream.

Once you’ve finished applying that to the eyelids, while it is still wet, you’re actually going to want to set down that product with that same loose, white, shimmery pigment that we used earlier.

For this step, you’re gonna have to work quickly, so… Work quickly! For the next step, I’m going to go in with the same water-based product and a small defining brush, and I am going to draw a white ring around the blue circular shape we formed around the eyes.

We wanna make sure that this line is definitely thinner than the other circles that we’ve established, but at the same time we don’t want it to be too thin, we definitely want to see it. We wanna make sure that that white circle around the blue really makes the eyes pop out.

Okay, for the next step, we’re gonna to move on to the lip. We are going to blend out that lip shape that we made with a green shadow. Using that same green shadow that I used on the face earlier, I’m gonna take a medium-sized brush and just buff out that green shade under the lip.

Once you’ve done the bottom lip, we’re going to use the same tools and the same product to just redefine the green shape that we have on the top lip, as well. Next, I’m gonna go in with our small definer brush and the water-activated product that we’ve been using, and I’m going to draw a line to define the upper part of the bottom lip shape.

Don’t be afraid to just take your time and make sure that this line is nice and precise. Alright, and to finish off the colors of the lips, we’re gonna go in with a small defining brush and a blue shadow.

On the bottom lip, make sure that that blue shadow doesn’t get up into the white line that you just created. We wanna make sure that we keep the opaque intensity of the white line. Once you’re done with the bottom lip, you’re gonna repeat the same step on the top lip, making sure that that blue really pops.

For our next step, I’m going to take a Q-tip and a prosthetics glue. I’m going to apply this in a ring around the eyes where the yellow meets the blue. So, I’m going to use that line as the center line of my glue following all the way around in sort of a funky wavy sort of pattern.

The reason why this doesn’t have to be super duper precise is because we’re going to go back in with a red transfer foil and add a texture where we’re adding the glue. This is kind of gonna be like a splash of a shiny red color.

Just make sure that you don’t completely cover the blue or the yellow with this prosthetics glue, because we still want those colors to shine through after we’ve applied the red foil. Now, before we apply the metallic foil onto this glue, we actually have to let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

So as that glue sets up and dries down, we’re actually gonna move on to our next step. I’m going to take a small definer brush and a black cream eyeliner, and I’m going to define the outer edge of that white circle we have near the eyes with the black.

Precision is going to be very important for this black circle, because we’re not going to go in and blend it out with any other products. So, make sure that you take your time and that you have a nice, clean edge with this line.

With the same tool and the same product, I’m going to apply a black line just under where we applied the white line earlier on the bottom lip. Once you’re done defining the bottom lip, you’re also going to define the upper lip with a black line that will stretch along the upper edge of that mountain shape that we created.

Okay, this next step is a fun one, but it’s a tricky one. So, I’m going to apply this transfer foil to the areas where I put the glue. You can use the back of a brush or your finger, just make sure that you apply a nice pressure before you start to rip off this transfer foil.

As you’ll see in some of the clips, sometimes the foil comes off perfectly and we have a great effect and other times the glue actually just ends up getting ripped off of the makeup. With this step, it’s normal to have to go back in with the glue, let it dry again and go back in with the foil if needed.

To be honest, this step is really either hit or miss. It’s gonna work at 100% or it’s gonna kind of not work at all, and you’re just gonna have to put down the glue. Don’t be worried, it happens to me might happen to you.

Alright, as I’m waiting for that glue to dry down in the places where the foil did not stick, I’m gonna go ahead and apply a layer of black mascara to the top lashes only. Okay, now that our top lashes are looking excellent, we’re gonna go in with a setting spray and we’re gonna apply that all over the face.

While the setting spray is still damp and dewy, I’m going to take a big brush and apply some glitter all over the face. Since the setting spray is still a little bit wet, it’s going to help the glitter stick on.

Now, this specific glitter is quite finely milled and it’s actually an orange-green reflect. Okay guys, we are almost done. This is actually the last step. Once again, I’m gonna take a Q-tip, but this time I’m going to dip into a red airbrush product and I’m going to use the Q-tip to apply little red dots randomly all over the face.

Transforming into an animal, we definitely want an organic or kind of random feel to it. Not every frog is gonna look the same, not every frog is gonna have the same colors or the same amount of dots, so keep that concept in mind while you’re finishing off your face with this step.

Alright, once you’re finished touching up, this look is now complete. I hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did. You guys know that I always love doing makeup. I love to come in and play with you guys, and I’m so happy that you joined me to follow along.

Remember to stay tuned and keep checking our YouTube channel periodically, because we got a few more of these makeup videos coming your way. I hope that you join me next time and until then, see you! Alright guys, how do you feel? Are you feeling amphibian? Are you feeling fun? Are you feeling TOTEM? Because I know that when I was done with this makeup, I was living this character.

I loved it so much! It’s super fun and colorful. This one actually took me a while, but the time spent was definitely worth it. Remember, if you liked this video, give us a big thumbs up and please subscribe to our channel.

Please come back, please join me. I love it when you guys are here replicating makeup. I love sharing this with you guys, so if you guys enjoyed this tutorial, let us know down in the comment section below and I will see you guys next week for our next one.

Until then, see you. ColorMeCirque the Cirque du Soleil… Hello, everybody! I’m excited if you can’t tell. Okay, let me start that again.


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