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clary fray “SHADOWHUNTERS” makeup tutorial & copper hair!

clary fray “SHADOWHUNTERS” makeup tutorial & copper hair!

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have this at Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray from the Shadowhunters a TV show makeup hair and outfit inspiration video if you missed my latest hair tutorial I did a bunch of Clary Fray inspired hairstyles from season 1 and I know you guys wanted to see the makeup as well so I decided to recreate this scene because I just loved her look in this episode specifically but she usually wears a smoky eye with a similar shape there’s usually a pop of kind of copper or an orange shade in there to go with her hair and a muted pinky berry lip so I really hope you liked what I came up with and thumbs up if you do also if you’re new to this channel and you like TV and movie character recreations as well as just vintage inspired tutorials be sure to hit the subscribe button and ring the bell notification so that you don’t miss an episode and let’s get started with this look I’ve already got my hair more strawberry and I’ve got in some green contacts how freaking real to these contacts look I will have them linked down below and first up I’m using this amazing hourglass primer that has SPF in it which is especially perfect for super pale girls in the summer but for everyone SPF he always got to have it and my go-to foundation as of recently is the benefit hello happy software foundation and for this look I’m using shade one and I’m blending in with my it cosmetics foundation brush this has light to medium coverage and it also contains SPF but I just get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this it has become my go-to for natural looking coverage and got a contour so I’m using my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood contour wand in fair medium just under the jawline the cheekbones a little goes a long way I’m still kind of getting used to this product and how to use it to the best effect but I do really love it and I’m blending out and under the eyes I took a little bit more Foundation and they mixed in a body shop lightening drop into the mix to help brighten up the darkness under there and setting with my favorite powder of the hourglass that trans loose powder I love this because it doesn’t look super powdery but it really sets the liquid products in place but keeps the doing this I actually thought this buxom lip balm was a dual product turns out it’s not but it did look great for this look anyways stipple a natural-looking rose shade through the cheeks over the nose and freckle throughout the skin for a blushing look that helps the foundation look even more natural now for the nose contour I’m really not trying to look like a Katherine McNamara here I’m just doing a natural nose contour so my favorite product for this has become the Charlotte Tilbury at film star bronzer and highlight but I just used the bronzer to help give some definition so I’m going back and forth with some lighter powder along the bridge of my nose that’s how I prefer to do it and adding some blush as well and finally for skin some faux freckles and a little bit of brow definition using the benefit precisely my brow in shade 3 I went later than normal with the contour and the brows Clary’s always look so natural and fresh and now for the eyes they are for sure the fun part so I’m using this a white peach palette from Too Faced smells amazing and you’ll want to use a matte orange e peach shadow across at the first half of the lid also add a matte light shadow across the brow bone let’s define the crease from the inner corner and into the nose bridge to the outer V a taper it into a soft wing and we’re gonna add in some deepness into the crease again but first a little purple through the inner and outer crease now taking a mix of the deepest shades in the palette the black and the deep purple it’s time to do a little bit more of a concentrated depth to the crease and outer V again and this looks a little bit rough until we add liner and lashes because the contrast is pretty dramatic so without the black to really balance it out I feel like it doesn’t look complete yet but a tip I like to do is if you ever dragged too much of a deeper shadow down like your wings too droopy you can kind of erase the mistake with a matte light shadow and clean it up now right under the bottom lash line we’re gonna smoke it out using a very subtle matte gray still using the same palette I took a bit of the peach shadow and brought it through the brows to match the hair a bit better and my favorite liner has become the Mac brushstroke liner it’s so easy to use I usually don’t like felt tips all that much but I love it and the shape we want is a fairly thin line along the lash line with a sharp upturn way I also love to accent the lashes by dotting the liquid liner under them just before mascara adding a little bit more depth to the crease once we got the liner down bit more color to the cheeks using at this Tarte Amazonian play blush in doll face I’ve had this one for years and I love it it’s such a nice just pretty pink shade and all about lashes for a Clary look Hatch’s has really nice long so my pick for mascara to try to replicate this is the benefit of bad gal bang mascara this is especially great for bottom lashes and I love this as an everyday look if you want to make it more smokey for the nighttime scene that I’m recreating you can add a product like the color chameleon in Black Diamond from Charlotte Tilbury or just any silvery black liner like from Sephora and focusing on mascara I’m really building up the top lashes and you really get Clary’s look or for your eyes to look super hazy and sexy add a greeny silver through the tear duct and under the bottom lash line as well in some scenes I noticed it was just kind of that gray which also really looks nice against the green eyes or in this party scene more greeny silver so I actually did layer a NYX duo pencil right under the urban decay shadow and it really made it pop and my eyes are super round so to give me more of a cat eye appearance outer corner lashes blended into my normal lashes and this really helps taper them out finally at the lip color it does change throughout the episodes I chose the Revlon Ultra HD matte lip color and HD kisses I know sometimes the makeup artist has used a lip liner and then more of a balm but this was a great pick in my collection and when you just dab it on the lips it gives a very similar shade without feeling heavy on the lips looks natural but you do get a bit of color these Ultra HD matte lip colors are also really beautiful and when they’re more fully applied for a glam look wanna break away let loose I’m tired of waiting gonna make that move all the knees and there you have it now on to this hair look you might have already seen me recreate my first Clary tutorial and you’ll see how I switch on my hair color a little bit create iconic season-one curls as well as some half-up half-down styles buns ponytails it will be linked down below but for this specific look I added tighter curls that start to create a uniform wave with lots of body up higher and the cobalt blue was such a striking wardrobe choice that really stands out against the pale skin and Capri hair and then to tie it together I have the iconic pendant which I actually made and there is my complete Clary look I definitely don’t look like at the gorgeous cat but I really love this makeup on me and I will for sure be wearing it again so if you try it out please tag me because I’d love to see you in it and yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed I hope you’ll try out this a Clary Fray inspired a makeup look and ask for more outfit inspiration I finished off the party look with a cobalt dress that I got from Lulu’s calm I actually a DI wide this necklace and then more outfit inspiration so I love her wardrobe on the show she usually wears an earthier palette with muted greens sometimes richer greens lots of black and some maroon so I decided to pick out some stuff for you guys that I think would make a great everyday Clary outfit a Clary staple is a black v-neck tee and then to divide up the blacks I would go with a belt that has some detailing on it and I’m hooked and unstop go with a faux leather jacket this one is one of my all-time favorites it’s from the brand Black Swan and Lulu’s has a bunch of cool jackets like this similar to what she wears on the show you could also go with a maroon jacket for shoes I’d go with some lace-up boots she worth some amazing heels on the show as well and I hope you guys enjoyed this Clary Fray inspired tutorial if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more beauty tutorials and also comment below if you have any requests for me other character recreations and who your favorite couple is from the show and I will see you in my next tutorial


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